Debonair Flair

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#Good_Morning #I_Awakened to trust my sixth senses that communicate with my inborn senses as I now glide thru life with a dreamers dare dawns awesome rebellious energy to dissolve my humanoid annoyances opens my listeners savvy to hear my serendipitous life of luxurious leisure realizing and esteeming my I allowed my imagination to be diminished [...]


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#Good_Morning #My_Eloquent heart speaks harmonizing enterprising acumen tantalizes my life with nunow wow that wonderfully opens whimsical adventures for my to travel as my sightseer ears hear the unique mystique of the universes splendor as I smile & experience hellacious fun feeling utopia nirvana streaming through my artistic imagination zenzationaling my fashion designer daredevilry sprees [...]


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#Good_Afternoon #I_Feel alive & thriving enlivening my appreciation for my nowfound ​nirvana​​​ that energized my cheery celebrations of deliberate liberation from my societized self-taught eye for an eye revengeful thinking freed me to grasp I allowed everything so now I AM Free ​to feel fantastically rich ​everyday expand through life with the greatest of ease [...]


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#Good_Morning #I_Feel my frequencies of farseeing revelations electrify quantum ultraenterprising nerve celebrating inborn emancipated savvy to flow thru my veins of artistic agility optimizes my victors veracity to grasp & admire my unexampled talents open my life of leisure loving everyday invigorating spectacular unexplainable regal extravagant ventures through my internal wild frontier as I realize [...]


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#Good_Afternoon #I_Awakened to realize & admire I was stuck in my familiar cloning thinking I had to know my way thru life went away today as I now grasp & admit my knowing controls my thinking that controls my thoughts went away today as I awakened my visionary vigor of my nunow cleared my soothsayer [...]


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#My_Spirit awards me w unique trails of turmoil that open my heart brain communication magnetizes the earth’s frequencies of fancy free sprees of easy street living loving everyday b/c my spirit savvy grasps my animated acumen & dexterous daredevilry as I grin & win with innovative nere to expand out of whatever stopped serving me [...]

I AM Grounded Grinning

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#Good_Morning #I_Unhooked my plow of disallow opened my heart of love that unleashed my glitzy fashioner foresight ignited my light of stylish savvy that lit up my dreamers paradises with tranquil felicity and plush prosperity as I live my ultra bright life of luxurious leisure lyricsing eloquent inspiration unleashing spunky ubiquitous revelations energizing the earth’s [...]

Enterprised My Negativity

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#I_Opened my eyes of wise to understand and admit my life is mystical magical & mysterious because life awards me with mystery & riddles for me to investigate with my innate investigators intuitive grit and wit looking past the obvious into the core to soar of spiritual optimists acumen revving up my imagination wisdom and [...]

Rebellious Wisdom

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#Good_Morning my sunrise beamed my sunrays of praise for me to enjoy as I bask in the beauty of my dreamers paradises I feel my inner freedoms light up my incredible bright extravaganzas revving up adventurous trailblazer imagination optimizes nowborn bodhi nous open nunow wow wisdom opens my campaigners heart understanding humility energizes amazing revolutionary [...]

Awakened Understanding

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#I_Ascend of abstract animated brilliance scintillated trendsetter revelations aggrandizing clever trailblazer ingenuity to master & admire my now is pristine scenarios drawn designed & colorfully painted by me as I smile enjoying my fun of the sun spontaneity feeling my serendipitous bliss kissing my futuristic felicity celebrating my liberated luxury I feel internally dancing with [...]