Bewildered Brilliance

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#I_Feel my emotions images of health wealth love & success bless my inner landscape with rainbow lore coloring my inner scenery with innocent serenity that allows me to sense calm tranquility of me flow thru my physical world that whirls copious cornucopia to me mature my walk on my beaches of bountiful bliss that kisses [...]

Happy Fourth of July 2020

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#Happy_Fourth_of_July that lets fly the spry wise of our founding mothers and father that liberated the United States energizing a new way of classy sovereignty with Constitutional Rights brightening our paths of peace paving our roads of riches we enjoy today because our military men and women have traveled the world liberating countries and the [...]

Wiseman Waltz

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#Good_Day_I_Dissolved being an expert because and expert speaks from the past as I expand of being a newpert expresses newfangled acuity of my nunow nirvana that glides me up my vertical timeline with a visionary vitality that calms me to feel the pristine peace within me maturing enterprising wisdom to understand and esteem I now [...]

Wowing Inspiration

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#I_Unleashed my heart hutzpah to let fly my wise that whooshes imaginative spectaculars energizing geysers of colorful charismatic oomph that lightning bolts enlightened felicity across the skies wiping out all the negative BS of today beaming poetic peace to all appreciating life’s luxurious leisure as I feel my soul’s splendor rise and shine within me [...]

Rabble Rousing Romantic

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#Good_Day #I_Feel my rebellious fun loving visionary awakened my troublemaker spectaculars to grab the mane of my life swing aboard and ride hell bent for election to have fun without caring about anything giving that coronavirus gigantic kick right out the door as I soar of spiritual serenity and sovereign maturity to understand and admire [...]

Numen Nerve

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#Good_Day #I_Now understand & esteem all my personal growth is about liberating me from me grasping a life experienced and lived in the now is free of memory because my memory is yesterday’s exampled life as the now unexampled & unknown celebrations frees todays treasures ​for me to enjoy as I bask of lavish luxury [...]

Utopian Uprising

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#Good_Day #I_AM the sunshine of my life lighting up my heart to beam my souls straightforward optimism unleashing love stunning the world with a newfound felicity to celebrate today with inspiration energizing me to rebelliously illuminate my lush beaches of beautiful serenity feeling relaxed and robust trusting the unknown unexampled unexplained and unseen phenomenons energizing [...]

Heart Strength

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#Good_Day #I_feel my sovereign powers & heart strengths united turning on my light of lore loving the mystique of my unique sunrise wise that shines my rays of revolutionary acumen yazzawows my stupendous moviemaker mystic unlocks my innermost magic magnetizes my miracles opening my soul to receive all my lavish endless flow of fame and [...]

Straightforward Spirit

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#GooDay #I_Harkened my revolutionary innocence innovates nunow nous optimizing canny enterprising nirvana canonizing elegant moviemakers magnificence to flow thru my trailblazer scenery sheens my keen witted wizardry to free me from me to treasure my venturer’s vitality to travel through my life with light of liberation shining bright boldly reving up intuitive gumption harmonizing today’s [...]

Divine Sovereingty

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#Good_Day #I_Awakened to understand & admire I breathe my nuwow now I AM liberated from all negativity b/c my now is unsoiled splendor lets fly my adventurers ardor to soar of spiritual resplendence to dance in the light of my moneyed up accomplished outcomes enjoying my nuwow now of nirvana utopia woos opulent winsome nibbana [...]