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#Good_Morning #I_Now realize & admire life shows me the way to my Promised Land as I listen to my innate wizards of the universe as I witness my daily travels as trendsetter revelations actuated vibrant enterprising lore stimulated my royal loyalty to my sun of the fun bliss brilliantly loving internal spontaneous savvy opens the [...]

Natural Trickster

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#Good_Evening #I_Now realize and admire my imagination ignites my autonomous gumption intuits nirvana acuity titillating innovative omnific nous that energizing my present moment mystique unsheathes my unique utopian lore that magnetized my universe of mammoth money flow now as I naturally open wanderer’s curiosity clears away yesterday’s fears and debris dawning daring audacity to understand [...]


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#Good_Evening #I_Now realize and admire my life experiences are never what I think they are because my beliefs opinions and viewpoints are never the truth or reality because opinions beliefs & viewpoints are embedded within me from my life experience and never are my reality ​because every life event encompasses a plethora of percipience abundances [...]

Master Savvy

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#Good_Afternoon #I_Love_Life b/c my life experiences are unique to me yet outside society’s way of thinking so I now realize & admire my imaginations instigates my adventurous gumption initiates nervy acuity titillates innovative omnificence opens my nunow success to blessed me

Patience Actuates Understanding

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#Good_Day As my enterprising eyes open I feel my optimistic prescience epitomizes my innovative wisdom to forever float above my thinking memory minds opens my eyes of wise to feel my wonderful world of Disney daredevilry frees me internally to dance uninhibitedly with my dreams esteemed energy today as I play on my fields of [...]

Sovereign Spirituality

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#I_Now realize & admire the wisdom to expand through life hides inside my challenges & chaos to breakout of my thinking knowing minds energizing my imaginative wisdom to expand my core celebrations energizes my unexampled imagination that enterprises my wealthy accomplished outcomes feeling my awesome achieved results sensing fantastic fulfullmint tasting my sweet nectars of [...]

I AM a Multimillionaire

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#Happy_Labor_Day_Weekend as we celebrate this weekend of freedom I express a heartfelt thank you for all the people that stood up & got us 8 hour work day & weekends off as I enjoy this weekend I realize people sacrificed to give people today a better way of life lighting up internal freedom everyday to [...]

Appreciation for My Parents

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#Good_Evening As I now understand and admire my life through my liberating inspirations feeling my emotions energizing my optimistic trailblazer innovative omnificence neon’s stupendous splendorous bliss brightly colors my life with health wealth fun & lavish endless money flow feeling lionized omnipotent thrillpower that awakened me to be understand and admire my nowfound nerve to [...]

Soul Liberation

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#My_Soul shines my spirits optimistic ubiquitous light that beams my hearts esteem acuity rapturously titillates venturous vitality to travel through life with literary inspiration feeling ecstatic energized my trailblazer tenacity electrified my moviemaker mystique unsheathed my unique mystical innovative witted grit get and go enthrall my nomadic nous to rise that geysers my gamer gumption [...]


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#My_Sunrise praised me for my nowborn nous that I AM good enough just the way I AM as I expand thru life lionizing internal felicity enjoy life with gleaming glorious gusto as my adventurous audacity shines from my heart harmonizing my soul’s spiritual optimism opens prosperous trendsetting innovation magically imagining supernatural mystique to rise from [...]