Sublime Spirit

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#Good_Afternoon #I_AM sublime divine shining ubiquitous brilliance invigorating my entrepreneurial dexterity intuits visionary innovative nous electrifies my universe of utopian nirvana innerprising vibrancy energizing revolutionary spectacular extravaganzas to be my way of life lionizing inner freedoms eloquently understand and admiring every life event good bad or indifferent expands my wisdom energizes my inspired desired to [...]

Spontaneous Theatre

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#I_Feel my holiday bliss kiss me internally energizing my Rapturous Thanksgiving heart and Felicity Christmas soul to harmonize effulgent appreciation revering today’s treasures with prosperous pleasure letting fly pristine peace from within me as I beam classy charismatic charm celebrating hellacious animated resplendence magically expanding thru life with a lionized inspirational farseeing enterprising wizardry now [...]

My Smile

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#My_Christmas spirit is alive shining my Thanksgiving gratitude opens my heart & soul 2 appreciate the holidays as a time of giving my love freely feeling robust enlightened energy lionizing yazzadashing cheer 2 all celebrating the holiday season with valorous class relishing my holidays with harmonizing my spirit and external world to be on the [...]

Vanguard Resilience

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#I_Emancipated my innate intuitive talents to boldly enliven my entertainers nerve lionizing internal vigor energizing numen nous to grasp & value my life events with savory sass b/c I encompass the gut spunk to hear the wisdom & see the colorful charm of my life lighting up inspired farseeing enterprising luxury I experience internally magnetizing [...]

Spirit Shield

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#I_Now feel my spirit sees prosperity internally realizing immaculate treasures are within me maturing enterprising wizardry trusting my supernatural nous that energizes my brainpower coloring my brainprowess with healthy wealthy imagery of I AM a beautiful blessing​ boldly living everyday splendor stupendously innovating nirvana gumption brightly shining my divine heart’s hellraiser’s elegant ardor temerity stimulating [...]

Brightly Write

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#My_Miracles arrive instantly as I open myself to feel the magical powers of my mystical magnificence that awakens my letting go of my thinking I know something to unleashing I understand my life is unique with a magnetic mystique magnetizing my invisible wealth for me to treasure on my physical plane as I fly first [...]

My Life is A Riddle

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#I_Smile at the sumptuous splendor the universe gifted me with today as I grin at tomorrows trendsetter optimists magnificence opening revolutionary robust omnific wisdom steam heats my lavish endless money flow b/c I lit my fire of desire 2 dance with my affluent accomplished outcomes as I bask of the glory of inner tranquility heart [...]

Blemished Brilliance

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#I_Witnessed my soul’s sunrise stimulating unique nirvana splendor invigorate revolutionary savvy energize my trailblazer tenacity the excited my knight of nunow wow cuts my ties to yesterday electrifying my present moment gifts of glorious inspirational felicity feeling ecstatic lionizing internal ceremoniously tantalizing individual trendsetter yazzapizzazz to dance with my dreamers autonomy nirvanically celebrating eloquent newfound [...]

Spirit Intrigue

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#Happy_Labor_Day as I breath I feel my life of lavish endless abundances flow to me effortlessly from all sources in the cosmos celebrating opulent success magically optimizing spectacular rainbow luxury that steam heats my life of healthy leisure with pristine tranquility clears my seers ears to hear the serene felicity of the universe gleefully galvanizing [...]

Rebellious Vocabulary

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#Good_Day_I_Let fly my nunow visionary valor to express my dreamers lingo lionizing inspired niyama gumptious optimism that invigorates spirit magnificence to flow thru me energizing my natural self worth opens me to be of received endless lavish abundances feeling ​pristine ​peace​ esteem my effervescent splendor tantalizing endeavoring eloquence magically magnetize the earth’s airwaves with newfangled [...]