I Am My Snowplow of Allow

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I Am My Snowplow of Allow Infinite Spirit I now realize admit respect and admire I Am My Snowplow of Allow awesomeeyeses inspirational images and… Empowered enthusiasm to witness feel and see me myself and I heroically drive through my innermost hidden blockages and… Unknown barriers within me setting me myself and I free to [...]

I Melted My Body’s Pain

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I Melted Bodies My Pain I asked me… How are my limiting factors of my life stored in my body? Because my subconscious uses my whatever the image good bad or… Uninteresting is secretively stored to protect me myself and I as unmask the farces freeing animated rococo canny enterprising… Surprises that arise from my [...]

I Embrace My Dark

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I Embrace My Dark I now embrace appreciate address confess bless and express my negative emotions and dark feelings to universe that cleansed and… Purified my inner airwaves of brave daredevilry that quickly cleared my pure listening ears polished my hearing heart powered up… My souls ascendancy energized my eyes of light instantly illumined my [...]

Dissolving My Inner Bully

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Dissolving My Inner Bullying I now disarm the bullies of the world because I see the warrior of peace within me as I decree I am free because I disarmed… My inner bully because a bully thinks and feels inadequate internally towards the person they are bullying therefore they bully other… To cover their inner [...]

I Cleansed and Polished My Stately Innate

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I Cleansed and Polished My Stately Innate New word boceans bold optimistic candor energizing animated nirvana sensing keen intuition expands my innovative wit…. I now listen for pioneering inspirations arise from deep within me to wisely venture through my day with heart hearing… Alert and pert listening for enterprising expressions rise from innerwise energizing soul [...]

I Pulled My Weeds of Need

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I Pulled My Weeds of Need I grasp I will know think and talk my way to the outhouse this admittance instantly aired my new savoir faire I listen understand and expand my way to the penthouse… I asked me… How do the weeds of need and want then comparing how well I’m doing to [...]

Dissolve Afraid in Resolve

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Dissolve Afraid in Received I asked me… How did dissolving afraid in received clear the way for me to feel honoured being of received abundances? I now feel of received riches sensing my emotions of amassed affluence to grasp my wisdom words and innovative talents open… My expressways of received riches opens new innerwise synergy [...]

Jovial Jailbreak

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Jovial Jailbreak I asked me… How does all inner harassment begin and end with me myself and I? Instantly awakened me to divulge think one way yet… My innermost apparatuses feelings emotions etc. felt another so I lived inside my memorized thinking that built my inner chiding jail… Because I was afraid to hear my emotions [...]

Lies of Failure

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Lies of Failure This is chapter in my book I Am My Teacher… Read as you wrote this for your highest expansion… I asked me… How does waiting for everything to perfect led me to quitting and failure because I became frustrated with everything? Instantly unrestrained my modern moxie to admit and respect innovative adventures [...]

Enterprising Expressions

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Enterprising Expressions Enterprising Expressions is a chapter in my newest book: I Am Wisdom I now realize admit admire and respect feeling my enterprising expressions with inspired emotions this is always a better way… To anything and everything so I asked me… How are words my inspirational lexes speaking my enterprising expressions? I quickly clarify [...]