Confidence and Courage

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#Good_Day #I_Awakened to grasp love opens the heart raising the visionary vibrations of all people to shine their divine dreamers daredevilry decrees we dance enlightenmint celebrating rainbow energy electrifying splendor thru each other optimizing today’s jubilees of freedom feeling revolutionary enterprising energy dawns omnipotent moxie to stroll through life with my ears clear to hear [...]

Honour and Integrity

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#Good_Day #I_Feel alive untying the lies of my internal sabotage that lights up my ubiquitous bliss illuminating the heavens with rainbows colorfully skywriting kevalin ingenuity electrifying sassy lightning bolts of brilliance opens the universes heart to harmonize elegant extravaganzas for me celebrate my inner liberation living intrinsically bold energizing revolutionary adventurous travels invigorating optimists nirvana [...]

Sassy Perspicacity

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#Good_Day #I_Feel my sunny self-worth beam my unconquerable willpower actuates my inspiration & wisdom that expands energizes & enterprises my intrinsic gumption that glorified unfathomable magic poetically tantalizes inventive optimistic nirvana awakened my debonair flair dares me to stroll of enthralling inlightenmint sensing my sweet stupendous winners essence extolling trailblazer brilliance to understand and admire [...]

Colored My Life

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#I_AM my white light of mystical magical miracles beaming lightning bolt brilliance across heavens illuminating the earth with enterprising acumen revolutionizing trailblazing hellraiser crazy celebrations that flow thru my arteries of artistry frees me internally instigates immaculate new trendsetter energy revering nervy adventures loving love yazzawowing my gladiator gumption to rise like the sun on [...]

Happy Memorial Day

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#I_Energized my liberated life today as I flew away to the wild blue yonder with a wanders will to experience the thrill and spills of life realizing failure is trying to fit into a perfect society as I now grasp failure is fly away innocently loving rapturous utopia understanding and esteeming life is unscripted splendor [...]

Adventurer’s Rebellion

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#Good_Day #I_Now feel the sunshine that beams from my heart of hearts splendor that lets fly my visionary ardor that vibrantly colors the universe with ultra bright nirvana images vivaciously electrified ravishing spectaculars exhilarated my vacationers vitality to enjoy everyday with trailblazers zest flowing with pinnacles of plush prosperity resting on my oceans of tranquility [...]

Mischievous Mystique

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#I_Busted out of doubt ​today feeling ​I AM alright with being different exhibiting my rebellious individualism let fly my imaginative spiritual maturity to ride my trendsetter typhoon that blew away all my delusional debris frees my to glide on my rainbows of posh riches​ esteeming I AM the pot of gold of my energizing gut [...]

Optimists Gist

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#I_Feel my wisdom is lightning bolt bright & thunderously strong with my shake rattle & roll resolve that makes the skies dance with spiritual splendor skywriting my inspirational heart music across heavens as my soul troubadour sings my songs of jovial jubilees of free fostering revolutionary enterprising endeavors hearing clever candor from cosmic clairvoyants opens [...]

Foxily Alert

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#I_Feel Monday’s Miracles arrive with sunny splendor shining upon my life lighting up my bonfires of fun of the sun spectaculars as the world awakens to their intrinsic moxie giving that coronavirus a swift kick in the ass as it sails away as our sovereign spirits soar my heart roars of robust optimism appreciating my [...]