I Let Fly

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#Good_Day #My_Spirit awakened my rainbow brilliance as my heart colors the world with poetic peace I feel my souls splendor blow breezes of easy street feats for all to treasure as I realize and admire all people are my treasures of unique utopian lore to expand me thru life lighting up my trails of triumph [...]

Souls Snazzy Lore

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#Good_Day #I_Am a trendsetter traveling thru my daily experiences to expand my spiritual valor in me unleashing visionary vigor adamantly loving unknown escapades stirring up my imaginative lore lighting up omnific reveries embellishing my hell raisers resolve to evolve in every way opening my inspirational channel to hear the winds of wisdom from my unexplored [...]

Audacious Yazzawow

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#I_Unleashed my yazzawow to the world hearing yes to my dreams letting my fly my audacious willpower optimizing wisdom within me setting me free to feel my life expand with energized grit get & go enterprising efficacy relishing my plush endless stream of cash flow as I glow my authentic charismatic charm to the world [...]

Utopia Rendevous

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#I_Feel magic in my heart mystery flow through my soul as I sense outlandish utopian lore lyricize on cloud nine revelations energizing my troubadour ardor to soar singing optimistic wisdom thru the earths airwaves opening my peoples hearts to their inner magical wow avowing me to be free because I unleashed the miracles within me [...]

Stylishly Sweetens

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#Happy_Veterans_Day #I_now realize and admire my sovereign way of life thanks to those who served in the military allows me to walk through life feeling my thriving adventures lore light up optimistic reveries embellishing and relishing my luxurious freedoms now… #Good_Dayhttp://www.howdiditeachmyselffear.com

Artistic Pizzazz

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#I_Shine my hearts harmonizing serenity calming the earths airwaves with endeavoring splendor unleashes my adventurers ardor to soar of stupendous optimism aggrandizing revolutionary supremacy to flow thru my veins of victory admiring fiery desire to be experiencing my life of luxury now and forever more

Daring Flair

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#My_Spirit awakened me to realize and admit life is listeners paradise & speakers splendor as I listen to the universes airwaves I hear amazing innovative reveries wisely aggrandizing vibrant enterprising success as I encompass the wisdom & will enjoying my life thrills feeling healthy wealthy and wise with smile beaming from heart and grin of [...]

Sunshine Flowing

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#I_Receive heavenly splendor now sensing peace loving everyday naturally dawns optimistic riches 2 flow thru my chi of free feeling robust energizing enterprising wizardry 2 rise & shine from my terra incognita gold mine that is my mother lode of lavish abundances I enjoy today and everyday in every way I show me the way [...]

Artistry of My Soul

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#I_Feel freedom within me miraculously energizing me to see my life through luxurious imaginative fervency excites my heart chi to celebrate hellacious inner elegance that dances my souls splendor opening unfathomable extravagance for me to enjoy feeling healthy wealthy & wise waltzing incredibly successful everyday in every way under grace of appreciation and gratitude #Good_Dayhttp://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

I Liberated Me

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#I_Feel the splendor of me decree my daring enterprising candor naturally dance optimists resolve through my innovative veins of visionary epiphanies invigorating nirvana stimulating my innate gifts of genius initiate farseeing trendsetter success as I feel my blessing of bountiful love expanding spiritual splendor invigorating numen gumption treasuring my life through tranquil pleasures now and [...]