Foxily Alert

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#I_Feel Monday’s Miracles arrive with sunny splendor shining upon my life lighting up my bonfires of fun of the sun spectaculars as the world awakens to their intrinsic moxie giving that coronavirus a swift kick in the ass as it sails away as our sovereign spirits soar my heart roars of robust optimism appreciating my [...]

Beaches of Leisure

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#I_Now feel my light of lore lights up trails of turmoil for me to travel paving my avenues of affluence because tribulations awaken my adventurous willpower audaciously kickstarting enterprising nabob brilliance to flow thru my vacationers veins of rad relaxation feeling my sightseers tranquility steam heat my hearts elegance that dances with my souls vitality [...]

Light of Optimism

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#Good_Day #The_Light of life shines upon me today as I energize my wise to stroll successfully today royally opening the unique mystique of me 2 me awakened my mystical magician to clearly see the world through magical eyes seeing the inaudible acumen of the spiritual cosmos celebrating openly streaming miraculous optimistic splendor shining my heart [...]

Ceremonious Elegance

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#I_Rousted out my omnific utopian torchbearer lore to understand and declare the world is experiencing the greatest inlightenmint in history as we dissolve the panicdemic delusions opening our eyes of wise to grasp the world is asking for our entrepreneurial skills that thrill my risk takers resolve to rebelliously energize sassy omnific lore vehemently expanding [...]

Ambiguous Bliss

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#Good_Day #My_Spirit speaks pristine inspirational revelations invigorating trendsetter splendor to flow through the universes airwaves of actuating intuitive reveries woos audacious victories energizing stunning success to be my of life as I feel healthy and wealthy now understanding love flows as I let go of my self taught egocentric crap of I always right and [...]

Unexampled Utopia

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#Good_Morning #I_Opened my chute gate of canny hellraisers ubiquitous tenacity electrifying gallant audacious torchbearer ebullient declarations I unlocked my canny ceremonious bliss of my bright luminary illuminating sassy sovereign class boldly beams my heart’s chi of free feeling robust elegance energize my sunrise bliss to rise within me heating the universe with ubiquitous nirvana that [...]

Galloping Giddy

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#I_Experienced a first today as life awakened me instead of me waking to life so life energized me to sassily stroll of sassy tenacity revolutionizing luminary lore to feel & hear the mystery of life light up my giddy gumption to admire the invisible wizardry of me maturing every way being okay with life’s everyday [...]

Happy Easter

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#Happy_Easter as the sunrise awakened me I felt my inspired desire to light a fire of freedom within my heart unleashed my venturers soul sending out unconditional love to all as the world awakens toa beautiful new way of life receiving a blissful kiss from God today in a bold way as the doors open [...]

Clean Slate Innate

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#Good_Day #I_Unhooked my plow of disallow that were my beliefs opinions viewpoints and worn out traditions dissolving my memories thinking and knowing opening my ears clearing my eyes of wise to see & hear the gifts of now that are presented to me by my day to day scampers that unhampered my hellraisers will to [...]