Splendora Aura

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#I_Embraced my life with amazing trailblazing skills that stimulated my sapient daredevilry to geyser my galvanizing enterprising yazzawow savvy energizing my racers grit get & go throwing me myself and I ritzy prosperity party inviting all the world to partake of the fun of the sun festivities feeling sunny liberation flow through their inner scenery [...]

Bigger Brighter Bolder

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#Good_Day_I_Passionately fertilized my dreamers paradises with enterprising adventurers lore lyricizing optimists revelations energized my bigger brighter bolder jazzadance artistry painting the world with colorful charismatic audacity skywriting inspirational prosperity for all to enjoy and expand their risk takers treasures as I revolutioneyes enterprising adventures dawning venture vigor opening the door for my ardor to soar [...]

Invisible Innovator

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#I_Awakened to a lightning bolt of brilliant resolve sending all the sickness in the world away to never ever return clearing the way for peace & prosperity to flow to all as I now realize & admire my life is lived in the physical energized in my intuitive mystique unsheathes my unique gifts of genius [...]

Futuristic Opportunistic

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#Good_Day_I_Freed me from societal slime unleashed my divine daredevilry to realize and admit I AM healthy because of my wealth of willpower to turn on my stouthearted stamina inspires my inspirational fortitude unsheathed my sassy fortitude to tell that virus to go to well as I the virus disappears in the fires of hell opening [...]

Intuitive Innovator

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#I_Unleashed my wow of wherewithal optimizes wonderful to stream thru my life mirroring a river replenishing the ocean with fresh energy as my wow replenishes my fluent felicity excites my sun lit wit that shines upon me liberating my balmy breezes of easy lush living opening my givers heart to harmonize everyday artistry revering today’s [...]

Warriors Ears

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#I_liberated my luminary innovative brilliance energizing revolutionary acuity tantalizing engendering daredevilry realizing and admitting to expand of new I naturally electrify willpower turning on my omniscient nirvana feeling my lightsight emotions enterprise my optimists trendsetter innovative omnificence nobly streaming my esteemed self confidence through me masterfully expanding my core wherewithal to the wealth of wisdom [...]

Standing Ovation

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#Good_Day_I_Now feel my energizing strength to lift all people to rise above the challenges of today with trailblazing optimism dawning audacious yazzawow pow propelling omnipotent preeminence to flow thru people’s veins of vitality clearing away all dismay today as we energize new heavenly heydays understanding and admiring our blood flows healthily through all as every [...]

Experiencing the Good Life

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#Good_Day_I_AM my spirits best friend feeling robust inspiration applauding nunow determination as I understand the grandeur I desire to experience and exude is within me unleashed my newfound felicity to celebrate everything with smile and grin gleams my esteemed victorious wit feeling my life force of farseeing omnificence revolutionizing ceremonious epiphanies that awaken my venturers [...]

I Beam My Smile

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#I_Now grasp & admire life is luminary inspiration facilitating epiphanies for me to experience & stop thinking I was in charge thinking & in control of my life instantly opened my wise eyes to realize my life events cleared the way for me to trust my newfangled abilities showing my daredevil dexterity to walk the [...]

Hell Bent for Election

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#I_Witness my hearts sunrise coloring my life with rainbows of riches liberating me to feel majestic elegance dance thru my veins of fame feeling awesome magically energizing my life with luminary inspirational felicity extravagantly treasuring my life of liberated luxury shows me my spiritual maturity because I detached from my material chattels controlling my life [...]