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Dissolving Pleasing Others 


Dissolving Pleasing Others focuses on the ways I expanded my life, to show you the way to expand yours. Dissolving Pleasing Others is written as a guide for you to discover who you are, your way. As I came to realize everything in life is temporary, I embedded everything within me, so I understand now is my time to dissolve—to release the knowledge and let go by appreciating that I am responsible for everything in my life; and by participating I am being accountable for all facets of my life. Through this, I appreciate that all my life experiences allow me to feel the emotional value of my life.

I wrote Dissolving Pleasing Others to allow people to utilize my life experiences as a guide to unlock and unblock himself or herself; to uncover and discover your talents, innovation, and paths of prosperity. Allowing my writings to show you a better way to experience life; allowing you the courage and savvy to unlock your childhood and allow your dreams to mature so they can be your new “way of life.”

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Book Reviews for Dissolving Pleasing Others

Brilliantly written. Rob knocked this one out of the Ball Park. Helping others find and realize that their life has been so controlled and influenced by their upbringing in all aspects. Family, School and everyday life. This book is a life changer, showing you how to recreate your life in a positive and personal way. It empowers others to let go of the falseness that were ingrained in their minds, from birth to adulthood. In my opinion, this book is a must read to help others broaden their life.

Angelic Channeler,

Rebecca J. Steiger



 “Dissolving Pleasing Others” brings great insight into where we have been and where we want to expand!


We’ve all been here; wanting to please, seeking approval, and during this time of social media, we can feel the pressure more than ever before.  When we can step back and look at the ways we have sought approval from others, we can then start dissolving this need and begin to expand into the miracles that life is.  Rob’s personal account not only takes us along on his journey, but also touches on areas in our own life that bring us awareness.  Once we are aware, we can begin to change.  “Dissolving Pleasing Others” brings great insight into where we have been and where we want to expand!  Excellent read!

Maggie Lukowski

Flow in the Glow

book-FlowGlow200I am in the flow of the glow unbinds my glorious lively omnipotent wisdom to say “I won my game of life!”

How will it feel to flow in the glow of galvanized luminary omnipotent wisdom?

Flow in the Glow shows people the way to beam heart wisdom into the daily life with NLP and Time Line Coaching. How free do you feel when you say “I flow in the glow?”

In the book Flow in the Glow through Hypnotherapy I uncovered words that have shining boldness and expand people’s visions.

“I am in the flow of the go of my genius glow. With this magnificence, I unleash my galvanizing leadership which opens up my winning wisdom that lays beneath my skin to brazenly gleam my bold, lightning bolt ‘chutzpah’ that highlights my glittering star and lightens and brightens my omnipresent worldly revered honor.”

Did you feel your eyes heart and mind’s eye open as you felt free in your visionary astuteness?

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Fear Is My Friend

book-FearFriend200Rob Wilson speaks volumes in Fear Is My Friend and he makes you fully realize the fact the the second you accept that one thing in life and learn from it, you heal. You are suddenly able to open your mouth, deal the the fear, and rise above it. You are able to express yourself as an individual and not deal with what the so-called “brilliant others” have to say.

When you do this, your life becomes lucrative – from the relationship mode to the financial mode. If you take over your own life and your own destiny instead of being ruled over by the ones who say they know how to fix things. It is then that you become the master or mistress of your own destiny.

No, this is not a fairy tale. This is absolute truth.

Rob seems to be able to find – buried under all the layers of our fear, anxiety, stress and walls of self-protection – our strength, courage and wisdom that comes from learning the negatives, understanding the fear, and making that fear our friend. Because, let’s face it, when an opponent can be seen as nothing more than a farce, the fear melts away and we are left with a life that is a true and utter celebration.

If you need a hope, a return of faith, or even a rebuilding of self-confidence, then it is time to meet Rob in his book, Fear Is My Friend, and change your life!

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Wired For Change by a Journeyman

cover-front200Anger used to be my specialty. Anger is an ego protection mechanism that makes us feel safe. Anger is us thinking when we get angry that we will get our own way. Anger is a false sense of security.

People think, “as long as I am angry, people will be scared”. However, we usually make fools of our selves when we are angry.

I could take nothing and blow it up into a mountain-sized problem. I can remember driving home from work one night. Something had happened to me at work that was trivial and about two miles from home I had worked myself into a frenzy.

I went home and took my feelings out on everybody there… as though everything that happened to me was the most important event of the day.

What a crock! All I did was ruin a perfectly good evening. I let something that didn’t matter at all control my life.

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Holiday Wisdom

book-HolidayWisdomRob opens your Holiday Spirit with his words from the heart.

Holiday Wisdom flowed from Robert’s heart to open your life with words of wisdom to engage you to open your eyes to your talent. As you read Holiday Wisdom you will discover this book is free of all “not” words and negative words that create negative thoughts from your life to enter.

“I have learned to write in way that engages you in your inner confidence to relish your life journey. Please enjoy your journey through Holiday Wisdom. May your Holidays forever always and in all ways. May your daily escapades be a Holiday flowing in unconditional love and lavish avalanches of affluent abundances now to eternity.”

Robert is a teacher of his experiences to expand your life by allowing you to use his lessons to expand your wisdom for your journey. “NLI is Neuro Linguistic Innovation that allows my words to be read in first person, allowing your inner landscape to feel as you wrote for you to experience life in galvanizing gusto.”

“Holiday Wisdom is an adventure into the Holidays! Robert’s playful prose opens you up to experience joy and take a whimsical ride into each holiday. Robert’s words expand your thinking and uplift your soul. Included are creative affirmations that will put you in the holiday spirit. Treat yourself to a little holiday magic!” – M. Lukowski

Enjoy The Holiday Wisdom Meditation as Rob’s gift to you this season:

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