Fear is My Friend

Fear Is My Friend

book-FearFriend200Rob Wilson speaks volumes in Fear Is My Friend and he makes you fully realize the fact the the second you accept that one thing in life and learn from it, you heal. You are suddenly able to open your mouth, deal the the fear, and rise above it. You are able to express yourself as an individual and not deal with what the so-called “brilliant others” have to say.

In other words, your own individual warrior who’s buried deep inside of you is finally able to rise up and take over. He/she is able to lead you through the world with courage, strength, and a backbone that’s made of iron.

When you do this, your life becomes lucrative – from the relationship mode to the financial mode. If you take over your own life and your own destiny instead of being ruled over by the ones who say they know how to fix things. It is then that you become the master or mistress of your own destiny.

No, this is not a fairy tale. This is absolute truth.

We have all come up against liars, hateful humans, and people who simply want to roll through life by rolling over others. But Rob’s words change all that. In fact, what he does best is allow us to go back to being the people we were. He allows us to let go of the negative and horrific thoughts, and to begin again.

Let go of your history.

So many people are guilty of holding on to that time that was horrific for us and pulled us down. Anger, hatred, rough times, etc., these can be let go.

You can simply follow Rob’s words and you will immediately see and feel a lifting of the past. Almost as if the little boy or girl inside of you is standing up, waving, and walking into that sunset, allowing you to go further and faster than you’ve ever gone before. You can love, you can become set financially, and you can see the world with clear eyes – what is truth and what is absolutely 100% fiction.

Rob learned. He dealt with the belief of fear. Yet, over time his infinite spirit became unfettered and authorized him to give thanks for his freedom! Freedom belongs to each of us. It is our divine right. Being able to express ideas, and work our way up the ladder of OUR choosing belongs to us.

We can be free to see the awe-inspiring, regal, rich sapience that enriches life, as well as raise our children to understand that their inner-self is far more important than what any television show, controlling boss, or tabloid has to offer. All of this comes from inside of us, and no matter who tries to break that down or destroy our beliefs, they can’t. Our armor of protection is our own mind, heart and soul, and no one – no fear – can bury us unless WE let it.

Rob seems to be able to find – buried under all the layers of our fear, anxiety, stress and walls of self-protection – our strength, courage and wisdom that comes from learning the negatives, understanding the fear, and making that fear our friend. Because, let’s face it, when an opponent can be seen as nothing more than a farce, the fear melts away and we are left with a life that is a true and utter celebration.

If you need a hope, a return of faith, or even a rebuilding of self-confidence, then it is time to meet Rob in his book, Fear Is My Friend, and change your life!

Enjoy this excerpt from Chapter One: Expanding Astute Revelations

Fear is my friend… opening my heart, eyes, spirit, chakras, body, cells and mind; fear edifies, admitting real first-truths and expanding astute revelations.

My fears are emotional energy in my internal landscape that broaden my boldness, inaugurating rainbow brilliance to embrace the innate canniness that I encompass, except when I overlook the emotional charge of my fears.

With that, I am instantly in donnybrook in my inner identity, instigating my termite of turmoil into raising cane because I am locked and blocked in living the insane of the same; as I am stuck in the mundane because I wailed in fail, unwilling to book the look of wealth and success.

Therefore, I now cherish my qualms to be calm, to famously book the look of wealth and success, releasing my titan of triumph with a new wave of peerless prudence. I instantly grasp with aspiring look to book my keenly focused eagle-eyed all-wise regality; to brilliantly broadcast:

I am the student of my journey! I am the master of my destiny!

Enjoy this video with Rob talking about his book, Fear Is My Friend

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