Invisible Innovator

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#I_Awakened to a lightning bolt of brilliant resolve sending all the sickness in the world away to never ever return clearing the way for peace & prosperity to flow to all as I now realize & admire my life is lived in the physical energized in my intuitive mystique unsheathes my unique gifts of genius [...]

Experiencing the Good Life

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#Good_Day_I_AM my spirits best friend feeling robust inspiration applauding nunow determination as I understand the grandeur I desire to experience and exude is within me unleashed my newfound felicity to celebrate everything with smile and grin gleams my esteemed victorious wit feeling my life force of farseeing omnificence revolutionizing ceremonious epiphanies that awaken my venturers [...]

I Beam My Smile

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#I_Now grasp & admire life is luminary inspiration facilitating epiphanies for me to experience & stop thinking I was in charge thinking & in control of my life instantly opened my wise eyes to realize my life events cleared the way for me to trust my newfangled abilities showing my daredevil dexterity to walk the [...]

Yazzasass Class

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#Good_Day #I_Now realize the wise of troublemaker rabble rouser & hell raiser it was to be for the public to see it was for me to free me from me dissolved my inner turmoil & torment I put myself thru by thinking outside things were better than me was my being dope on rope as [...]

Yazzadapper Dawn

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#My_Sun of the fun fantasies unleashed new waves of wonderful to flow thru me maturing everything zinging my winners wizardry thru my imaginative channels opened my veins of visionary enterprising innovative nerve stimulated my innate leadership mastery to speak trailblazer brilliance rainbows my colorful light of lore lionizing omnific revelations energizing my powerhouse of perspicacity [...]

Appreciation and Receive

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#Good_Day_I_Fantastically feel my appreciation for life ascends prospering prowess revolutionizing everyday celebrations invigorating adventurous trailblazing optimism nervily energizes my willpower to receive of gratitude saying thank you to the unknown for my lavish abundances opens the way for me to play on beaches of bountiful everything applauding ceremonious heydays everyday spectacularly setting in my rocking [...]

Venturers Aura

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#I_Smile my challenges away with stouthearted masterful innovative lore expanding my wisdom energizing my grit get & go leaving my challenges in the dust as I lust of life’s unlimited splendor titillating my waltz of fame feeling awesome miraculously enjoying life thriving on my nectars of nirvana feeling my airwaves of ravishing bliss kissing my [...]

Grinning Grandeur

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#Good_Day #I_Feel my inlightened brightened brilliance rainbows my colorful charisma canonizes hellacious affluence revelling of splendor magically ascending my sassy sexy courage celebrating my innate potentate prowess wowing innovative pride to arrive to ride my waves of wealth raving about my life of Riley feeling my optimum utopia revving up awesome glorious extravaganzas basking of [...]

Colorful Candor

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#Good_Fun_Day #I_Woke today feeling my trendsetter optimism dancing amazing yazzapanache of detached daredevilry decrees my life is free of yesterday optimizing my nunow nirvana unleashing never ending opulence whooshes in my life of lavish serenity relishing my plush lush life of glowing peace and flowing prosperity allows me to sail upon my oceans of opulence [...]

Glistening Glide

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#Good_Day as my souls sunrise awakens me to feel my hearts hellraisers classy celebrations energize my troublemaker tenacity to blow out of town to relish life’s pristine splendor turned on my adventurous ardor for me to soar feeling my impeccable bountiful bliss mystically appears in my life from out of everywhere as I dare me [...]