Energized and Wise

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#I_Gleam gratitude love energizing appreciation majestically maturing my inner paradises of peace to allow other people to be who they are as I encompass the willpower to say No to whatever is never for me setting myself free to say yazzayes to whatever is for me sassily salsas me through life with a smile of [...]

Victors Voice

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#I_Shine my divine dreamers imaginative visionary intuitive nirvana energizes my prizewinners prowess to show me & the world my entrepreneurial skills that thrills my innovative wiit that unlocks my inventors wisdom inspiration & talents to enjoy life thru scrumptious gusto grinning uncontrollable sensualizing treasured optimism of individual splendor magnetizing the universes airwaves with awesome individual [...]

Dare Me

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#I_Won in 21 so I let go of being paralyzed by pandemic paranoia that kept my panicking mind busy till now as I now realize & admire my fiery foresight that ignited my light of forthright fortitude to energize my entrepreneurial skills thrilled me to be free feeling healthy wealthy and wise trusting my emotions [...]


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#I_Rousted out my opulent ubiquitous tenacity tantalizing engendering nerve to understand and admire my unsavory happenstances dance my sunny savory splendor out of the shadows to shine my innermost innovative wit that energizes my grit get and go that gleams optimism invigorating spiritual magnetism of inlightened spiritual maturity as I expand through my day to [...]

Sublime Spirit

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#Good_Afternoon #I_AM sublime divine shining ubiquitous brilliance invigorating my entrepreneurial dexterity intuits visionary innovative nous electrifies my universe of utopian nirvana innerprising vibrancy energizing revolutionary spectacular extravaganzas to be my way of life lionizing inner freedoms eloquently understand and admiring every life event good bad or indifferent expands my wisdom energizes my inspired desired to [...]

Angelic Acumen

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I_Awakened to sunny splendor of endless miracles that flow to me today and everyday in every way because my heart is open to be of received lavish endless abundances as my soul beams gratitude appreciation & thank you as I breath mystical magical miracles to all to enjoy as I stroll through my with grin [...]

Wowing Inspiration

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#I_Unleashed my heart hutzpah to let fly my wise that whooshes imaginative spectaculars energizing geysers of colorful charismatic oomph that lightning bolts enlightened felicity across the skies wiping out all the negative BS of today beaming poetic peace to all appreciating life’s luxurious leisure as I feel my soul’s splendor rise and shine within me [...]

Optimists Gist

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#I_Feel my wisdom is lightning bolt bright & thunderously strong with my shake rattle & roll resolve that makes the skies dance with spiritual splendor skywriting my inspirational heart music across heavens as my soul troubadour sings my songs of jovial jubilees of free fostering revolutionary enterprising endeavors hearing clever candor from cosmic clairvoyants opens [...]

Light of Optimism

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#Good_Day #The_Light of life shines upon me today as I energize my wise to stroll successfully today royally opening the unique mystique of me 2 me awakened my mystical magician to clearly see the world through magical eyes seeing the inaudible acumen of the spiritual cosmos celebrating openly streaming miraculous optimistic splendor shining my heart [...]