Ungoverned Animated Inspiration

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Ungoverned Animated Inspiration I asked me… How will I feel experiencing life above my thinking knowing mind? Allows me to hear the universe winds of wisdom… As I stopped reading to know to grasp I read to feel the energizing wisdom to expand to understand and enterprise… My desired accomplished outcomes because following somebody else [...]

I Unsuppressed My Emotions

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I Unsuppressed My Emotions I now realize respect and admire my feisty fortitude instantly unsuppressed my emotions uncompressed my feelings released… My minds binds from my life as I realize I undid the lids mind put on my life to feeling my gut inspiration unleash my core chi because… I now understand and respect all [...]

I Am My Snowplow of Allow

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I Am My Snowplow of Allow Infinite Spirit I now realize admit respect and admire I Am My Snowplow of Allow awesomeeyeses inspirational images and… Empowered enthusiasm to witness feel and see me myself and I heroically drive through my innermost hidden blockages and… Unknown barriers within me setting me myself and I free to [...]

I Embrace My Dark

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I Embrace My Dark I now embrace appreciate address confess bless and express my negative emotions and dark feelings to universe that cleansed and… Purified my inner airwaves of brave daredevilry that quickly cleared my pure listening ears polished my hearing heart powered up… My souls ascendancy energized my eyes of light instantly illumined my [...]

Welcome Smile

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Welcome Smile As you read this allow you feelings of farseeing freedom flow through you so enjoy reading this free of thinking about anything… I asked me… How does my welcome smile open my paths of peace and plush prosperity? I gleamed my welcome smile of witty enthusiastic love celebrating omnipresent magnanimity… Electrifying spectacular majestic [...]

My Life is a Scholarship of Gratitude

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My Life is a Scholarship of Gratitude May your life scholarship of gratitude open your farsighted fortitude feeling your bountiful bliss kiss you today and everyday in every way… I now feel grasp and admire my life as my scholarship of gratitude seeing clear heroic optimistic legendary acuity revolutionizes… Dissolving Pleasing Others: Dissolving Pleasing Others [...]

I Release All Stuff I Feel Ashamed Of

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I Release All Stuff I Feel Ashamed Of Your freedom Friday Rock N Rolls a weekend of unlimited and unending fun allows you to feel unexplainable nirvana this weekend… I asked me… How does the shame I feel keep me stuck in my past feeling the crass and horror storied emotions? Dissolving Pleasing Others, Dissolving [...]

I Expand Of

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I Expand Of May your 2017 glow and flow of serene peace and plush prosperity in everyway with you enjoying life your way… I now feel the rapturous light of I expand of… Opens farseeing freedom of inspired intuition expressing imaginative innovation as my way… Dissolving Pleasing Others, Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood blocks freeing [...]

Misdirected Talent

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Misdirected Talent Merry Christmas may your Christmas be filled with love joy friends and family in rainbow bright elegance… I asked me… How did my life stay the same everyday because I misdirected my talents and mistrusted my abilities? Dissolving Pleasing Others, Dissolving Pleasing Others dissolves childhood blocks freeing you… As I conceded this [...]

I Am My Sun

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I Am My Sun Your I Am My Sun savvy illuminates the world with your natural wisdom innovations and pacesetter talent for me and all people… I asked me… How Am I My Sun? Rising above all my fray of gray letting go of my cloudy pouting doubt that clouded me in… Dissolving Pleasing Others, [...]