Boundereeless Bliss

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#Good_Day_My_Lifes_splendor shines my heart light gleams my souls rainbow coloring the world with wisdom optimism revering luminary dreams for me & you to expand the world shucking out ancestral anchors clears the earths airwaves to blow breezes of bountiful bliss for all to enjoy with healthy wealthy gusto

I Show Me

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Good_Day_I_AM_Sunshine beaming a bright esteemed acumen magnificently inciting numen gall to galvanize affluent luminary lore lionizing optimism realizing everyday is my heyday embellishing & experiencing my dreams desires & luxurious accomplished outcomes now and forever more magnifying opulent riches everyday as I opened my heart to understand receive elegantly expressing my soulful Thank You to [...]

Mystical Esmism

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Mystical Esmism By Robert A. Wilson, Cowboy Wisdom Esmism is the word I use that expresses my eternal safari, my eternal journey that magnifies my internal spiritual moxie that I send forth with an open heart and smiling soul. A Happy Easter to one and all, as I now express my visionary veracity… Of Happy [...]

I Let Go of the Fear of Controversy

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I Let Go of the Fear of Controversy I have expanded into understanding. Writing personal growth in the first person allows the person reading it to personalize the vision; thus, opening a person’s mind’s eye and inner landscape at the same time. So, please enjoy this vision in a bold new way… I let go [...]