Splendora Aura

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#I_Embraced my life with amazing trailblazing skills that stimulated my sapient daredevilry to geyser my galvanizing enterprising yazzawow savvy energizing my racers grit get & go throwing me myself and I ritzy prosperity party inviting all the world to partake of the fun of the sun festivities feeling sunny liberation flow through their inner scenery [...]

Intuitive Charm

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Good_Day #I_Now understand the challenges I face are me overcoming my habitual haunts liberating me from my asinine arrogance of viewing the world thru my pity me emotions feeling like everything is against me pessimists thoughts to unleashing my enterprising inspirations feeling my sovereign sass alive with a partying pizzazz as I now understand and [...]

Glow of Gratitude

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#I_Glow of glory thrusting my gut gusto to throw me a prosperity party the rocks the world with optimism revolutionizing luxury dazzling the world with lush liberation from everything that was a stinging dingaling thing instantly cleared the way for me dance with lavish abundance opening peoples heart communication to express love their love for [...]

Yazzadapper Now

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#I_Turned_On my light of life letting fly inspiration fascinating eternity with my now wininity wowing intergalactic nirvana invigorating now ingenuity intuiting trailblazer yazzawizardry that jazzes up my expanding thru situations with sassy imaginative tenacity​ trendsetting everything now accelerating ceremonious ​intimacy tilliatting yes to all my lavish endless cashflow beaming my divine self showing everybody love [...]

Understand and Respect

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#Happy_4th_of_July 2 all as our Founding Mothers and Fathers showed their emotional confidence & farseeing wisdom cleared the way for me & all in the USA today to enjoy our way life today as our Service Women & Men stand on Foreign Lands allows me & you to be free now and forever more

Heart Heat

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Good_Day_I_Unleashed my ambling ardor adventurously releasing dreamers optimizing rebellious yeses to bless my day to day escapades with peaceful aura appreciating unknown rendezvous with unsettling events that energize visionary epiphanies naturally tantalizing stunning success blessing my life of ecstasy setting me free forever

Head Honcho Bravura

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#Good_Day_My_Awakened heart harmonizing everyday audacity realizing today is my day to enjoy life with liberated gusto generating ubiquitous splendor tantalizing optimistic opulence to flow through me frees my soul to sense outrageous utopia loving life as life loves me forever more maturing opulent riches expand thru life with the greatest of ease 

Boundereeless Bliss

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#Good_Day_My_Lifes_splendor shines my heart light gleams my souls rainbow coloring the world with wisdom optimism revering luminary dreams for me & you to expand the world shucking out ancestral anchors clears the earths airwaves to blow breezes of bountiful bliss for all to enjoy with healthy wealthy gusto

I Show Me

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Good_Day_I_AM_Sunshine beaming a bright esteemed acumen magnificently inciting numen gall to galvanize affluent luminary lore lionizing optimism realizing everyday is my heyday embellishing & experiencing my dreams desires & luxurious accomplished outcomes now and forever more magnifying opulent riches everyday as I opened my heart to understand receive elegantly expressing my soulful Thank You to [...]

Mystical Esmism

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Mystical Esmism By Robert A. Wilson, Cowboy Wisdom Esmism is the word I use that expresses my eternal safari, my eternal journey that magnifies my internal spiritual moxie that I send forth with an open heart and smiling soul. A Happy Easter to one and all, as I now express my visionary veracity… Of Happy [...]