Lets Go Gusto

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#I_Awoke with poking prudence to enjoy this day telling all the world it my day to shine my hearts splendor thru the universe as my stouthearted soul sends out unflappable love for all the world to feel as I now grasp & admire my life is mine to experience my way with adventurous yazzajazz flowing [...]

Shangrila La

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#I_Lit my grit get and go throwing me plush prosperity feeling the peace of health wealth success & pure love flow thru me majestically enthuses my wanders gumption to awaken realizing and admiring the world is playground of enterprising elegance for me ​enhance my dreamers daredevilry declaring my life is my samba of serenity to [...]

Smiling Inspiration

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#Good_Day #My_Heart sunny splendor illuminated inner scenery to sheen keen witted willpower to flow thru the universes airwaves actuating innovative reveries wonderfully accelerating vibrant enterprising success to bless my life & all people clearing the way for peace for all to enjoy as I now deploy my dreamers daredevilry through my life to thrive and [...]

Keys of Freedom

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#I_Feel my unique sunrise sheens my keen kinetic energy that geysers pristine serene splendor to glow from my heart aura beams my aurora borealis coloring the heavenly skies with my souls lavish wizardry that brilliantly skywrites rainbow inspirations for all to read escalating the innate talent to rise and shine illuminating their paths of lush [...]

Wow of Me

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#Good_Wealthy_Day #I_Unleashed my gree of free realizing & admiring I Am the prize of victory sauntering with my dreamers daredevilry that liberated me from societal stuff opening my hellraiser heart to travel thru my trials of turmoil that instantly cleared my trails of triumph beaming success because I listened my spirit savvy that entrusted my [...]

Utopian Daredevilry

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#Good_Miraculous_Day #I_Feel my life’s liberating inspirations free enterprising splendor unlocked my imaginative lore energized my intuitive wizardry lets fly my visionary vitality to view the world as vibrant innovative extravaganzas whirls in my fun of the sun success ​feeling​ enthroned treasuring experiencing be bountifully blessed basking on my beaches of bliss kissing my wealthy healthy [...]

Glow of Gratitude

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#I_Glow of glory thrusting my gut gusto to throw me a prosperity party the rocks the world with optimism revolutionizing luxury dazzling the world with lush liberation from everything that was a stinging dingaling thing instantly cleared the way for me dance with lavish abundance opening peoples heart communication to express love their love for [...]

I Shine My Dreams

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#I_Feel my optimists gist generating imaginative splendor today opens the way for me to view my life thru venturers eyes energizing spiritual spectaculars to arise thru every phase of my amazing life as I light up internally beaming my hearts smile & souls grin galvanizing resplendent innocence naturally opening my spiritual self to the pageantry of [...]


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#Good_Day #My_Sunrise_Mirrors my imaginative spirit rising within me to experience everyday with enterprising bliss kissing my day with daredevil audacity yazzawowing my sunlit wit to laser thru the dark of my day lights up my unsoiled savvy to waltz out of the core of my challenges styling my NewNow avows my awesome vibrancy optimizes warrior [...]

Spirit Speaks

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#Good_Day #I_Feel sunrise in me magnificently energizes my Christmas Spirit to beam esteemed tranquility thru the earths airwaves unfettering my heart to harmonize everyday artistry revering thaumaturgy reveries as thaumaturgy turns on my miracles & magic of Christmas Gifts I give and receive as I open my soul splendor to say Thank You to all [...]