Fear is My Friend

The key to a fantastic future has Been discovered by Robert Wilson!
Fear is My Friend… opening my heart!

Robert Wilson, a man I’ve spoken about in the past, is a stellar individual with the power to help people get over the trials and tribulations of life and see only the good that stands before us – just waiting for us to reach out and capture it for ourselves. This man has created an instant audio download entitled Fear is My Friend. I have to tell you quite honestly that Robert Wilson changed my views about a great many things.

A lot of life is used up in waiting, in fear and in complete anger. Yes, some of this is highly warranted at the time, BUT… wouldn’t life be easier if we found a way to turn all that negativity into something so positive that our lives could be 100% better than they were before? There are people out there in this world who lie, scam, cheat – and do much worse things when it comes to mankind. There are gossipers, back-biters – all kinds of titles and categories that various people fall into that seem to actually want to hurt us in some way. Whether they’re climbing the ladder of success, or simply using your talents in order to make their world a better place – these moments of negativity happen all the time. BUT, Fear is My Friend showed me – as it will show to all of you – the factors that hold us up from doing what we want to do in life, or bring us down because we are hurt when something is hurled at us from left field. This hurt, anger and far is inside OURSELVES, and WE are the ones that can break away from that person, thing, job, etc., that is making us feel this way. WE are the ones that can take all that anger and fear that has built up inside of us and simply… let it go.

For a brief recap, Robert Wilson is a life coach. Definition? A man who has been through the proverbial wringer. He’s seen it, lived it, and lost his courage at times during his life. He’s let fear take over, just like the rest of us do, but he found a way to take all that negativity and change it. No, it’s not easy – but Fear is My Friend is the perfect and only way to make this transformation happen.

Politics offers a world based on backstabbing and ridiculousness. The workplace and issues of jobless rates harm each of us – instilling the age-old fear that even though we despise the job, we have to do it in order to pay the bills. Do you know what that brings? I’ll tell you. It brings illness. Our brain, muscles, joints and nerves tense up. We feel tired all the time and listless. We can’t see past the fact that there’s not enough money to do the things we want or save the money we want to save in order to give our children an education and a better life. So we deal with it. We continue. Even though our bodies and minds are becoming ill from the choice. Why? Because we were told a good, long time ago that this is what we HAD to do. We also HAD to deal with mean people and keep our mouths shut in order to get that paycheck. Can you do this? I can’t.

My time ended a year ago when I simply couldn’t take getting more and more sick by doing a job I literally could not stand. I was taking my own energy away from myself and my daughter – and it was not right. I have no desire to head to an early grave because I did what I was supposed to do – and then hope that there’s some angel up there who will show me Paradise. I don’t want to wait until I’m dead in order to get a pain-free life; I want to live life now while I still have the chance to do it!

Fears are ingrained pain of my fiery, egotistical arrogance – old hurts that bring up deep emotional drama that flat out traumatizes me. Fears are nothing but false evidence – only appearing to be real.

That’s what Robert Wilson maintains and explores in Fear is My Friend. He learned that the fear was getting him down and leading him on a path he simply didn’t want to walk. Who can change that? Only he can… and he did.

All of this sharp-witted awareness has opened me up to realize that fears are ingrained imprints in the subliminal landscape. They keep me stuck at the buffet of fear, growing overweight while waiting to open the gate as my date with procrastination baits me.

Robert Wilson speaks volumes in Fear is My Friend, and he makes us fully realize the fact that the second we accept that one thing in life and learn from it, we heal. We are suddenly able to open our mouths, deal with the fear, and rise above it. We are able to express ourselves as individuals and not deal with what the so-called “brilliant others” have to say. In other words, our own individual warrior who’s buried deep inside of us is finally able to rise up and take over. He/she is able to lead us through the world with courage, strength and a backbone that’s made of iron.

When we do this our life becomes lucrative – from the relationship mode to the financial mode – if we take over our own lives and our own destinies instead of being ruled over by the ones who say they know how to fix things. It is then that we become the masters and mistresses of our own destinies.

No, this is not a fairy-tale; this is absolute truth. We have all come up against liars, hateful humans, and people who simply want to roll through life by rolling over others. But Robert Wilson’s words change all that. In fact, what he does best is allow us to go back to being the people we were. He allows us to let go of the negative and horrific thoughts, and begin again.

I let go of history!

So many people – including myself – are guilty of holding on to that day, hour, or year – that was horrific, but the anger, hatred, rough times, etc., need to be let go of so we can all see that freedom belongs to each of us. It is our divine right. Being able to express ideas, and work our way up the ladder of OUR own choosing belongs to us. We can be free to see the awe-inspiring, regal, rich sapience that enriches life, as well as raise our children to understand that their inner-self is far more important than what any television show, controlling boss, or professional backbiter has to offer.

All of this comes from inside us, and no matter who tries to break that down or destroy our beliefs, they can’t. Our armor of protection is our own mind, heart and soul and no one – no fear – can bury us unless WE let it.

I am telling you, we all need hope, faith, or even a rebuilding of self-confidence, and that’s why Robert Wilson can change our lives. This is not a “someday” issue – this is a “right now event” that you must do in order to put yourself back on that path of freedom! Fear is My Friend is a truly amazing set that WILL unleash your warrior and… save your life!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion