Dissolving Retaliatory Reactions

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Feel these words dissolve your inner reactions to expand of daring dignity in a bright bold way today and everyday in everyway…

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I asked me… How is all people see from the media people and leaders of the world retaliatory reactions and never life expanding substance?

I asked… How did I teach myself retaliatory reactions then embedded vengeful replies from my parent’s society media and world leaders?

I now realize and admit I woke asking me… Do other people have negative stuff or is it me witness my negativity through others?

As I awaken I realize and admit whenever I allow my retaliatory reactions takeover my conversations I lowered myself to the other…

Person level of fears their comfort zone and fall into the trap of tit for tat trying to look smarter that the other person is the blipety blather…

Of bullheaded BS that I encompassed and dissolved through teaching all throughout the world as I now open out and dissolve this I now…

Admit and realize I have very little patience for inept immoral and unethical people allows me to unlatch this from within me…

By expressing it to all I avow a patience poise and prowess to expand through showing me myself and I my new ado attitude determination…

Optimism inside me awoke awesome wise oracle keenly energizing my poetically poised responses of listening and breathing blessed…

Brilliance to expand through all situations as I now realize and admit falling into the trap of tit for tat is crap so now I unstrap the crap…

To rap realize appreciate my internal peace and prosperity through my communication expanding through accomplished outcome now and…

Forever as I ask… How did I teach myself react with tit-for-tat retorts? Because I thought I had to be a big shot tough guy image and…

By speaking a vengeful verbiage and acting like a tormented tyrant and thinking I was tough guy is a lie I have lived till now… As I avow…

As I now admit and realize to argue in anger is being sucked into the dimwitted palaver fear of life and scared shiftless within them…

As I asked me… What good does it do me to react with crass comments? So dissolve the crass energize my debonair flair…

That shows me all people and the world my myself and I classy calm character canonizing head honcho acuity revering amazing cutting…

Edge trendsetting enterprising riches to flow to me myself and I from all sources and forces of the cosmos as I asked me…

What has my retaliatory reactions done for me lately or anytime of my life? The instant response was zilch with a burp of humble pie…

That tasted like crap leaving a shitty taste with a wasted wimpapathy within me instantly unlashed my innermost valorous veracity…

For me Robert Allen Wilson (your name) to express I now dissolve release and let go of my rat a tat retaliatory reactions because…

I now realize the gist of listening with optimism invigorates self-moxie to utilize the wise of others to expand the dignity of me myself and I…

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