Innocence of Money

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Money is My FriendInnocence of Money

Cowboy Wisdom

I awoke today with prudent poke of understanding money is innocent of all charges and blame I have placed towards money…

As money partnered with accomplished outcomes as I admit I have and do get angered at money because of the lack of it cracked me up…

With a laugh at my gaffs of how my memorized thinking thoughts and memories of money paralyzed my life promptly liberated…

My life unleashed my thriving inner aliveisme freedoms as I opened my maestro magic to understand innocence inspiration intuition…

Imagination innovation integrity and people are the way to my moneyed up Promised Land by taking my thinking thoughts and memories out…

Of my life ecstasy as I now grasp money is energy of innovative wit shows me my wisdom intrinsic talent to expand through life with…

Lionized imaginative fervent enlightened energy of electric nirvana energizing revolutionary genius yessing my gallivanting gist hearing…

My gut intuition seeing today as my freedom of money as the blame game of shame thinking money is the reason for my challenges in life…

As I now ruthlessly admit and honourably understand my trusting of my abilities confesses to me I am challenged of my life…

As I now expand of hearing I am the challenger of life exposing my ballet of boldIAM as I expand of grasping challenges collaborate…

Harmony ascending nirvana listened love energized new gut epiphanies to rise from core canonized omnific revelations…

Enterprising my wise wizardry of dreamers daredevilry to free my forthright lionhearted hegemony to grasp the energy of money flows…

Of expressing my internal ingenuity to the universe of perverse profundity that expands peoples lives to understand all people…

Encompass trendsetting talent of unique fortes to sashay through their enterprising ecstasies as I see today my sovereign day of experience…

My innocence of money to understand I opened my entrepreneurial ears to hears my seers of sumptuous success to adventure through…

My fields of financial imaginative epiphanies lighting daily savvy feeling my dreamer lore of my heart soul DNA eulogized my ordained brain…

Power of prospering omnipotent wisdom everyday revolutionizing my wise to waltz internally successful everyday in everyway…

As I boldly asked me… How will I feel the instant I stopped blaming money for anything?

I started appreciating the energy of money from my entrepreneurial endeavors as I now understand lack speaks squeaky cheap within me…

Starving out in doubt instantly awoken my innovative prowess that wowed my will to understand the innocence of money…

So I brashly asked… How will I feel the instant I experience my lavish endless stream of clients that appreciate the value of my wisdom to fill my rivers money that overfill my oceans of opulence?

I witness as my accomplished outcomes I call my prosperity accounts… I asked me… How money innocent of everything I blamed money for?

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