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Robert Wilson’s Words: Therapeutic, Life-Affirming and Pure Wisdom This writer has been speaking a great deal about Robert Wilson over these past few months, and the ‘heralding’ has brought this person closer to the forefront of the rest of the world, which makes me beyond happy.

This is the man who has become an instructor, mentor and friend to myself and many others, giving a large part of himself and his time in order to make the rest of our lives better. I can list the titles and degrees that Robert Wilson has again and again, but his background is such a small part of who he is; therefore, with this article, we are going to speak about his words. The orator, Robert Wilson, can sit before a computer and write messages, articles, create CDs, videos, books – with words that are so powerful they simply cannot be forgotten.

Robert Wilson is known to have a proven method of being able to open people’s minds and allow them to drop their barriers, release their fears, and unveil the capabilities and talents that they have had inside them since the beginning of time. His company, Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has helped so many individuals achieve their dreams and goals and get further in their lives, by offering wisdom. This wisdom comes in many forms but it is based on his incredible words; his life-affirming treasure-trove of words. Letting Go was just one ‘piece’ that we spoke about that Robert Wilson created. With this recording, he presents words like a gift that should be placed under the Christmas tree – they’re that good. He teaches you that YOU are the most important thing in your world. Yes, your family, friends, job, etc. – these are important, as well. But Robert Wilson reminds one and all that if YOU are not happy with yourself, then there is no way to bring about happiness in others. You are basically just working until the final moment where it will be one bright light and then… poof! The scariest part about that? When the bright light comes everything you wanted to do during the short time you had down here is STILL on that shelf, or in that drawer waiting for ‘someday’ to appear.

Robert Wilson also used stunning words when he spoke about eagles that prepare for a storm by sitting on a high perch. As the storm begins and the heavens open, the eagles put their wings out, allowing them to glide above the fray of the storm. He was able to make us all think about that – about releasing our fears and simply allowing ourselves to soar above the drama, pain and darkness that the storm was unleashing upon our heads. His words were the essence that made us believe that we could fly above our challenges and adversity, and allow every single day of our lives to be a new life lesson. The lessons I’ve learned from Robert Wilson’s words are as in-depth and exciting as the words I’ve read by Shakespeare (just in a different context, of course). By giving our full attention to challenges, we are overlooking the opportunities that those challenges are giving to us. Personal, financial and spiritual growth only occur when our eyes, mind, heart, soul, spirit and body are wide open to attaining knowledge through adversity and those challenges.

Knowledge used to be something that all people wanted to gain. From the ancient Greeks to the Romans to the Egyptians – all people who walked the face of the earth at one time wanted to learn. They wanted to gain as much understanding as they possibly could, and did not shy away from that, or fear that learning would somehow make them feel inadequate or unintelligent Robert Wilson professes wisdom; he heralds the fact that we should all open our minds and learn more each and every day. He is also the man who told us that when we look into our own personal mirrors we can see divine love, honesty, authenticity, emotional, spiritual, financial, and personal freedom. He told us that we could see humor, magnificence, glowing wisdom, and expanded understanding when we looked in our mirrors. Robert Wilson was the one who saw that in his mirror first, and has offered that amazing gift – with his words – of allowing us to see that in our mirror and in ourselves.

Robert Wilson has told us and proven to us that to move forward in our lives we must first decide who we are. He asked the questions: Who are you right now? Are you looking at your own life instead of looking around at somebody else’s? How do you accept yourself right now? And with those honest, forthright questions, Robert Wilson told us outright that accepting who we are doesn’t automatically mean we like who we are. It simply gives us a place to start, a jumping off point where we can open our minds and learn!

I believe that the reason Robert Wilson is so unique in his life and in his coaching is the fact that he knows that his learning is not over. He still expands his understanding and tries to bring forth new experiences and keep his mind, heart and soul open to see what’s around the next corner. A great many people in Robert Wilson’s industry are done learning. They wish to profess and preach all they know to others, but they don’t seem to want to learn anything for themselves. This is unfortunate; for you always want a teacher or a mentor who is not telling you what to do, they are leading you down a path that will enhance you life and walk down that path with you. The books Robert Wilson has written, his incredible radio show, his articles – everything he has worked on to make our lives better though his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has been proven to really work. But, again, his words are what reach into his client’s hearts and makes them see that nothing is impossible, and that they have had the answers and the strength inside of them all the time. He told us all that when you expand your life, expand your beliefs, expand your vision, you are allowing yourself to step out from under the umbrella that the world has thrown above you, the umbrella that stops you from taking flight. And Robert Wilson told us that when we drop all those self-limiting beliefs that come with trying to ‘fit’ into the correct ‘nook or cranny’ that we’ve been trained to fit into, our life can begin.

Letting go, expanding our wisdom, soaring like eagles – Robert Wilson gives his intensity, innovation, and creativity to every single one of his clients, and has the skill and talent inside him to change the world.

In many ways it feels as if this world was waiting for a person to arrive and ‘shout out’ to everyone that we need to believe in ourselves again. Belief in the fact that we can gain intelligence, knowledge, hope, faith, love and peace by simply allowing ourselves to do it. I, for one, am thrilled that this master of words is among my generation, and I am also greedy enough to say that I truly hope his words never stop being offered to the rest of us. Make 2012 a year of learning!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion

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