Dream Sculpting

Cowboy Wisdom dreamers freedom dream sculpting unleashes your dare to dream dreamer invigorating your esteemed emotional fortitude excites your attitude of accomplished action authorizes you to feel your self starting self esteem rise and shine energize your enterprising entrepreneur to witness your desired opulent outcomes.

Introduces you to your Wheel of Dreams Daring You To:

Expand. Energize. Enterprise. Entrepreneurialize, Execute, Experience your dreams feeling the glow of your galvanizing gusto bubbling within you!!!

Robert with Cowboy Wisdom will introduce you to a “Visionary Vocabulary” of Expand. Energize. Enterprise. Execute, Experience. Along with the use of “Rhymes” to excite your innovative intuition so you may better participate and appreciate your dreams.

Cowboy Wisdom “Dream Sculpting” energizes you, opening in a simple style of inspirational, enterprising prowess all that you encompass, by showing you the way to aspire to your desire to write and speak and increase your innate innovative skills to thrill your inner-self.

Cowboy Wisdom shows you the way to unleash your wisdom, innovation, talent and courage; liberating you from thinking that life is hard, mean, and cruel. To uncover and discover your emotional energy to expand your daily life and be free of the negative “no.”

Robert A. Wilson’s Wheel of Dreams unlocks the mind blocks, freeing as in personal emancipation, expanding into emotional liberation, unleashing your intuitive intuition to engage in your dreams, expand your wisdom, and energize your enterprising entrepreneur to experience your life with galvanizing gusto.

Confidence is increased on all paths: Social Life, Relationships, Discovering your trendsetting talents, Health, Career, Home Environment, Visionary Vocabulary, and Expansion of the inner-self.


Now you get to excite your innovative insight by Innovating your Wheel of Dreams Jubilee.

Cowboy Wisdom’s Dreamers Freedoms Dream Sculpting shows you the way to uncover and discover your talents, wisdom, inspirit inspiration, innovation, and learn to trust your abilities by unleashing your “gut” confidence to arrive, strive, and finally live your dreams:

Cowboy Wisdom Dream Sculpting opens your inspiration of receiving feeling your aspiration of giving excite the universes airwaves so you expand into “appreciating your acumen assets” and trendsetting talent allowing your gut confidence to participate on your wheel dream extravaganza.

$10,000 for Dream Sculpting (one payment)

Dream Sculpting - 1
Dream Sculpting - 1
Price: $10,000.00


$5,500 (two payments)

Dream Sculpting - 2
Dream Sculpting - 2
Price: $11,000.00


$3,700 (three payments)

Dream Sculpting - 3
Dream Sculpting - 3
Price: $11,100.00


**Each Inspiration will take one to two sessions

© Robert A. Wilson September 23, 2015