Expand Your Life

Robert Wilson is a man who is truly a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to helping others – and I mean helping others. This is not a showman in the center ring at a circus, or a part of society that seems to be bringing us all down, or trying to sell us products. This is a man who uses his heart, mind, talents, skills and soul to bring people who are stuck in the muck and mire of their lives to a new level of freedom.

Robert Wilson was one of the lucky people on this planet who discovered things he had never known existed. He was also able to use that discovery and expand his life into something more – something more fulfilling, innovative and creative. The most wonderful gift that Robert Wilson could possibly give to the world is that, after finding this incredible way to live, understand, learn, and find a path to a better place within himself, he turned it around and offered it to the millions of others out there – one and all – who needed help.

Robert Wilson Delves Into the Difference Between Change And Expansion
A new way to open eyes to relish life.

Expand Your Life

We need to have a “tune-up”, so to speak, in our minds. Why? Because we have been living in a world that is based on fear, economic downfall, war – heck, almost everything we watch on the news is something tragic. What we don’t seem to realize is, in a way, we have all been very much programmed by society our whole lives. We have been programmed to regard chaos as a natural everyday occurrence. We have been programmed to believe that our success is measured on the amount of money we make. But this is all a mistake – and Robert Wilson is the voice that tells us why.

The books Robert Wilson has written, his incredible radio show, his articles – everything he has worked on to make our lives better though his amazing company Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching has been proven to really work. We have been taking in-depth looks into the one-of-a-kind CDs that Robert Wilson has put together to help the rest of us succeed and achieve. And today, I wish to speak about one that really struck home with me – one that truly brought clarity to my mind, and made all of the negativity that is around me – around all of us – simply fade away, because I actually finally got it!

The CD is titled, Expand Your Life, and in it Robert Wilson talks about the difference between expanding and changing. He speaks extremely clearly about the fact that the word ‘change’ has limitations. Think about it. Your attitude can change from negative to positive and back again, depending on how you feel at the moment. You can change from angry to happy, and back again. Change really does nothing for you, except keep you in the same place and not allow you to simply drop your self-limiting beliefs and move on. However, when you delete that word from your vocabulary and insert the word expand instead, everything becomes extremely clear.

When you expand your life, expand your beliefs, expand your vision, you are allowing yourself to step out from the umbrella that the world has throw above you, the umbrella that stops you from taking flight. Expanding is infinite; there are absolutely no limitations when you expand your world. You drop all those self-limiting beliefs that come with ‘fitting’ yourself into the correct ‘nook or cranny’ that you’ve been trained to fit into. And what Robert Wilson says on this CD that really inspired me was when he offered the image of a soaring eagle.

An eagle is an intense creature who has no holds on him. When the storms come in, he simply soars above them so he will not be stopped by anything; nothing gets in the soaring eagle’s way. Now, think about that. If we could all let go, expand our vision, open our minds to other possibilities, we could be the eagles soaring above the chaos, negativity and ridiculousness that comes from the economy, politics, poverty-conscious society – everything. We would be giving ourselves the permission we feel we need to have in order to do more, and use our innovation, creativeness, and beauty that we all have inside ourselves. And it is quite honest, once you listen to this CD, that you will come out knowing when you are that soaring eagle, there is nothing that can stop you. You automatically drop that fear, you unwrap yourself from that cloak of stealth control that society has been using since almost the beginning of time. You are free.

Robert Wilson also makes another outstanding point in this particular CD, and that is – if you look back, history has been written by society. The historical articles that have been written focus on war, manipulation, industrial revolutions, depressions, and truly frightening subjects that have kept people in their place. They have kept many people living out their days to simply get to retirement – instead of enjoying life as the years go forward. They have written the history and we are reading it.

Now is not the time to simply sit by and read what others have said throughout history – now is the time to relax, sit back, and listen to Robert Wilson as he shows us that majestic sky that we can soar through. He is not only showing us a picture of that stunning eagle flying over the landscape, he is showing and proving the fact, in no uncertain terms, that the eagle in our minds can be real – if we simply step out from underneath the weight that’s been placed on us and give ourselves permission to expand and soar!

Bring back the belief in ourselves; become the master’s of our own destinies once again, and learn that it is beneficial to be the student as well as the master – the student who, every single day, learns something new and worthwhile to expand our lives for the better.

Robert Wilson has a great many titles in his life, but the one I respect the most when I hear something of this magnitude is instructor. He is. He is an instructor, a mentor, and a friend who literally uses the old adage of Occam’s Razor. Why do I ay that? Because Robert Wilson proves time and time again with all of his books, CD’s, and the incredible services and programs that he offers through Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching that the simplest answer IS the right one. The simplest answer is for us to believe in ourselves and drop the negativity that is holding us back and limiting just how far we can travel.

It is time to learn how to be that soaring eagle, and this CD is most definitely the way to begin that amazing journey!

Amy Lignor
The Write Companion