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I now expose me myself and I to my sovereign sass to understand when I have to tell people what I am doing I internally sense…

Insecurity unblocks the boldofme to grasp when people understand what I am doing without asking I of my utopian valor feeling…

My sovereign sass to ask… How is forgiveness keeping stuck in the blame and shame sham within my thinking thoughts and memories?

Unlocks my brash brilliance to understand life is what is that all it is opens my new whizzing wizardry to grasp what at is what is unbusies…

My mind to buzz my brilliant unadulterated zillionaire zeal to understand I encompass wheeler-dealer pizzazz to expand out…

Of dark farces of how and what I think about the situation to expand of energize wise that is encompassed within the heart of the winning…

Situations because my sovereign sass allows me to quickly query the fury of my life with fervor understanding realizing yes every event…

Of my life is a blessing the instant I realize my pity me paucity I taught me myself and I to feel my spry savvy rise from gut gallantry…

To galvanize utopian tenacity because I encompass autonomous audacity to waltz with challenges authorwises me to stroll on my red…

Carpet of copious cornucopia sitting on my throne of triumph hallowing rich opulence naturally enjoying my life luxurious internal fervent…

Energies of freedom from my self the taught rat a tat blather that kept me swirling is sterility went away the instant I felt and witnessed..

My farsighted fertility of my life’s occurrences because I chimed the rhymes spine divine lore excites my sovereign sass to unbind…

My memory mind release my stinking thinking of wouldda shouldda coulda duh let go of my thoughts of numbing me down to accept life…

I taught myself through limitations went down the sewer to never be part of my again opens my winner waltz of wisdom ascending lively…

Trendsetting zest to the world show people they feel and adhere to their sovereign sass the kick the ass of crass right out the door…

Feeling my lionhearted liberating sensations relishing my emotional epiphanies enjoy a day and life of revolutionary resplendence…

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