Innocence of Appreciation

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Expand Your Life CD coverInnocence of Appreciation

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I now adhere my seer innocence of appreciation to understand to appreciate authorwises me to feel and witness the world…

As innerprising endeavor to never depend or defend my beliefs thinking thoughts or memories I sense the ascending acumen of…

Every situation within me myself and I because grasping the gallivanting grandeur of appreciation I feel the innocence of…

Inspirations rise and shine within my spine to intertwine my empowered emotional brilliance with my enhanced dance of…

Enterprising expressions to grasp the life’s emancipation that sensationalizes my guts to understand to express my rainbow…

Brilliance to understand words of expansion are felt within my heart smarts unleashes my soul sassy savvy to feel my fervent…

Energies excite life’s liberating innocence because to grasp negativity is control keeping the rat a tat crap of sapping apathetic fallacies…

That keep me on the treadmill of nil as I now crack the crap of the rat a tat stopping the blithering blather allows me to realize I speak…

The truth of my life with understand the truth is ruthless yet speaking the truth of uncomfortably stops the sterility of my life…

Because the truth is sometime unsavory and negative yet shows me the beginning of my winners walk of wisdom to see my life…

Thru sovereign savvy to understand negativity controls me through want and need leaving my pissing in the wind of never win…

As inspiration sensationalizes my wizardry wise geyser my visionary valor through my core corridors of soaring soul savvy that unleashes…

A kapish of innocence feeling ascending appreciation for my rumbling rebellious resolve to understand I have never ever had a heartbreak…

Because I now understand heartbreaks stem from expectations because I had everything calculated and the other persons life…

Planned out just the way I wanted and needed them to be yet I now understand thinking thoughts and lacking memory caused…

My heartbreaks because deep within my wise symmetry I understood this was the wrong person for me because I now understand people…

Whirl and twirl in my life to dance with me to enhance the eternal expressions of me myself and I to fly first class sassy…

To understand life loves invigorating forthright electricity within me to light up my powerhouse of prowess to wow me myself and I…

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