Rebellious Vocabulary

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#Good_Day_I_Let fly my nunow visionary valor to express my dreamers lingo lionizing inspired niyama gumptious optimism that invigorates spirit magnificence to flow thru me energizing my natural self worth opens me to be of received endless lavish abundances feeling ​pristine ​peace​ esteem my effervescent splendor tantalizing endeavoring eloquence magically magnetize the earth’s airwaves with newfangled [...]

Heart Love

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#I_Awakened to the simplicity of unselfish love unleashing unconditional love to flow thru my veins of vibrancy setting me free that chimes the rhymes of divine ecstasy seeing my rainbows of glowing grandeur that gleams my esteemed spirit splendor illuminating the world with optimistic lore daring me to feel love with emotions eloquence that dances [...]