Happy New Year to You

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#I_Opened my wandering eyes to 2021 instantly undone 2020 let’s fly my fervor lore yeses my nowborn bravery to stroll thru my nunow with numen nerve trusting my trailblazer resolve unsheathes savvy trendsetter innovative nous galvanizes my life of tranquil luxury living unexampled Xanadu ubiquitously relishing yazzabliss feeling unlimited sovereignty internally experiencing received lavish endless [...]

People are Unique

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#I_Feel my Christmas Spirit awaken to amazingly waltz adventurous kevalin energy nurturing my rapturous splendor that streams from me to the world heating up the earth’s frequencies of free will giving of unselfish copious cornucopia for all to feel boldly loved living outlandish victorious extravaganzas dancing with my lavish endless money flow as I glow [...]

My Smile

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#My_Christmas spirit is alive shining my Thanksgiving gratitude opens my heart & soul 2 appreciate the holidays as a time of giving my love freely feeling robust enlightened energy lionizing yazzadashing cheer 2 all celebrating the holiday season with valorous class relishing my holidays with harmonizing my spirit and external world to be on the [...]