Expand the World

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#Good_Day #I_View the world thru vibrant innovative eyes wowing me out of the trance of turmoil enthralling my hell raisers gumption that galvanized my untamed maverick prowess titillating internal optimists nerve lets fly my spirit winners wise energizes personal willpower thrilling their internal optimists gist to shit and get on the roads of riches opening [...]

Sapient Perspicacity

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#Good_Day_I_Quit listening to the twits of turmoil opened my listeners eyes to the world around me freed my sovereign powers deenergized the panic to instantly energizing my enterprising wizardry realizing & admiring I m experiencing my optimists copious cornucopia utopia loving life living infinite financial ecstasy feeling my life of liberty flow thru my veins [...]

Understanding Confusion

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#I_Awoke to my new waves of brave grasping that bailouts create doubt about my abilities as I realize bailouts R essential for moment so I asked. How are people stuck in the entitlement programming everytime something goes awry? I now understand and admire my best enterprising acuity & guiding light is mine shines my divine [...]

Respect Sees

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#Good_Day may everybody’s day flow and glow of dynamic health extreme wealth and unconditional love lighting up optimistic vibrant energy allowing people to feel their inner hutzpah flying above all the funk and the gunk in the world as the world turns on trailblazer triumph

Thaumaturgy Surge

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#Today_I let go of my being afraid of the coronavirus because I expanded of respecting the coronavirus allowed me to unhook my egotistical arrogance of I tougher than the coronavirus to grasping I respect the coronavirus I give the coronavirus it’s room to zoom away from me & you #Good_Day

Bliss That Kisses

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#Good_Day_I_Now avowed I am blessed with bountiful love everyday enjoying sunny splendor that lights up my life from everywhere in the universe I sing verses of visionary elegant revelations streaming energizing sassy savior faire flair thru the earth’s airwaves for all to fee their innermost immaculacy opening their eyes to their eyes to their pristine [...]

I Listen I Glisten

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#Good_Day_I_Now ultimately understand & admire my freeing foresight of energize wisdom & inspiration because these words electrify my now so I expand energize & enterprise my life my imaginative surprises awakens me out of yesterday to appreciate my present moment gifts of health and wealth because I now realize and admit when I feel healthy [...]

Mischievous Bliss

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#Good_Day_I_Awakened to new dawn of spawning sapience to realize & admit life challenges me maturing enterprising gumption to rise & shine from deep within me surprising me with pristine newfangled innovative wit energizing fresh grit get & go gallantly optimizing my lavish money flow to me from everywhere as I am aware of my debonair [...]

Bigger Brighter Bolder

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#Good_Day_I_Passionately fertilized my dreamers paradises with enterprising adventurers lore lyricizing optimists revelations energized my bigger brighter bolder jazzadance artistry painting the world with colorful charismatic audacity skywriting inspirational prosperity for all to enjoy and expand their risk takers treasures as I revolutioneyes enterprising adventures dawning venture vigor opening the door for my ardor to soar [...]

Invisible Innovator

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#I_Awakened to a lightning bolt of brilliant resolve sending all the sickness in the world away to never ever return clearing the way for peace & prosperity to flow to all as I now realize & admire my life is lived in the physical energized in my intuitive mystique unsheathes my unique gifts of genius [...]