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#I_Harken my hellraisers audacity revving up keen engendering nerve to naturally energize revolutionary visionary epiphanies trusting my innovative abilities & inventors agility that speaks eloquently to me maturing enterprising nous as I AM the leader of my life lighting up inspirational freedom expanding people’s imagination to opening people eyes to their entrepreneurial skills thrilling the [...]


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#I_Now realize & admit my heart rises to all occasions as my gut gumption is my cavalry of energy entrusting my gallant emotions & forthright feelings that lift me upward & onward to illuminating my the wit and get electrifying my audacious abilities & spirit agilities to salsa thru life with ease effortlessly ascending serendipitous [...]

Dare Me

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#I_Won in 21 so I let go of being paralyzed by pandemic paranoia that kept my panicking mind busy till now as I now realize & admire my fiery foresight that ignited my light of forthright fortitude to energize my entrepreneurial skills thrilled me to be free feeling healthy wealthy and wise trusting my emotions [...]

Dissolving Perfection

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#My_Eyes hear and my ears see my trail of triumph with trailblazer resolve trusting my adventurers mettle that majestically electrifies trendsetter temerity lionized enterprising wizardry unleashes my sprees of lush riches escalating my effortless lavish cashflow to float my way opens the way for me to relax on my mountains of tranquility feeling internal peace [...]

Meditate Awake

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#My_Spirit smile dawns my sunny magnificence invigorating life’s engendering wizardry as I now grasp wizardry frees unlimited omniscient optimism to energize my life with luminous inspired fervor energy unsheathed unconquerable health & wealth glorifies my dreamers ecstacy exalting canonized spectacular tranquility ascending ceremonious yazzasplendor for me to enjoy my life with my lavish endless avalanches [...]

Admit It

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#Happy_New_Year as I hue animated poetic praise yazzajazzes nowborn energized wondermint yazzapizzazzes effulgent animated reveries painting my life with lavish endless avalanches of moneyed up abundances kicking the coronavirus to oblivion as Iwon with skillful will whimsically invigorating luminary lore to light up optimistic resplendence emancipating innate innocence polished my inner shiny savvy to expand [...]


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#Merry_Christmas as my Christmas celebrations awaken my sunny spirit to shines my pristine peace clearing the earth’s airwaves of all dark energy expanding the worldly vista of vibrant internal splendor tantalizing sassy serenity to flow & glow within all of us to communicate ideas of innate dreamers enterprising acumen stimulating health wealth success and kinship [...]


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#I_Rousted out my opulent ubiquitous tenacity tantalizing engendering nerve to understand and admire my unsavory happenstances dance my sunny savory splendor out of the shadows to shine my innermost innovative wit that energizes my grit get and go that gleams optimism invigorating spiritual magnetism of inlightened spiritual maturity as I expand through my day to [...]

River of Riches

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#Good_Day #I_Rouse today with revolutionary optimism unleashing sassy enterprising inspirations endearing me to my to newfound nerve to let fly my visionary verve animated my straightforward attitude to understand and admire my animated acumen feeling wise and energized thriving of luxurious lure loving unfathomable rich ecstasy seeing everyday as humble heavenly heyday realize the wise [...]

Utopian Daredevilry

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#Good_Miraculous_Day #I_Feel my life’s liberating inspirations free enterprising splendor unlocked my imaginative lore energized my intuitive wizardry lets fly my visionary vitality to view the world as vibrant innovative extravaganzas whirls in my fun of the sun success ​feeling​ enthroned treasuring experiencing be bountifully blessed basking on my beaches of bliss kissing my wealthy healthy [...]