Fires of Freedom

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#My_Inlightened energy turned on my omnipotent nerve today to understand my life will expand thru my new animated artistry decrees my day to day life shows me my effigies that are holding me at at bay so I admit all my hindrances hide in me chiding me quickly freed me majestically escalates my innate talents [...]

Expand the World

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#Good_Day #I_View the world thru vibrant innovative eyes wowing me out of the trance of turmoil enthralling my hell raisers gumption that galvanized my untamed maverick prowess titillating internal optimists nerve lets fly my spirit winners wise energizes personal willpower thrilling their internal optimists gist to shit and get on the roads of riches opening [...]

Laugh at Life

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Laugh at Life I asked me… How is love laughter opening visionary energy? As I now realize and admire laughter is sovereign sass blasting all my innermost tactless… Gaffs to smithereens sheens my stellar heroism enthuses effrontery nerve stimulating my wiseman willpower to swiftly and stoutheartedly laugh at life… That instantly shuts down the blubbering [...]