Happy New Year to You

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#I_Opened my wandering eyes to 2021 instantly undone 2020 let’s fly my fervor lore yeses my nowborn bravery to stroll thru my nunow with numen nerve trusting my trailblazer resolve unsheathes savvy trendsetter innovative nous galvanizes my life of tranquil luxury living unexampled Xanadu ubiquitously relishing yazzabliss feeling unlimited sovereignty internally experiencing received lavish endless [...]

Invest N Me Myself and I to Fly

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#Christmas_Eve Felicity I feel ecstatic lighting up idyllic ceremonious innocence tantalizing yazzacheery Christmas Celebrations awaken me to feel my energized fervor fluency that electrified my cloud nine ride gliding thru life on my sassy soaring ardor audacity #MerryChristmas How to read my writings read outloud never try to know what is written just read out [...]

Power House of Ingenuity

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#I_Now understand and concede life is beginning anew because the old way went when the coronavirus interrupted my day to day life opening my nunow eyes to feel the spry savvy within me awaken my trailblazing troublemaker thrilling my empire building brilliance boldly revering internal luminary lore invigorates adventurous nirvana celebrations everyday allows me experience [...]

Sapient Perspicacity

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#Good_Day_I_Quit listening to the twits of turmoil opened my listeners eyes to the world around me freed my sovereign powers deenergized the panic to instantly energizing my enterprising wizardry realizing & admiring I m experiencing my optimists copious cornucopia utopia loving life living infinite financial ecstasy feeling my life of liberty flow thru my veins [...]

Yazzadapper Dawn

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#My_Sun of the fun fantasies unleashed new waves of wonderful to flow thru me maturing everything zinging my winners wizardry thru my imaginative channels opened my veins of visionary enterprising innovative nerve stimulated my innate leadership mastery to speak trailblazer brilliance rainbows my colorful light of lore lionizing omnific revelations energizing my powerhouse of perspicacity [...]

Fire of Desire

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#Good_Day_I_Feel the wow of how opens my newfound freedom of wide open wonderful optimizing financial harmonized opulence waltzing thru thriving of inner alive yazzawow power thrusting my invisible abilities to the forefront energizing my moneyed up accomplished outcomes to be my way of basking on my beaches of bountiful everything that zings my trendsetting tranquility [...]

I Appreciate Myself

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#Good_Day #My_Christmas Cheer flows through my veins of vibrancy energizing intrinsic nirvana stimulating my arteries of autonomy frees me to spreads Merry Christmas Joy through the world because I now understand peace begins within me spreading peace to others in bright way showing people communication opens the heart allowing the soul to express inpowered inspirations [...]

Artistic Inspiration

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#Good_Day_I_Now feel my spry spiritual splendor alive and thriving showing my entertainers pizzazz flowing through my veins of fame realizing I am of my gamers gumption shining my light of life lionizing inspiration feeling enthusiastic about who I Am expanding others opening todays hellacious enterprising revelations stimulating innate intuitive wizardry creeds canny revolutionary excitement enriching [...]

Heart Heat

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Good_Day_I_Unleashed my ambling ardor adventurously releasing dreamers optimizing rebellious yeses to bless my day to day escapades with peaceful aura appreciating unknown rendezvous with unsettling events that energize visionary epiphanies naturally tantalizing stunning success blessing my life of ecstasy setting me free forever