Spirit Intrigue

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#Happy_Labor_Day as I breath I feel my life of lavish endless abundances flow to me effortlessly from all sources in the cosmos celebrating opulent success magically optimizing spectacular rainbow luxury that steam heats my life of healthy leisure with pristine tranquility clears my seers ears to hear the serene felicity of the universe gleefully galvanizing [...]

Rainbow Lore

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#I_Escalated my innate potentate talents to feel my daredevil dexterity power up my sightseers savvy to fathom & admire my tranquil paradises extoll my heart harmonies singing my soul’s splendor to the world trusting my calm clarity that optimizes my life of Riley realizing and esteeming revolutionary imaginative lithe yazzapizzazzes my animated avenues of nunow [...]

Beaches of Leisure

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#I_Now feel my light of lore lights up trails of turmoil for me to travel paving my avenues of affluence because tribulations awaken my adventurous willpower audaciously kickstarting enterprising nabob brilliance to flow thru my vacationers veins of rad relaxation feeling my sightseers tranquility steam heat my hearts elegance that dances with my souls vitality [...]

Ceremonious Elegance

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#I_Rousted out my omnific utopian torchbearer lore to understand and declare the world is experiencing the greatest inlightenmint in history as we dissolve the panicdemic delusions opening our eyes of wise to grasp the world is asking for our entrepreneurial skills that thrill my risk takers resolve to rebelliously energize sassy omnific lore vehemently expanding [...]

Happy Easter

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#Happy_Easter as the sunrise awakened me I felt my inspired desire to light a fire of freedom within my heart unleashed my venturers soul sending out unconditional love to all as the world awakens toa beautiful new way of life receiving a blissful kiss from God today in a bold way as the doors open [...]

Fires of Freedom

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#My_Inlightened energy turned on my omnipotent nerve today to understand my life will expand thru my new animated artistry decrees my day to day life shows me my effigies that are holding me at at bay so I admit all my hindrances hide in me chiding me quickly freed me majestically escalates my innate talents [...]

Power House of Ingenuity

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#I_Now understand and concede life is beginning anew because the old way went when the coronavirus interrupted my day to day life opening my nunow eyes to feel the spry savvy within me awaken my trailblazing troublemaker thrilling my empire building brilliance boldly revering internal luminary lore invigorates adventurous nirvana celebrations everyday allows me experience [...]

Thaumaturgy Surge

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#Today_I let go of my being afraid of the coronavirus because I expanded of respecting the coronavirus allowed me to unhook my egotistical arrogance of I tougher than the coronavirus to grasping I respect the coronavirus I give the coronavirus it’s room to zoom away from me & you #Good_Day

Mischievous Bliss

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#Good_Day_I_Awakened to new dawn of spawning sapience to realize & admit life challenges me maturing enterprising gumption to rise & shine from deep within me surprising me with pristine newfangled innovative wit energizing fresh grit get & go gallantly optimizing my lavish money flow to me from everywhere as I am aware of my debonair [...]

Futuristic Opportunistic

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#Good_Day_I_Freed me from societal slime unleashed my divine daredevilry to realize and admit I AM healthy because of my wealth of willpower to turn on my stouthearted stamina inspires my inspirational fortitude unsheathed my sassy fortitude to tell that virus to go to well as I the virus disappears in the fires of hell opening [...]