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Happy New Year to You

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#I_Opened my wandering eyes to 2021 instantly undone 2020 let’s fly my fervor lore yeses my nowborn bravery to stroll thru my nunow with numen nerve trusting my trailblazer resolve unsheathes savvy trendsetter innovative nous galvanizes my life of tranquil luxury living unexampled Xanadu ubiquitously relishing yazzabliss feeling unlimited sovereignty internally experiencing received lavish endless [...]

Spontaneous Theatre

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#I_Feel my holiday bliss kiss me internally energizing my Rapturous Thanksgiving heart and Felicity Christmas soul to harmonize effulgent appreciation revering today’s treasures with prosperous pleasure letting fly pristine peace from within me as I beam classy charismatic charm celebrating hellacious animated resplendence magically expanding thru life with a lionized inspirational farseeing enterprising wizardry now [...]

Spirit Intrigue

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#Happy_Labor_Day as I breath I feel my life of lavish endless abundances flow to me effortlessly from all sources in the cosmos celebrating opulent success magically optimizing spectacular rainbow luxury that steam heats my life of healthy leisure with pristine tranquility clears my seers ears to hear the serene felicity of the universe gleefully galvanizing [...]

Rebellious Vocabulary

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#Good_Day_I_Let fly my nunow visionary valor to express my dreamers lingo lionizing inspired niyama gumptious optimism that invigorates spirit magnificence to flow thru me energizing my natural self worth opens me to be of received endless lavish abundances feeling ​pristine ​peace​ esteem my effervescent splendor tantalizing endeavoring eloquence magically magnetize the earth’s airwaves with newfangled [...]

Mystical Magical Mystique

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#Good_Day #My_Magical eyes opened today as my miracle ears instantly harkened the magic of my spirit lore that lit up my trails of triumph with miraculous magnificence as I witness my life through posh health wealth and love celebrating my milky way of ravishing elegant splendor daylights my animated ardor to soar of spiritual omnipotence [...]

Heart Love

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#I_Awakened to the simplicity of unselfish love unleashing unconditional love to flow thru my veins of vibrancy setting me free that chimes the rhymes of divine ecstasy seeing my rainbows of glowing grandeur that gleams my esteemed spirit splendor illuminating the world with optimistic lore daring me to feel love with emotions eloquence that dances [...]

Yes I AM Rebellious

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#I_Now witness the beauty of my life through innocent eyes because my external world shows me my shortcomings and everywhere to expand within me sets me free to feel revolutionary emancipating energy to cut away yesterday dawning today’s daring sunrise splendor illuminating my life with lavish luxurious leisure feeling liberated throughout all phases of my [...]

Vanguard Vikine

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#Good_Day #I_AM my sunrise shining my rays of rad I AM glad to be alive thriving of nunow wow vowing to understand & admire the world events are clearing away my worn out ways energizing my geysers of innovative gumption showing me myself & I my inventors lore loving life forever feeling optimists resolve energizing [...]

Angelic Acumen

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I_Awakened to sunny splendor of endless miracles that flow to me today and everyday in every way because my heart is open to be of received lavish endless abundances as my soul beams gratitude appreciation & thank you as I breath mystical magical miracles to all to enjoy as I stroll through my with grin [...]