The Map

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#I_Opened my eyes of spry energized my inner wise to now understand the wisdom and gifts galvanizing innovating foresight titillating stunning success are hiding in my daily events as I eavesdrop on the breezes of brilliance that streams thru other people’s daily escapades energize simple candid animated perspicacity aggrandizing dreamers enterprising savvy that optimized my [...]

Light Bright Inlightenmint

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#Good_Afternoon #I_Awakened to the awesomeness of me magically energizing my universe with my unique mystique magnetizing the cosmic airwaves with animated intuitive revolutionary wisdom activating vibrant enterprising spectaculars as I admire my basking of sun of fun felicity feeling ecstatic luminously instigating ceremonious imaginative tenacity yazzajazzing my dancing dreamer to rumba rebellious utopian magical bravura [...]

Happy New Year to You

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#I_Opened my wandering eyes to 2021 instantly undone 2020 let’s fly my fervor lore yeses my nowborn bravery to stroll thru my nunow with numen nerve trusting my trailblazer resolve unsheathes savvy trendsetter innovative nous galvanizes my life of tranquil luxury living unexampled Xanadu ubiquitously relishing yazzabliss feeling unlimited sovereignty internally experiencing received lavish endless [...]

Invest N Me Myself and I to Fly

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#Christmas_Eve Felicity I feel ecstatic lighting up idyllic ceremonious innocence tantalizing yazzacheery Christmas Celebrations awaken me to feel my energized fervor fluency that electrified my cloud nine ride gliding thru life on my sassy soaring ardor audacity #MerryChristmas How to read my writings read outloud never try to know what is written just read out [...]

Unselfish Bliss

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#I_Now claim new wisdom today & everyday in every way as I expand out of learning to expand of wisdom I claim my wisdom to accelerate my intuitive wit to celebrate my life’s adventurous innovative mysteries that freed me from my chicken clucking stuck in the muck so I opened my eyes to my life’s [...]

Artistry of My Soul

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#I_Feel freedom within me miraculously energizing me to see my life through luxurious imaginative fervency excites my heart chi to celebrate hellacious inner elegance that dances my souls splendor opening unfathomable extravagance for me to enjoy feeling healthy wealthy & wise waltzing incredibly successful everyday in every way under grace of appreciation and gratitude #Good_Dayhttp://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

Bridges of Brilliance

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I_Feel the splendor of me mystically energize the airwaves of world to whirl optimistic revelations revving up liberating daredevilry freeing me and all people to dance our declarations of liberated audacity excites our natural canny enterprising wit freeing us all to enjoy our bountiful bliss that kisses us daily in a bright bold way now [...]

Artistic Inspiration

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#Good_Day_I_Now feel my spry spiritual splendor alive and thriving showing my entertainers pizzazz flowing through my veins of fame realizing I am of my gamers gumption shining my light of life lionizing inspiration feeling enthusiastic about who I Am expanding others opening todays hellacious enterprising revelations stimulating innate intuitive wizardry creeds canny revolutionary excitement enriching [...]

Spry Wise

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#Good_Day #My_Heart beams my bright enterprising essence thru the universes airwaves expressing rabble rousing inspiration ascending immaculate resplendence turned on my light of luminary innovative gumption harmonizing todays moneyed up heydays canonizing my souls grit 2 admit my wisdom is my wealth & success that blesses the world with a bold I showed me maturity…http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson

I Laugh at the Gaffs

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#Good_Day #My_Life_Expands me thru my accomplished outcomes because I now admit & get life forever extends my wisdom by moving me upward and onward because I realize my accomplished outcomes open unfathomable new events to energize my visionary energies showing me my gifts of genius invigorating farseeing trendsetter splendor…http://www.amazon.com/author/robertawilson http://www.howdiditeachmyselffear.com