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Sprightly Lighting

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#My_Spirit essence energizes soul sovereignty escalating new ceremonious extravaganzas as I now realize and admire life is to be celebrated thru all gamuts galvanizing adventurous moxie unleashing travelers savvy to understand life expresses nomadic nirvana for me to expand energize and enterprise all phases of my amazing life thriving of wisdom innovation and talent showcasing [...]

Laugh at Life

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Laugh at Life I asked me… How is love laughter opening visionary energy? As I now realize and admire laughter is sovereign sass blasting all my innermost tactless… Gaffs to smithereens sheens my stellar heroism enthuses effrontery nerve stimulating my wiseman willpower to swiftly and stoutheartedly laugh at life… That instantly shuts down the blubbering [...]

My Life is Written on Water

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My Life is Written on Water I asked me… How does inspiration and innovation mirror my life written on water as thinking and knowing mirror my life written stone? Unwound… My newfound wisdom to understand and admire water washes away trauma everyday revering wisdom actuates trendsetter enterprising revelations… Stimulating willpower appreciating triumphant energy revolutionizes winsome [...]