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Liberated Literacy

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#Good_Morning #I_Awakened to grasp & admire Monday shines my miracles optimizing nunow daredevilry aggrandizing yazzasnazzy splendor to flow thru my artistic audacity to paint my scenarios of my spiritual celebrations enterprising nirvana autonomy reveres imaginative omnificence​ opens my innovative nous invigorates farseeing inventors celebrations energizing nunow ceremonious extravaganzas opens my understanding and admiring my nowborn [...]

I Dethroned Political Correctness

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#I_Unleashed my intrinsic confidence and and trailblazer audacity to let fly my depersonalized expansionism to discharge my carry a grudge emotions vengeful feeling yesterday’s viewpoints ancestral beliefs and obsolete opinions instantly woke my listeners acuity ascends clever utopian imagination trendsetting yazzadazzling visionary vitality through my inventors intuition instantly and intentionally delivering me my lavish endless [...]

The Map

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#I_Opened my eyes of spry energized my inner wise to now understand the wisdom and gifts galvanizing innovating foresight titillating stunning success are hiding in my daily events as I eavesdrop on the breezes of brilliance that streams thru other people’s daily escapades energize simple candid animated perspicacity aggrandizing dreamers enterprising savvy that optimized my [...]

Awakened Liberation

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#I_Relish and embellish my life is a gamblers paradise as I roll my dice entices my dreamers imagination canonizing enterprising wizardry decrees my sprees of spiritual poise revs up endeavoring extravaganzas instigates my saunter on to mountains of pristine leisure loving everyday invigorating spectacular utopia revolutionizing engendering gumption to leap tall buildings realizing my mystical [...]


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#My_Spirit awards me w unique trails of turmoil that open my heart brain communication magnetizes the earth’s frequencies of fancy free sprees of easy street living loving everyday b/c my spirit savvy grasps my animated acumen & dexterous daredevilry as I grin & win with innovative nere to expand out of whatever stopped serving me [...]

Kevalin Winds

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#Happy_Valentines_Day to you & all… May cupids arrows of celebrating unexampled peace instigating dreamers lavish avalanches of awesome abundances land in everybody’s life in a big bold bright affluent way now & forever more we soar of splendous optimism applauding regal resplendence that dances thru our lives energizing my life of Riley to be my [...]

Dare Me

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#I_Won in 21 so I let go of being paralyzed by pandemic paranoia that kept my panicking mind busy till now as I now realize & admire my fiery foresight that ignited my light of forthright fortitude to energize my entrepreneurial skills thrilled me to be free feeling healthy wealthy and wise trusting my emotions [...]

Sublime Spirit

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#Good_Afternoon #I_AM sublime divine shining ubiquitous brilliance invigorating my entrepreneurial dexterity intuits visionary innovative nous electrifies my universe of utopian nirvana innerprising vibrancy energizing revolutionary spectacular extravaganzas to be my way of life lionizing inner freedoms eloquently understand and admiring every life event good bad or indifferent expands my wisdom energizes my inspired desired to [...]

My Smile

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#My_Christmas spirit is alive shining my Thanksgiving gratitude opens my heart & soul 2 appreciate the holidays as a time of giving my love freely feeling robust enlightened energy lionizing yazzadashing cheer 2 all celebrating the holiday season with valorous class relishing my holidays with harmonizing my spirit and external world to be on the [...]

Vanguard Resilience

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#I_Emancipated my innate intuitive talents to boldly enliven my entertainers nerve lionizing internal vigor energizing numen nous to grasp & value my life events with savory sass b/c I encompass the gut spunk to hear the wisdom & see the colorful charm of my life lighting up inspired farseeing enterprising luxury I experience internally magnetizing [...]