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Dare Me

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#I_Won in 21 so I let go of being paralyzed by pandemic paranoia that kept my panicking mind busy till now as I now realize & admire my fiery foresight that ignited my light of forthright fortitude to energize my entrepreneurial skills thrilled me to be free feeling healthy wealthy and wise trusting my emotions [...]

Sublime Spirit

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#Good_Afternoon #I_AM sublime divine shining ubiquitous brilliance invigorating my entrepreneurial dexterity intuits visionary innovative nous electrifies my universe of utopian nirvana innerprising vibrancy energizing revolutionary spectacular extravaganzas to be my way of life lionizing inner freedoms eloquently understand and admiring every life event good bad or indifferent expands my wisdom energizes my inspired desired to [...]

My Smile

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#My_Christmas spirit is alive shining my Thanksgiving gratitude opens my heart & soul 2 appreciate the holidays as a time of giving my love freely feeling robust enlightened energy lionizing yazzadashing cheer 2 all celebrating the holiday season with valorous class relishing my holidays with harmonizing my spirit and external world to be on the [...]

Vanguard Resilience

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#I_Emancipated my innate intuitive talents to boldly enliven my entertainers nerve lionizing internal vigor energizing numen nous to grasp & value my life events with savory sass b/c I encompass the gut spunk to hear the wisdom & see the colorful charm of my life lighting up inspired farseeing enterprising luxury I experience internally magnetizing [...]

Spirit Shield

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#I_Now feel my spirit sees prosperity internally realizing immaculate treasures are within me maturing enterprising wizardry trusting my supernatural nous that energizes my brainpower coloring my brainprowess with healthy wealthy imagery of I AM a beautiful blessing​ boldly living everyday splendor stupendously innovating nirvana gumption brightly shining my divine heart’s hellraiser’s elegant ardor temerity stimulating [...]

Center of My Universe

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#Good_Day_I_Opened my life to the now that enticed my heart to grasp the now is unknown for me unleashed my soul’s savvy to grasp I listen to the universes frequencies of farseeing savvy facilitating my accomplished outcomes as I participate on beaches of wealthy health and healthy wealth feeling my internal abundances flow easily and [...]

Splendor of Surrender

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#I_Opened my inner cells of hellraisers spiritual maturity to grasp & admire my inner peace witnessing my prosperity pageantry that decrees my jubilees of free that energized my powerhouse of imaginative prowess that wowed me to trust my visionary versatility unleashing my voyagers veracity to see the world as my copious cornucopia basking in my [...]

Rainbow Lore

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#I_Escalated my innate potentate talents to feel my daredevil dexterity power up my sightseers savvy to fathom & admire my tranquil paradises extoll my heart harmonies singing my soul’s splendor to the world trusting my calm clarity that optimizes my life of Riley realizing and esteeming revolutionary imaginative lithe yazzapizzazzes my animated avenues of nunow [...]

Bewildered Brilliance

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#I_Feel my emotions images of health wealth love & success bless my inner landscape with rainbow lore coloring my inner scenery with innocent serenity that allows me to sense calm tranquility of me flow thru my physical world that whirls copious cornucopia to me mature my walk on my beaches of bountiful bliss that kisses [...]

Happy Fourth of July 2020

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#Happy_Fourth_of_July that lets fly the spry wise of our founding mothers and father that liberated the United States energizing a new way of classy sovereignty with Constitutional Rights brightening our paths of peace paving our roads of riches we enjoy today because our military men and women have traveled the world liberating countries and the [...]