Blameless Bliss

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Blameless Bliss I now feel my core gusto glory beaming my blameless bliss and shameless bliss because I kiss the bliss hug the harmony feel the fervor ardor flow… Through my arteries of autonomy setting my free to feel revolutionary elegance enterprise me myself and I as now grasp bliss is feeling sassy… Sovereignty beaming [...]

Stop Trying to Eradicate Fear

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Stop Trying to Eradicate Fear I asked me… What inspired me more I expand through fears discovering ultramodern acumen that hides inside my fears or I eradicate fear? I now grasp trying eradicate fears alienate that experience making me think I was never good enough instilling hidden distrust in my abilities until now… As I [...]

Power of No

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Power of NO   I asked me… How is No a stand alone response setting me free from everything I never desire to experience?   I now admire and respect the power of NO yet I realize for No to maintain unconquerable courage to never…   Answer a why question or any question after saying [...]

Head Up Eyes Onward

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Head Up Eyes Onward Read as you wrote it. Good Day Mondays sunrise geysers my new day of dreamers audacity yessing my enterprising inspirations to rise… From within me like the sun over the Grand Tetons unsheathes my pioneering spirit to witness my day of splendor with a smile from soul… With harp music playing [...]

Expectations are My Quitters Quarrels

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  Exceptions are My Quitters Quarrels I asked me… How are my expectations my quitters quarrels l within me myself and I? Unbolted my new bold self-discipline to grasp… Expectations have me thinking about my outcomes but without action responsibilities and accountability to my accomplished outcomes with… My feelings and emotions lazing around on my [...]

Releasing Can’t and Won’t

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Release Can’t and Won’t I asked me… How is can’t and won’t a fear of doing things to make peoples lives easier and my life better? I now realize I contained vain… Enslaving codes that nagged me into loudmouth bully thinking I must be in charge of everything was my veiled vanity created my barriers… [...]

Inaudible Invincible and Inspiration

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Inaudible Invincible and Inspiration I asked me… How did I disrespect my life’s immaculate innocent inaudible inspirations and invincible messages? Since I never trusted… My wizardry willpower to understand the universes scenery and worldly landscape hid the grandeur of my dreams desires and… Gifted outcomes from me until now as I now concede I was [...]

Dissolving My Inner Gossiper Goop

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Dissolving My Inner Gossiper Goop Infinite gall opened my valorous gumption to understand admit and admire gossiping is a dream stealer self esteem cremator and life… Nemesis for the people being gossiped about and the gossiper as I now realize and concede a gossiper is lusting to fit in with… The in crowd and most [...]

Defeaters Dexterity

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Defeaters Dexterity Infinite Spirit through my super conscious defeaters dexterity I now realize respect and admire I expanded to be the w I desired to be… Through my animated agility I unsheathed my ascending audacity to appreciate my newfound felicity of who I am swiftly electrified… My inpowered inlightenmint to feel my sweet neat fortes [...]