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#Good_Day #My_Sunrise_Mirrors my imaginative spirit rising within me to experience everyday with enterprising bliss kissing my day with daredevil audacity yazzawowing my sunlit wit to laser thru the dark of my day lights up my unsoiled savvy to waltz out of the core of my challenges styling my NewNow avows my awesome vibrancy optimizes warrior [...]

Flowerish Bliss

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#I_Now understand new occurs every second of everyday opening the way for me to hear new airwaves of brilliance to enhance my sun lit wit energizes my grit get and go to throw a prosperity party in my honour today & everyday in every way as I show me I Am a celebrated champion riding [...]

Unselfish Bliss

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#I_Now claim new wisdom today & everyday in every way as I expand out of learning to expand of wisdom I claim my wisdom to accelerate my intuitive wit to celebrate my life’s adventurous innovative mysteries that freed me from my chicken clucking stuck in the muck so I opened my eyes to my life’s [...]

Sprightly Lighting

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#My_Spirit essence energizes soul sovereignty escalating new ceremonious extravaganzas as I now realize and admire life is to be celebrated thru all gamuts galvanizing adventurous moxie unleashing travelers savvy to understand life expresses nomadic nirvana for me to expand energize and enterprise all phases of my amazing life thriving of wisdom innovation and talent showcasing [...]

Yazzadapper Now

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#I_Turned_On my light of life letting fly inspiration fascinating eternity with my now wininity wowing intergalactic nirvana invigorating now ingenuity intuiting trailblazer yazzawizardry that jazzes up my expanding thru situations with sassy imaginative tenacity​ trendsetting everything now accelerating ceremonious ​intimacy tilliatting yes to all my lavish endless cashflow beaming my divine self showing everybody love [...]

Happy New Year 2020

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#Happy_New_Year unleashes my yearning expanding affluent riches to flow from my heart sanctions my soul 2 send out unselfish love lighting up the heavenly skies with spry wizardry freeing the world from yesterday understanding & admiring everyday is awakening to the imaginative prowess of me maturing enterprising wizardry decrees my to dance everyday expressing canny [...]

Spirit Speaks

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#Good_Day #I_Feel sunrise in me magnificently energizes my Christmas Spirit to beam esteemed tranquility thru the earths airwaves unfettering my heart to harmonize everyday artistry revering thaumaturgy reveries as thaumaturgy turns on my miracles & magic of Christmas Gifts I give and receive as I open my soul splendor to say Thank You to all [...]

I Appreciate Myself

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#Good_Day #My_Christmas Cheer flows through my veins of vibrancy energizing intrinsic nirvana stimulating my arteries of autonomy frees me to spreads Merry Christmas Joy through the world because I now understand peace begins within me spreading peace to others in bright way showing people communication opens the heart allowing the soul to express inpowered inspirations [...]

I Am Bold

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#Merry_Christmas ​#I_Feel my Christmas Spirit alive and thriving celebrating harmonious resplendence invigorating spectacular tithings magnificently appreciating splendid Christmas Cheer filling the earths airwaves with peace & prosperity for all admiring all people for who they are​ as I now realize and admit life is filled individualism I see me in others good bad and indifferent [...]

Imaginative Grit

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#Good_Day #My_Spirit awakened my rainbow brilliance as my heart colors the world with poetic peace I feel my souls splendor blow breezes of easy street feats for all to treasure as I realize and admire all people are my treasures of unique utopian lore to expand me thru life lighting up my trails of triumph [...]