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Wowing Inspiration

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#I_Unleashed my heart hutzpah to let fly my wise that whooshes imaginative spectaculars energizing geysers of colorful charismatic oomph that lightning bolts enlightened felicity across the skies wiping out all the negative BS of today beaming poetic peace to all appreciating life’s luxurious leisure as I feel my soul’s splendor rise and shine within me [...]

Numen Nerve

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#Good_Day #I_Now understand & esteem all my personal growth is about liberating me from me grasping a life experienced and lived in the now is free of memory because my memory is yesterday’s exampled life as the now unexampled & unknown celebrations frees todays treasures ​for me to enjoy as I bask of lavish luxury [...]

Heart Strength

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#Good_Day #I_feel my sovereign powers & heart strengths united turning on my light of lore loving the mystique of my unique sunrise wise that shines my rays of revolutionary acumen yazzawows my stupendous moviemaker mystic unlocks my innermost magic magnetizes my miracles opening my soul to receive all my lavish endless flow of fame and [...]

Honour and Integrity

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#Good_Day #I_Feel alive untying the lies of my internal sabotage that lights up my ubiquitous bliss illuminating the heavens with rainbows colorfully skywriting kevalin ingenuity electrifying sassy lightning bolts of brilliance opens the universes heart to harmonize elegant extravaganzas for me celebrate my inner liberation living intrinsically bold energizing revolutionary adventurous travels invigorating optimists nirvana [...]

Sassy Perspicacity

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#Good_Day #I_Feel my sunny self-worth beam my unconquerable willpower actuates my inspiration & wisdom that expands energizes & enterprises my intrinsic gumption that glorified unfathomable magic poetically tantalizes inventive optimistic nirvana awakened my debonair flair dares me to stroll of enthralling inlightenmint sensing my sweet stupendous winners essence extolling trailblazer brilliance to understand and admire [...]

Futuristic Opportunistic

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#Good_Day_I_Freed me from societal slime unleashed my divine daredevilry to realize and admit I AM healthy because of my wealth of willpower to turn on my stouthearted stamina inspires my inspirational fortitude unsheathed my sassy fortitude to tell that virus to go to well as I the virus disappears in the fires of hell opening [...]

Warriors Ears

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#I_liberated my luminary innovative brilliance energizing revolutionary acuity tantalizing engendering daredevilry realizing and admitting to expand of new I naturally electrify willpower turning on my omniscient nirvana feeling my lightsight emotions enterprise my optimists trendsetter innovative omnificence nobly streaming my esteemed self confidence through me masterfully expanding my core wherewithal to the wealth of wisdom [...]

Standing Ovation

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#Good_Day_I_Now feel my energizing strength to lift all people to rise above the challenges of today with trailblazing optimism dawning audacious yazzawow pow propelling omnipotent preeminence to flow thru people’s veins of vitality clearing away all dismay today as we energize new heavenly heydays understanding and admiring our blood flows healthily through all as every [...]

Hell Bent for Election

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#I_Witness my hearts sunrise coloring my life with rainbows of riches liberating me to feel majestic elegance dance thru my veins of fame feeling awesome magically energizing my life with luminary inspirational felicity extravagantly treasuring my life of liberated luxury shows me my spiritual maturity because I detached from my material chattels controlling my life [...]

Appreciation and Receive

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#Good_Day_I_Fantastically feel my appreciation for life ascends prospering prowess revolutionizing everyday celebrations invigorating adventurous trailblazing optimism nervily energizes my willpower to receive of gratitude saying thank you to the unknown for my lavish abundances opens the way for me to play on beaches of bountiful everything applauding ceremonious heydays everyday spectacularly setting in my rocking [...]