Galloping Giddy

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#I_Experienced a first today as life awakened me instead of me waking to life so life energized me to sassily stroll of sassy tenacity revolutionizing luminary lore to feel & hear the mystery of life light up my giddy gumption to admire the invisible wizardry of me maturing every way being okay with life’s everyday escapades because life wakened my trendsetting troublemaker moxie to understand my habits were my stubborn saboteurs that created all my self doubting debris so I am free today to fly so wise geysering galvanizing enterprising yazzawow savvy revolutionizing imaginative nunow genius to understand and admire life is tutor of trailblazer utopian triumph optimizing rabble rousing resolve to evolve out of every situation feeling rich robust trust of adventurers abilities and my daredevil dexterity expressing my rare breed creeds of classy sassy sexy sovereignty now and forever more life wakens me to be free…

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