Harvested My Inner Hurts

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Harvested My Inner Hurts

I now harvest my inner hurts with my combine of divine candidly opening mimicking BS instantly naturally emancipating omnipotent…

Fervor calmly intuiting verve innovating new effrontery decrees to I free me myself and I internally by separating my wheat of neat feats…

Naturally energizing animated talents feelings emotions autonomously titillating sassy tenacity kick my chap my ass crap right out the door…

Because I heroically harvested my inner hurts by shucking the muck allowed me to instantly stop flip flopping putting on false front of…

I’m tuff that was my egotistical bluff ducking addressing my hidden funk until now as I now realized admit respect and admire…

I shamelessly unfunked my hidden gunk to harvest the harmonizing acumen revering visionary enterprising savvy tantalizing…

The trendsetting wizardry that hide inside the core of the hardcore crap because I showed me my gut gall to experience it all…

So I briskly and cheekily penetrated the crust of cantankerous rancor reaping the fruits of my foresight ignites a new bright sensations…

Of expansionism inside me is spiritual maturity inciting stupendous moxie instantly stimulating majestic trust of my trailblazing abilities…

As I now understand admire and respect detach with panache I swiftly unhooked the my tentacles of torment unlinking my pity me thinking…

Unknotted my tumultuous thoughts and blemished memories within me unleashing detached panache open the latch on cells of hells…

That imprison my hurt feelings wounded emotions and all my hidden innermost pain to understand detach is walking through the thorns…

Of scorn with thatching tenacity to eradicate the indignant rants and hissy prissy antagonist internal tormentor and tyrant that hold me…

Hostage internally because I now realize I look my nullifying narcissism in the eye with valiant candor the quickly quiver and…

Expire taking all their dire ire across the river instantly I light a fire of fervent inspirational revolutionary electricity erases my scars…

Of self criticism sanctions me unlatch my gate of innate potentate prowess to thatch my patches of ragweed of need thistles of lack and…

Creeping jenny memories of my internal antagonists to promptly realize I affectionately query my gloomy emotions distressed…

Feelings and my bodies hidden fury I free unfathomable resolve yessing the resilient blessing of me honouring me myself and I…

Because I uncovered and discovered my innermost gold mine divine dancing daring dreamers illuminated immaculate innocence vibrantly…

Visioning visionary imagination intuits innovations nuancing natural nirvana epiphanies enterprising everyday heydays of geyser…

My wiser wizardry as I feel my glorious gusto glow from within me setting me and all people free to treasure life’s simple pleasures…

Treasuring today and everyday in every way under grace of embraced love and appreciation now and forever more…

Thank You and I Love and Appreciate Me Myself and I and My Life To Love and Appreciate You and All People just as they are…

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Thank You

With Unselfish Love Flowing From My Heart and a Beaming Sassy Smile From My Soul

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