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#My_Spirit awards me w unique trails of turmoil that open my heart brain communication magnetizes the earth’s frequencies of fancy free sprees of easy street living loving everyday b/c my spirit savvy grasps my animated acumen & dexterous daredevilry as I grin & win with innovative nere to expand out of whatever stopped serving me to expand of omnific fortitude that optimizes my magnetic persona to magnets the universes aura of financial freedom because I now understand and admire the more I let go of my thinking and knowing opens clever clairvoyance to dance with my zillionaire flair that dared me to step up and step out and float above my life sensing my supernatural prowess that wows my magical mojo to instantly deliver my lavish endless avalanches of moneyed up abundances now and forever more I soar like an eagle in the earth’s airwaves ravishing riches #Good_Afternoon

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