Power of No

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Lights of Inlightenmint
I now feel my lights of inlightenmint
luminate my sweet innermost
innocence to rumba with rebellious
resplendence within me…

Power of NO


I asked me… How is No a stand alone response setting me free from everything I never desire to experience?


I now admire and respect the power of NO yet I realize for No to maintain unconquerable courage to never…


Answer a why question or any question after saying NO because i now realize no is a stand alone response…


With inaudible power of NO is the key freeing me from pleasing the world jail cell of envious hell I put…


Myself thru because I was afraid to vigorously say NO because I was worried about making the other person…


Mad and thinking will never be friend was my self taught taunting timid torment all crossed the river…


Today tantalizing optimistic determination appreciating Yazzajazz of NO clears my gut gumption admiring and…


Respect no shows my seafaring splendor of New Opportunities as sail into my ports of plush prosperity…


Embellishing and relishing the pristine peace of NO as numen optimism of intrepid sassy moxie forever more…

The Inlightenmint of NO


Natural Optimism


Nirvana Opulence


New Opportunities


Numen Omnipotence


Noble Omniscience


Native Omnificence


Nervy Oomph


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