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#My_Sunrise praised me for my nowborn nous that I AM good enough just the way I AM as I expand thru life lionizing internal felicity enjoy life with gleaming glorious gusto as my adventurous audacity shines from my heart harmonizing my soul’s spiritual optimism opens prosperous trendsetting innovation magically imagining supernatural mystique to rise from within me setting me free to feel rich enterprising epiphanies flow through my imagination that entertains my brain to bright revolutionizes adventurous intuitive nirvana
To flow through my veins of fame feeling amazing miracles entertain my inventors witted grit get and go to understand and admire I encompass the wisdom inspiration and talent stroll through my challenges and chaos with outlaw optimism of inside me I see magic awaken me to be free and sovereign today and everyday in every way under grace of gratitude and appreciation now and forever more I soar of smiling omnific acumen as I ascend through life with a grin of Iwon #Good_Afternoon
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