Are You Accepting Who You Are Right Now?

Do you spend more time trying to figure out and run somebody else’s affairs rather than your own life? Accepting who you are right now means you accept your life as it without paying attention to your life situations.

To move your life forward, deciding who you are is one of the processes.

  1. Who are you right now?
  2. Are you looking at your own life instead of looking around at somebody else’s? It is easier to look at other people faults and shortcomings.
  3. How do you accept yourself right now?

Accepting who you are doesn’t mean you like who you are. It does give you a place to start looking at what you accept right now, what you can live with for right now and everything you want to throughout. Letting go of what you don’t want is one process to start with your new life.

What do you accept today?

  1. Acceptance is a starting reference point like a stream into a river.
  2. Starting is a challenge in this because everything is an unknown quantity.
  3. Never starting is like going through life and never eating chocolate.

Comparing people is egotistical sham used in the world today that destroys people’s self-esteem and confidence. It is a negative motivator used by society.

How have you been compared to something or somebody at junctures of your life?

  1. Comparing you to somebody puts you on a merry-go-round of low self-esteem and destroys your confidence.
  2. People that compare people usually have low self-esteem and an out of control ego.
  3. People with out of control ego’s love to think they can destroy others run their lives by using arrogance to cover up all their own shortcomings.
  4. Accepting your shortcomings turns them in to an ally in your life.

Accepting yourself as you are opens up your life to anything you decide you want to be or do. Acceptance starts in motion a process of elimination and allowing the new you to start showing up as you want to be scene. Accepting is “wisdom taking the reins of your life”. Be kind and gentle to yourself in all facets of your life. Then ask for all you want in your life in all facets.

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