You think every idea every thought and everything you choose to do should have the result exactly the way you want it to be. When things don’t end up the way you want it you get mad brood and strike out at everything or somebody.

The ego creates thought patterns where you have to be right all the time.

Every bad idea and every bad break, idea and negative ending stays in your mind and keeps the ego fear factor operating in the same life pattern everyday. Your life is determined by how you deal with adversity and move on from today’s challenges.

Detaching from your current situation creates new opportunities to flow into your life. Your friends, family and many other things enter into your everyday life.

How do your family, friends and all the other things play out in your everyday life?

You have to decide who and what is good for you and detach from all the rest.

All your life you hear about what is wrong with you or why you can’t do something. Detaching from all the elements in your life that are holding you in the same life patterns are yours to let go. Cast away all bondages, fears, barriers and negativity in your life you are now free.

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