You can choose to be grateful for where you are in life or you can be dissatisfied with your life situation.

Being dissatisfied with your life situation creates more hostility. You have a lot to grateful for in your life. Learn how to look at the positive.


Forgiveness is releasing you from the situation that is causing pain and anger in your life. You carry grudges and other forms of negativity about things that have been done to you or you have done to others.

How do you move past this stuff inside you?

Is there anything in your past or present you would like to be forgiven about?

Life happens with events transpiring that you couldn’t do anythingabout at the time and somebody got hurt. Also, some people love to see other people hurt and in pain so that they feel like they are in control. Be grateful for who you are and everything you have.

At the end of each day write 10 things you were grateful for that day.

I have done both gratitude and forgiveness in my life through different methods such as writing a forgiveness letter, affirmations, and other methods. To be free in your life you have to be free on the inside. The you will be free on the outside. By clearing out the negative thought’s you allow new thoughts and positive outcomes to manifest in your life.

Forgiveness releases you from emotional turmoil.

Gratefulness is peace with who you are.

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