The following is an excerpt from Rob’s book, Wired for Change by a Journeyman.

Fear is also another form of low self-esteem. It is the thief of your dreams and your abundance that God and the universe has for you. Fear keeps us all in our comfort zone. Fear rises up when you listen more to other people, the media, newspapers, and news instead of your own inner voice. Fear lets other people control your life. Fear is what keeps you away from achieving the wealth and success you deserve.

Fear is control and pain. People do things out of fear of loss. Fear of loss is a great motivator. When you do something because of fear of loss, you don’t make clear, conscious decisions. Instead, you are making decisions with the ego mind instead of listening to your inner self.

RELAX! When you are supposed to have something in your life, it will manifest itself as you desire it or as you ask for it. Companies and sales people try to sell you a bill of goods that if you don’t buy their product today, it will not be there tomorrow. This is a fear tactic. Consumer products are made every day. Patience and knowledge are your best friends when making a decision about buying something.

Fear of loss comes from the “I have to have it now” generation. When my ex-wife and I first bought our house and had other payments as well, I always tried not to make any waves at work. I lived in fear of not being able to make my payments. I was afraid to change jobs or to say what was on my mind. I worked with people I really didn’t care for, and I put up with their attitudes and behavior.

First of all, I chose to work with and for people I didn’t like working with. Therefore, they didn’t do anything to me. I did everything in my own mind and to myself.

What I really didn’t do was to ask myself good questions. People in high-ranking jobs try to use fear and intimidation to control their workforce. The workers live in fear of losing their jobs. When you live in fear of your position, this puts a lot of pressure on your family and all facets of your life.

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