The following is an excerpt from Rob’s book, Wired for Change by a Journeyman.

People with low self-esteem usually have friends with low self-esteem. Your core beliefs come from friends and family. Let go of your old beliefs and see a bright new future. There is a positive new you just waiting to burst out. Put your trust in God and the universe and let the abundance flow. With love and light you will replace all of the old beliefs. There will be new friends and people will have a new respect for you. You will attract new people into your life. Your family, friends, and people will see you in a new light and with new respect.

In order to overcome low self-esteem problems you really have to change your “self talk” in your head as well as your actions. I found the best way to start the change is with subliminal tapes and affirmation. This will help you change the way you think about yourself.

Everything you need to enhance your life is inside of you. You have to believe to achieve. You start believing in yourself and watch your life start to flow. Confidence comes from inside of you; it’s an inner journey.

We all have to learn to block out the material world and follow our hearts. People who tell you that you can’t be successful and wealthy want to stay in their comfort zone and don’t want anyone else to succeed. I avoid being around such people, and instead, surround myself with people who want to grow and succeed.

That chatterbox in your head that always says you can’t do this or that is something you have to overcome. Positive self-talk is the best way for you to start. The programming you have had has been playing in your head since your childhood. Remember, it has taken you all of your life to get where you are today. You can’t change your though process overnight. The process of change is like eating a good steak, one bite at a time, and enjoying the process.

Be gentle and patient with yourself. Take small steps/bites in the beginning. Confidence will come as your learn your lessons.

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