Time is a commodity you take for granted, you are granted a short time here on earth how do you want to spend your time?

Wasting time is wasting your life.

Dream and Idea Stealers

  1. Television
  2. Procrastination
  3. Your Ego (Ego is edging greatness out – having to be right all the time and being a know it all.)
  4. Using a negative vocabulary or already visualizing a negative outcome before something happens.
  5. Trying to stay the same or being afraid of change.
  6. Hate and anger being unforgiving.
  7. Living and regretting your past
  8. Dwelling on lack of anything. (Money, skills to better your self-etc.)
  9. Allowing others to manipulate you (Not Saying No when you want to)
  10. Idolizing people instead of just learning from them
  11. Comparing yourself to others or allowing yourself to be compared to others.
  12. Blaming others
  13. Addictions (Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs etc.)
  14. Waiting for somebody else to do things for you.
  15. Refusing to take responsibility for your life. (EXCUSES)
  16. Lying or cheating to get ahead, refusing to look in the mirror for your own good. Who is going to nurture your spirit, unleash your potential, and open your mind? Guess who? Look in the mirror.
  17. Debt
  18. Gossip, condemning, criticizing, complaining, and whining about others and yourself
  19. Being jealous of someone else’s good fortune.
  20. Looking for a hand-out and not be willing to do for yourself.

Give somebody a fish: they eat for a day – teach somebody to fish: they eat every day.

What is your choice?

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