May your gifts be bountiful and plentiful as you are a bountiful gift to the universe.

The eagles prepare for a storm by sitting on a perch as high as they can. As the storm begins, the eagles put their wings out allowing them to glide above the fray of the storm.

What if you could:

By giving your attention to challenges, you overlook the opportunities in your challenges. Personal, financial and spiritual growth occurs when your eyes, mind, heart, soul, spirit and body are wide open to attaining knowledge through adversity and challenges in your life. Allowing yourself to let go of looking back and looking ahead to see what you should do or what somebody else thinks you should do therefore you are consciously living in the present moment.

This moment is all you have in life with you doing everything you can in this moment accepting and paying attention to only what is going on in your life. Whatever you are doing, such as having coffee with a friend, that is all your life is at that second. Simplify your thoughts simplify your life.

The eagle glides above challenges but we as human beings panic and focus upon the worst scenario of our challenges and adversity. The eagle deals with the chaos of a storm presented to them by soaring above the fray.

The human ego and mind creates a mirage of turmoil inside you as you move through a challenge; your ego has you sinking deeper into the challenge just like a person sinking into quicksand soon buried to the neck because of struggle. As the turmoil inside you increases you become panic stricken making your outside world in turmoil. Then you tell somebody and they say things which increase your turmoil instead of you quieting your mind to allow the challenge to have purpose in your life.

The path to dissolving and growing in any life-learning lesson is to see that the opportunity comes from within you. As a human being from childhood to present we are trained and taught to spotlight the challenge while wallowing in self-pity instead of flying above it.

You can simplify the challenge by saying “I accept what it is. It is what it is and I allow all the negativity to flow through me without having any affect on me” and “what, when, how and where is the opportunity in this challenge”. Simplify your challenges and adversity.

Life is like a flat tire – you can make as big a challenge out of the flat tire as you want. However, the bottom line is that the flat tire has to be changed. Nothing more. Your ego loves to blow little challenges into gigantic challenges rather than allow you fly above the challenge or adversity with you being free of the negative aspects of the challenge.

Throughout your life people love to make your challenges bigger than their own to make themselves feel good about their life by making you feel squeamish about your life, which is a false sense of security on their part. When you simplify your life, challenges generate less havoc in your life allowing you to move on quicker with a greater learning as you open your mind and eyes to the universe as a gigantic playground of opportunity.

In adversity, there is opportunity and in opportunity, there is adversity. Eagles know how to flow over the adversity to look at the fray of the storm as a playground and to soar. The eagle soars above the earth and can spot their prey then swoop down with vengeance latching on to the prospect of their food for the day. The eagle has keen eyesight for its opportunities for food. An eagle soars above the storms and the earth spots its food source then swoops down to grab it. As a human beings we have a fear factor in our minds that soaring above the fray of our life to grasp financial, personal and spiritual rewards is risky. We have the fear of failure and what other people will think, which is old worn out beliefs installed in you throughout your life.

Success, wealth and prosperity come from the opportunities you choose to pursue by being detached to the outcome and with vigor never giving up on your dreams, goals, and desires. Success, wealth and prosperity occur when you are willing to be the eagle soaring out of your comfort zone to open you eyes, heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to receiving knowledge from all sources in the universe. Wealth, success and prosperity take sacrifice as a fallacy because success, wealth and prosperity subsist by your openness to receive and attain knowledge and apply the knowledge to your life in all phases.

Eagles are unique and majestic, just as you’re unique and majestic by opening your eyes, mind, soul, spirit, heart, and body to soar above the fray of your everyday life. Open your eyes, mind, heart, body, soul and spirit to know you are worthy and deserving to soar as an eagle to live your dreams, goals and desires in lavish affluent abundance. How will you dare to dream to be the eagle soaring to live your dreams?

In your life today:

Here are three affirmations:

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