How do you fear saying no? How is being a crime stopper like saying no? Crime stoppers says no to crime just like when you say no to something you choose not to do. When you don’t say no to unwelcomed endeavor you have no desire to be involved with and say yes. Saying yes to an undesirable endeavor is like a tooth ache it hurts until it is extracted or until the endeavor is done. How do you regret saying yes? How do you keep saying yes to undesirable endeavors?

By saying yes to that undesirable endeavor you are saying no to your free time, dreams and desired life. Yes cuts down on their grief however it inflates your grief. Once you do something for somebody they are like a bear at the salmon stream they just keep coming back for more of your free time. Bears keep coming back to the salmon until the salmon quit running. Who are the time stealers in your life? Saying no is a choice of freedom. How do you feel when you say no to someone?

Once you start to explain your reasons for saying no you open the debate that weakens your posture in the situation and then the other person plays on your feelings emotions and brings up what they have done for you in the past to make you feel guilty. Friends, family, coworkers, bosses, etc have an inbred knack for laying a guilt trip upon you because of your willingness to help them in their endeavors which creates doubt in your persona. How do you feel you have to explain your reasons for saying no?

Your circle of acquaintances knows just what buttons to push to get you to say yes to involve yourself in unwelcome endeavors. Do you doubt yourself when you say no? Do you feel you have to explain your choice for saying no in order to feel complete with your choice? Who knows how to lay a guilt trip upon you to get you to do anything they want you to do?

No means you choose not to enter into that particular situation with that person and nothing more. When somebody says no to you they are choosing not to enter into your situation. What makes you feel uncomfortable when you say no? How will saying no allow you to be your own crime stopper?

Do you fear saying no because you feel worse than the person you said no to. Saying no is a new concept in people that are willing to help everybody that needs it. Needy people feed off people that are willing to do the right thing. Needy people say I need and get angry when other people don’t heed to their every whim. No relates to life two ways one your endeavor isn’t for them or their endeavor isn’t for you. Do you get angry when you are told no?

Isn’t “no” just a word that stimulates emotions and feelings from your past experiences making your response positive or negative in your consciousness? No is a word of choice just like the word yes is a choice. However no puts different stimuli into your emotions feelings and into your thought processes. How do past and present emotions feelings and past experiences become aroused when you are told no? How do your past and present experiences emotions and feelings become awakened when you say no?

People never make a person clarify a yes but people are like hound dogs when somebody says no. You don’t have to give a reason for saying no except I said no. People play on the good heartedness of people when somebody tells them no. How do you play on the heartedness of people when you are told no? How do people play on your good heartedness when you say no?

From the womb to present you have probably heard the word no and you can’t do that more than any words in you life. Do you feel these words have diminished your willingness to take action on your dreams and desired life? The word no has a numbing affect on your thoughts and actions. Just like crime stopper programs has some affect on crime. Do you allow a no to detour you from moving your life skyward?

What affect does the word no have on your psyche? People feel rejected when they are told no which ignites feeling and emotions that they aren’t good enough the person doesn’t like them in their egotistical judgment or in tsunami negative insecurities. Crime stoppers are about preventing crime just like saying no prevents you from entering into a distasteful situation. When and how do you enter into distasteful situations?

Secure people understand no is part of life insecure people are left cowering when they are told no. Secure people understand that their endeavor isn’t for whomever or whatever says no to them and they move on. While insecure people have wave after wave of nonconstructive thoughts come into their consciousness after hearing a no. Are you insecure or secure when being told no? How will you be secure in your life when you hear no?

After saying no to someone they always want you to give them an explanation however you don’t owe them an explanation because you made a choice. When you make a choice about your time and your life nobody has the right to try to make you change your choice. Human beings have a severe struggle with minding their own affairs however a secure person minds his/her business because they understand who they are. Do you mind your own business? Are you secure in your choices in your life?

Human beings love to lay a guilt trip on you by telling you what they have done for you in the past. When somebody does something for you and expects a pay back later they really aren’t a person of moral values. How do you feel when you make a choice someone in your circle friends or family don’t like?

How do you allow people to infiltrate your choices to make you create a choice they want you to make rather than the choice you desire to make? Human beings love challenging your choices because when they get you to move away from your choice they feel they are superior in intellect. The truth of the matter is you are insecure in you choice making abilities. How do you allow people to maneuver you off your choices?

When you are asking somebody to do something even before you ask do you have a preconceived notion about them saying yes? However after you ask them they say no do you go into turmoil emotionally and your feelings are because you already had them saying yes in your mind. Do you have preconceived notions before you ask somebody? How do preconceive notions work for you?

You probably stew in your emotional upset for a second then either you walk away with your head down, get angry, or you verbally assault them. People have the choice to enter into your experience or walk away without remorse. How do your emotions stew when you are told no when you already have a yes in your mind without question?

When you tell somebody no and their egotistical selfishness overcomes their common sense and they verbally abuse you they really aren’t a friend they are a user and abuser of your good heartedness. An ethical person can be told no without repercussions and be the same even though they are disappointed. How do you feel after you have berated somebody for nothing such as just saying no?

However an egotistical manic will almost go into convulsions of anger and hate from past experiences because it brings up all their insecurities and fear that resides inside their persona. The more irate somebody becomes because they heard the word no the more unselfconfident they are in their spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and personal persona. How will you allow yourself to say no or be told no and be mature enough to allow it to be as it is?

Crime stoppers is about crime prevention just like saying no is to keep you away from somebody stealing your time, doing something you don’t want to do which allows the other person to know how to manipulate you into doing something they don’t want to do now and in the future. No means time freedom for you to stop allowing people to steal the time you require for your own creative genius to be generating your desired life. How does entering into somebody else’s life disengage you from living your dreams?

Saying no with dignity and without malice is confidence while saying no with malice just to make somebody suffer is a disheartened selfishness. No means No. How come people want you to justify your reasoning for saying no is because they understand once you start explaining your reasoning opens the door for them to move you away from a stern no to a disdainful yes on your part. When have you said no because you wanted somebody to suffer?

Saying no goes against a human desire of wanting to help other people however most of the time the person asking is has an emotional attachment that they are owed something because of who they are and there current circumstances. People are in their current circumstances do to choices they have made throughout life just like somebody saw a crime and didn’t report because they didn’t want to get involved. How are you afraid to get involved in your life?

It is harder for people to hide behind suffering than to live inside wealth because the person hiding behind suffering is afraid to invite the challenges that occur to live on the border line of success and failure. Chaos is challenge, challenge is confusion, and confusion is unrefined wisdom waiting to be processed for you to enter into a life of Nirvana. Are you confused or suffering? Are you open willing and receptive to being confused to live a life of Fantasy?

Accepting failure is saying no to wealth and prosperity. People that hide behind suffering are saying no to their creative genius. Suffering is a crime stopper because the person is saying no to themselves therefore they say no to all their divine good. What is your divine good?

What do you have to expand through to say no to suffering become the crime stopper in your life? Saying no to somebody that you feel is Icon begins a set of emotions and thoughts that what will him/her think of me now. What are the reasons you give damn what an Icon or any person thinks about you because they were out for their gain through your pain? How do human beings live their fears?

Look at life this way: as long as an Icon or somebody is talking about you your life is more exciting than theirs and they are leaving everybody else alone.

People that encompass egotistical value and diminished spiritual wherewithal usually are flimflam people with no conscious or moral values. When somebody throws a fit when you say no isn’t a person of substance. Family always thinks you owe them your time however your free time is your free time. How does not saying no eliminate your free time?

When you allow people to steal your free time is that because you want to help them, afraid to say no or isn’t so you don’t have to spend time with yourself? How do you avoid spending time with yourself? Busy bodies usually use being busy to hid from discovering who they are? Being a busy body is insecurity. Are you hiding from your authenticity?

To discover and unleash who you are you have to release and let go of who you think you are. How do you allow saying no be a weakness instead of a strength? Saying no rather than doing something you wanted to do but was afraid to do it is a weakness. How will you release and let go of who you think you are?

I do this rather than get out of my comfort zone therefore sometimes I watch the crime rather than get involved. I do this with certain things in my life. You know I am very confident in who I am however being involved in my expansion I can be cowardice when I say no. No is a significant word that can be used to create excuses. How do you say no to create excuses to stay hid in our mundane world?

By writing this and allowing the universe to read this I open my wherewithal to expand into participating in my life. No is easy to hide behind either to stay busy or stay inside a comfort zone. However saying no to people you are always doing a favor for is a positive no. By disengaging their control over you allows you to interject your resolve as a crime stopper in your own endeavors. How can you do your endeavors when you are doing things for other people?

No is a unique word because it stops negative outcomes and positive outcomes because human beings are ingrained with thought processes that negative outcomes are expected and positive outcomes aren’t deserved. How do you fear positive outcomes?

No stops negative outcomes because it disallows you from entering into experiences you have no desire being involved with. It stops you from entering positive outcomes because you say no to experiences that make you uncomfortable internally that will expand your resolve. How do you say no to positive outcomes?

Human beings fear positive forecasts. From cradle to grave human beings are inundated with negative forecasts just look at the current financial squabble. No would have served a purpose there by saying no to low wages, ideologies, free trade and greed at the top of the ladder. How will you say no to negative outcomes?

There is a global recession and there is a global epidemic of negative posturing while the real epidemic is a lack of crisp parvenu ideas. Because people are stuck in a mindset of don’t fail by doing something out of the ordinary look good and be safe while allowing outside sources to be the dictator of their life experiences. Who and what dictates your life? What is your extraordinary idea?

Saying no to poverty consciousness is a parvenu concept to the human being because powers to be use labor of impoverished people to create wealth in their life. It is easier to say no to wealth than anything because wealth causes challenges while poverty is a challenge everyday to survive. How will you allow you to challenge wealth to be deep-seated in your life?

Saying no to poverty stops crime in its tracks. How do you allow no to stop you from interjecting your wisdom and grace into all facets of your life. When somebody says no to you do you freeze up or do you say thank you and move on. When somebody says no to you do you become emotional and hysterical losing your sense of reasoning and values?

No means you or whatever isn’t right for them at this time. Do you know it takes hearing something 50 times before it enters into your subconscious mind where your emotions and feelings and past experiences reside? Our institutionalized system which has ingrained our beliefs, thoughts, ideas, etc has people stuck in a mindset of saying no to wealth while saying yes to poverty. Do you see where our institutionalized system nullifies your creative genius?

An open heart, surging mind, radiating awareness, crisp parvenu images and your creative images release and let go of saying no to mental, spiritual, personal, emotional and financial sovereign robbers. By saying hello to your resolve that brings forth mental, spiritual, personal, emotional, and financial sovereignty through your creative wizardry. What is your life imagery?

Spoken words are powerful however written words and pictures with your face broadcasted all over them is poetry in motion to your all levels of your awareness. Place the pictures on a mirror with a purple backing. With a mirror as vision board you see yourself with your dreams embedding crisp new images in your sub conscious mind. The color purple relaxes the subconscious mind. When will you make your vision mirror?

What you can’t speak write or vision you can’t manifest however whatever you allow yourself to speak write or vision in your life you will manifest in abundance. Saying no to the mundane and hello to your desired life makes you the crime stopper in your life. What are you open willing and receptive to saying hello to in your life?

Poverty consciousness is a circumstance of events however disallowing yourself to expand out of poverty consciousness is a crime of unequaled magnitude in the human psyche. What are you willing to write speak and vision in your life?

Three questions:

Three affirmations:

Rob Wilson is a Licensed Neuro-Linguistic Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Time Line Success Coach, Parts Integration, Past Regression Specialist, Life Coach, Reiki Master, and a Published Author Author of the Book: Wired for a Change by a Journeyman. He has Nationally Published Articles and a Monthly Newsletter. He is a regular guest on the Stu Taylor Radio Shows “Equity Strategies and Business Talk and aware talk radio.”

Seminar: Cowboy Wisdom embarks you journey into financial spiritual personal and emotion sovereignty by activating wealth and success blueprints in business and people by converting chaos into confusion, confusion into wisdom. To energize your choices and pathways between your every day world, spiritual realms and allows you to reside inside sovereign opulent nirvana. By culminating your everyday life and your desired life that unleashes crisp parvenu wisdom to understand boundless financial, personal, spiritual, and emotional liberation in all facets to be the trailblazer of your life purpose opening the gates to your infinite cornucopia.

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