How does the earth’s gravity compare to the control you invoke in your daily life that keeps you entrenched in the same life situations achieving the same conclusions everyday in every way? Gravity is the force that keeps your feet stationed on the ground and control is a egotistical force that keeps you reliving the same story over and over again manifesting undesired conclusions.

You make decisions and responses that forward your expectations and wants disdaining your desires pertaining to the life you passionately desire to live. How do you allow your expectations to control your life situations and experiences? Gravity allows you to feel safe and secure for your time here on earth and control makes you think your are in the person in charge of your life. To have control of your life sends forth implications that you are afraid to live your life through asking for what you desire.

To entertain thoughts you have control over your life raises your expectations however, when those expectations aren’t achieved through your wanted avenues arouses your angst and other forms of darkness in your life. Expectations are a false sense of moving your life forward. Instead, you are creating a reactive negative process of darkness such as anger, jealousy, envy etc when situations don’t conclude the way you want.

It is like you wishing to fly from a standing position with the earth’s gravity holding you firmly on the ground. How does your egotistical tutoring imply you are in control of your life? How does your egotistical self-importance keep you cragfast (stuck) in your gravity of darkness? Being open and cognitive to understanding you don’t have any control allows you to craft choices and pathways freeing you of your mundane lifestyle. Allowing yourself to be disengaged from your expectations created from egotistical institutionalization beginning in your childhood to present frees you to attain wisdom from all sources in the universe.

From childhood to present something or somebody is corralling you to be like them, you wanting to be like them or for them to be like you. Our societal endowment has you engaged in their rat race of conquering through physical strength by disavowing your heart and inner essence. How would you exist without your heart? Societal bliss from conquering an opponent is a momentary chattel however, a core value chattel is heartfelt servitude in your sphere of harmonized gravity of grandeur. How will you allow core chattels to be expressed?

To control is to be governed by all including your egotistical self. To be sovereign is knowing you have no control sending forth a harmonizing vibration you will never be controlled sending a vibrational energy of courage and strength to stand in your prowess of emotional, financial, personal and spiritual liberation.

Decisions, solutions and answers are false factoids you grew up with. As you growing up you had to answer questions in school to your teachers that already had a preconceived answer. Then when you didn’t answer the way they choose then you were corrected by the teacher. After a while you quit raising your hand to be called upon or were called upon by the teacher with attention being brought to you with teacher emphasizing for the class to be like you. How do you feel about your school years? How do your school years affect your life today?

As you grew in years you quit raising your hand to ask for your desired life and settled for a mundane lifestyle. How does your school years control your creativity, imagination, and intuition today? Do you desensitize your emotions, creativity, imagination, etc from allowing your from inner prowess to speak out authorizing you to find your pathways and choices to live your desired life?

Do you control your creativity by disregarding your creative thoughts when they appear maintaining your status quo of looking good, being right and being safe from ridicule by others. Does controlling all of your stowed up potential falsify or enhance your existence today? How are you allowing others to dictate your existence? Focusing on anything that isn’t manifesting your desired life is you controlling your potential.

In life you search for answers, solutions and facts to make decisions by using the same sources that allowed you to achieve your life you live today. Making a decision, thinking you found an answer or solution is your egotistical tutoring creating a false sense of being right, looking good and being safe. You never have found a permanent solution or answer to any challenge, chaos or obstruction that keeps you moving your life forward.

You have never made a permanent decision only temporary decisions on anything in your life. Human beings grew up with a premonition that once a decision is made, a solution or answer is discovered they have overcome any particular situation only to discover they have to make a more decisions, find another solution, or answer for the same experience, situation, chaos or challenge by drawing wisdom from the same source of egotistical intelligence.

Egotistically you feel a decision made, solution or answer found you can use the same answer, or solution for everything pertaining to that situation. By using the identical decision, solution, or answer for every situation you control the result. That is how your story of your life has the same conclusions. Egotistically you feel once something is done it is done forever.

How would it feel for you to discover you have never found an answer, solution, or made a decision about anything in your life. Everything that has a permanent ending is your egotistical tutoring being the controlling facilitator of your life. Letting go of being right, being safe and looking good opens the way for you to craft choices and follow paths without feeling you have to control every move in your life.

Egotistical gravity is doing the same thing everyday in every way with you expecting different conclusions however, living through your open heart unleashes your boundless energy magnetizing your universe opening the way for you to receive and accept your unrestricted abundance everyday in every way under grace in a perfect way for your higher good.

Crafting a choice transpires by stepping back allowing your inner self, heart, mind, body, soul, spirit, and all your senses to be apparent in your process of motivating your life forward in a proactive positive orbit. By authorizing all spheres of your beingness to be present in your life you generate flexibility in your life. Sending forth vibrations from your heart allows your gravity to bring forth wisdom from all sources in your universe allowing you to be free to orbit in the gravity of your life’s path of infinite wealth.

Are you in control of your life? Nobody has control of their life. Human beings are intrinsically stuck in their egotistical tutoring that is deeply rooted in their psyche that maintains a grip and an expectation on their every movement affecting their life. With that dominate infliction of ingrained control you feel your life will be just the way you want it without stepping out of your comfort zone. Do you want a life or do your desire to live your life? Control is you wanting everything and everybody to do just want you want or they want you to do just want they want. The difference between want and desire is.

When you want something you are asking with limitation. When you desire something you are asking with passion. Expectations set forth your egotistical control mechanism dummying down the result means you are asking in a physical expression of what you want. Desire is passion which is boundless energy flowing into the universe manifesting your every whim with a prowess of courage and strength to live inside your passion.

When you want you are being timid in your asking therefore, your result will not match your expectations transforming into anger with negative feedback flowing into your universe. What ever vibrations your send out positive or negative which, vibration is dominate at that moment is the gravitating force in which, manifest your results.

By transmitting a negative dark feedback into the inertia of your universe. Your universe has burning desire to transmit back your desired outcome therefore, when you send out negativity your receive negative conclusions. Expectations stem from you wanting to control every movement of everything and everybody involved while at the same time everybody is wanting to control your every movement to create the outcome they want.

A wanted outcome is like earth without gravity. With everything, everybody and you wanting to control the process you manifest a stalemate with no movement in your desired result. Stagnation depletes energy flow deflating any possibility of you receiving your desired result. The truth is just like gravity you aren’t in charge of gravity and you aren’t in control of your life.

Life is what happens while you are thinking about your life and holding on to the mundane. Your life is lived in space between your thoughts, heart and your desires. Your desires, dreams and goals bring learning lessons for you to expand upon who you are physically and metaphysically to live your dreams.

A goal is never attained instead you expand your understanding to live the goal.

Life is simple until you set goals, dream or choose to live your desired life then God, Mrs. Universe and all tributing factors that create situations for you to increase your understanding involving unknown dynamics of your inner beingness creating your universal law of attraction. Law of attraction is your chattel gravity because, you set forth dynamics to draw your chattels you ask for however, to achieve a goal there are many paths and choices presented to you along the way.

There are no right or wrong pathways or right or wrong choices. The unknown dynamics create your inner prowess to speak to you to seek and follow the right path at all times. Simplicity is whatever pathway or choice you pursue is for your higher good and higher learning from the universe. A path is journey’s magnitude of experiences and situations allowing you to attain wisdom expanding your understanding of who you are in the physical plane and metaphysical realm in the present moment.

Control has you living and looking in the past for wisdom and wishing for your desired life in the future. Control has you looking forward on how to maneuver something or somebody to attain your desired life however, that same somebody or something is looking forward on how to maneuver you to live their desired life. As you are looking at the other person or other something you are disengaging your forces of attraction to live your desired life.

Looking at something or somebody, talking about something or somebody increases their law of attraction and shuts down your law of attraction. When your spoken word, thoughts, actions, etc are embracing the other party’s good you are strengthening their magnetic prodigy for them to receive their divine inheritance. You double their law of attraction and totally disintegrate your law of attraction through lost focus. Creating a result of woulda, coulda, and coulda in your mindset.

A pathway discovered through choices is you being free from interpreting or perceiving everything is right or wrong. Right and wrong are egotistical thought patterns that are taught to you from childhood to present time. Letting go of being right or wrong allows you to make choices without being attached to your choice. Freedom comes through living beyond having to be right or wrong, looking good and being safe. Are you safe from outside sources?

When you are looking good to other people you are matching your egotistical self-importance therefore, shutting down your spiritual freedom. Whose eyes are you looking good in? Are you in a liberating flow that allows you to be emotionally, financially, spiritually and personally free? How are you attached to financial, spiritual, emotional, and personal experiences and situations that dictate your everyday activities?

Gravity maintains your attachment to the earth however, it is your egotistical self-importance keeping yourself attached to your current life situations, experiences and expectations. It is your expectations that keep you gravitating to be controlled through fear of low self confidence and low self-esteem. Good things transpire by allowing gaps between your thoughts authorizing your inner self to be tranquil while, flowing in your blissful orbit stating through your stature your life is yours to be lived your way.

How will you allow space between your thoughts to allow new thoughts to enter into your nous allowing you to discover a proactive positive mindset. Your daily life defines your attachment to your life expectations causing the unrest in your mind, body, soul, spirit, heart, and all your senses because, you feel deep inside you have no choices about your life. However, you are the only one that can make choices about your life and you are the only one that can have dreams, goals and live your desired life.

In today’s society there is multitude of fear mongering being interjected into your life in which, you have no control over however, you allow the fear mongering to be the gravitating prowess of your life patterns. Fear is fictitious experiences appearing real creating angst inside you disallowing you to live your dreams to speak out loud your desired life into truth.

Truth is you being honest with yourself and allowing you to have integrity to honor your who you are right now. Integrity is doing the honest thing when, nobody is watching. Fear disallows you from living in space or in the tranquil gaps between your thoughts, emotions, etc therefore, disingenuously you permit yourself to be wrought up in stuff you can’t control.

Life is lived freely from your heart and negated when lived from the egotistical arrogant right or wrong controlling side of you. The more controlling you are with your emotions, thoughts, heart, spirit, mind, body, soul and all your senses the more you relinquish yourself to living your mundane story called your life. Imagination, intuition, creativity, etc you inflect into your daily life the grandeur your life is everyday in every way. Life is not what you make it instead, your life is how open and willing you are to open your heart to the universe to allow your heart’s gravity to magnetize the cosmos.

Your heart is the first organ that begins to function inside the womb however, once you were born you allow your mind to be the operator and leader in your life. You have control over your mind however, your heart beats with no direction from you. How is your heart the orator of your life? How can your egotistical arrogant self know about being the orator of your life? Your can live as vegetable as long as your heart is beating however, you only exist for a short period of time without your heart pumping oxygen to your brain.

Gravity brings from the sky to the earth whatever debris that is floating in the sky or an object that looses its orbital potency. An object floating that gets caught up in the earth’s gravitational forces crashes just like your life when you are purposely controlling every move you make and any movement anything or anybody for your egotistical outcome. How can you expect a modernized outcome when, you are exhibiting the same attitude, actions, thought processes, etc?

Controlling your life is like squeezing Jello Cube in your hand. Jello without any pressure remains in a solid form however, when you squeeze it it goes all over loosing its controlled shape. You are like the cube of Jello the more defiant you are to live your life through manipulation and control the more chaos you arouse in your daily existence sustaining your same lifestyle. Control inflicted upon you from your childhood to present time stems from, egotistical institutionalization, other human beings, parents, society, community, school teachers, etc.

When you intensively manipulate your thoughts expecting outcomes to be just so you negate the learning lessons and the pathways of modern wisdom to enter your prowess. Enduring wisdom through paths of challenge you grow into the person you choose to be instead, of the person everything and everybody chooses you to be. Your gravity of greatness diminishes when you allow others to be the gravitational force in your life.

Who is the gravitational force in your life? How do you allow outside sources to control your life by giving into the whims that society, your parents, community, schooling, etc have institutionalized you into believing that has your highest good in mind. Unless you are the creator of your dreams, goals and desired life something or somebody else is the gravitational power in your life. Gravity is ever present in the earth atmosphere and your creativity is every present inside you however, do you allow your creativity to come forth or are you living in fear of being unaccepted in your circle of friends, family, community, society, etc.

People in misery and mundane love company and they want you to feel their misery by entering you into their misery. When somebody is fictionally expressing arrogant rhetoric (FEAR) to you about you or themselves they are engulfing you into their story of shame and blame. When you exploit or listen to blame and shame you become part of the game without any premise of what is transpiring in your subconscious mind. Shame and blame is extremely prevalent in today’s world because, everybody wants to transpose their challenges to everybody else to look good and be safe in their mirror of egotistical arrogant hypocrisy.

Safety is a word bantered around like a tennis ball in a tennis match however, there is no safety in the world today unless you are taking steps to eliminate outside sources of making your choices and choosing the pathways you choose to discover and walk down in your life. Safety is a controlling factor in your life today through your egotistical believe apparatus that somebody or something is looking out for your good. Your hearten existence is letting go of control by gapping your thoughts and stepping back from the situation to allow all your inner prowess to be present and heard then begin your choice making and path following to begin.

Control is a word with no meaning only an outcome of what you don’t want because, you forget to allow your creative mind to engage in your choices and the paths you choose to follow. How do you negate your creativity from being involved in all phases of your life? Airplane pilot has the control stick in his hands however, a pilot maneuvers an airplane through turbulence, take offs and landings. The planes movement is predicated by air currents, weather conditions, etc not just by the pilots employing of the planes control stick.

You are the guide to your life outcomes nothing more. When you try to control your life you become frustrated, angry and resentful because, you didn’t have the outcomes you desired. Allowing yourself to be a guide you are free to create choices to be embark upon your own Lewis and Clark Expedition seeking your own pearls of excitement to enhance your life. Freedom through your heart allows your inner dynamics to be the creator of your life instead, of your egotistical menace of struggling to live a mundane existence.

Explore your life today and see what is transpiring freely or what you are controlling to look good and be secure. Are you seeking a mundane life or are you open and willing to unleash your Lewis and Clark Expedition to expand and understand who you are to live the opulent lifestyle you choose?

What choices and pathways do you have a red hot burning desire to explore? How are you attached to the financial existence you live in today? Here is an idea detach from your current financial situation by allowing yourself to be free by expanding your life without money to discover an idea, concept, etc to allow new pathways to reverberate the opulent lifestyle you choose.

A mundane life is lived through control however, an opulent lifestyle is created by being willing to win through being willing to fail generating chaos and challenge for you to expand your understanding unleashing newly revealed wisdom. Challenges and chaos are the beginning of bliss. Your unwillingness to fail negates a potential of winning.

Even the loser in the Super Bowl had a potential of winning however, 26 other teams and all their players had no chance of winning. Winning is being willing to fail by learning from the paths and choices the endeavor sent to your for your emotional, spiritual, financial and personal expansion for your higher good. Are you open to seeing victory in everything and anything you do exuding the courage and strength to move forward in your life plan?

Winners lose before they win. They win because of attained wisdom from the unsuccessful outing. Success happens through attaining wisdom by disallowing the experience to be presented to yourself as a failure. When a business starts laying off it not because of the economic conditions as they say it is because, the business didn’t expand in the good times and cut away the businesses that were exposing them to the status quo. Lack of new ideas causes lay-offs by the management people shutting down their creativity to expand the business through following new pathways and out of norm choices to attain new wisdom.

When you are forgiving somebody or feeling strife about your actions then you apologize or forgive them or yourself do you hold back some from giving unconditional forgiveness or true hearten apology. It is your egotistical tutoring we give lip service to forgiveness and taking responsibility for your actions. It is easier to forget the situation allowing a wealth of buried pain and hurt to occur. What past hurt and pain are you retaining rather then forgiving yourself, everything and everybody involved?

Hurt and pain on the inside can never be healed through time. To let go of the hurt and pain you have to pardon yourself from the prison of pain and hurt. Nobody is perfect because, we all have imperfections however, it is your imperfections that make you uniquely perfect in every way. Allowing a story to brew inside for years and years sets forth a mindset of grasping on to anything and anybody just like gravity holds everything on the earth surface.

Even when somebody burrows a hole into the earth gravity brings the top crashing down just like you when you hold all pain, suffering and hurt inside you. Releasing of your inner suffering allows freedom from inside you to exude to manifest your desired life. Pay attention to your manifestations when you are in a joyous essence and when you are entertaining all your negativity.

See how people and everyday life shows up in your presence. Allow yourself to see, feel, and hear the interactions you encounter. Your life is inside you and not being something everybody and everything else desire you to be. Freedom is yours by divine right therefore, set forth your inner strength and courage to be who you choose to be.

It is hogwash that you have to live by the encumbrances set forth to you by others. Encumbrances are unwritten rules of negativity from outside sources creating gravitational forces encompassing you in a mundane lifestyle while they live by a different set of rules. Laws are something to abide by however, a universe filled of abundance is to be lived by through increased understanding of how releasing the gravity that has you running in place. You have the wherewithal pent up inside you however, you allow your inner prowess to be the leader and forget every arrogant realization (FEAR) that you have endured over your life.

Fear is the gravitational force that disdains you from looking inside yourself for all the courage and strength you have to overcome egotistical dominating thought processes you have used as an excuse for you current life situations. Your life situations disqualify your unique powers while your egotistical prowess has you running in a circle with the same thoughts activating the same results. What happens repeatedly in your life? Being willing to step out of story of suffering into a saga of bliss happens through letting go of the egotistical control you have placed upon yourself.

Your egotistical tutoring, cultural conditioning, engraved habit of having to be right, look good etc generate a gravitational orbit of suffering which, you store up inside you to be used on anything or anybody that you feel doesn’t see life through your perspective and interpretation. Being right means your whole self is shutdown from acquiring wisdom to thrust your life out of your egotistical gravity that has you cemented in your mundane existence. Your controlling addictions of looking good, coveting others good, resenting who you are wanting to be somebody else live somebody else’s life, being safe and yet desiring your life to be the way you desire.

In your relationships do you have expectations of your mate, business partner, spouse etc therefore, when somebody you interact with does something different that you expect does that set you into a egotistical barrage of darkness. How do you have expectations about your partner in life? Do you get angry when, things don’t go your way. What you don’t like about your partner you don’t like about yourself.

That is control exhibiting itself to negate your desired life. Relationship means re (ray) lat (skeletal muscle) ion (particle) ship (vessel). Stating that two rays of skeletal muscle become one particle in a vessel following the same path with three journey’s being endured in the same energy flow the woman’s, the man’s and their journey together. That doesn’t state you are the Captain of somebody else’s ship. When you are on your life course you are the guide of your life with confidence and unabridged self-esteem.

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