How is volleying in a tennis match similar to volleying verbal jabs in a negative experience between another person and you or your inner antagonist interjecting negative communique creating a self-indulged reaction to a fable you have concocted in your mind sending you into a pessimistic stupor throughout all phases of your life?

It’s the same because in tennis the object is to hit the ball as hard as you can or lob a shot just over the net where opponent can’t reach it to hit the ball back at you creating an illusion in your opponents mind he/she won’t be able to hit the ball back to you. In a verbal exchange, you desire to create a situation that your adversary won’t volley words back towards you.

Playing a tennis match isn’t your opponent’s volleys that create your self-doubt – it is your thought processes and inner dialogue generating your own self-doubt that you can’t return the volleys or your opponent is better than you are. Is it your opponent’s shots, their ability, your ability, you not getting to the right place on the court? Or is it your inner battle you have raging within in yourself that is the culprit causing you to lose focus and get negative emotions flowing inside yourself, being the real basis you lose control in tennis match or in your game of life?

Whether from an opponent in a tennis match or an antagonist in verbal exchange, the emotions are generated from your inner self. Therefore, your inner self via past behaviors, inner dialogue along with the ego creates an excuse for an outer battle to sooth your egotistical smugness, cultural conditioning, humanism thought processes, having to look good and be safe creates a phenomenon of having to be right and win every ordeal life sends your way.

In life situations, you have an illusion the nastier your verbal volley when involved in a destructive confrontation creates an illusion that you are winning the engagement personally, financially, physically and emotionally. The truth is you are doubling the negative atmosphere between you and whatever life situation, person, profession, or life experiences transpiring at that moment.

Your egotistical smugness, cultural conditioning, human thought processes, along with you neglecting to take responsibility for your choices instead you are looking for something or somebody to blame for your life situations therefore augmenting your negative frame of mind you are generating at that moment.

You have possession of your negative energy, then you receive the other person’s negative energy through the negative exchange. In tennis that is called a double fault. A double fault is the act of serving twice improperly. In this case it is sending out harmful vibrations, then receiving harmful vibrations through thoughts, words, ideas etc.

Your negative vibrations are unfurled into universe crafting magnetic ambiances setting up events that everything and everybody you attract into your life at that moment are in the same state of flux you are, therefore amplifying your negative atmosphere. Negativity is similar to a tsunami – once the wave starts it demolishes everything in site leaving destruction of all forms in its wake.

When you are involved in a negative volley with another person this is a double fault because double negative energy is surging between the two parties. How many times has a dim cloud formed in your mind after a negative exchange with somebody? How sheepish do you feel when you got mad at something or somebody and in the end find they really had nothing to do with it because you were a victim of your story and inner critical chatterbox?

The objective in tennis is to volley the ball back and forth until one player misses the ball or the ball lands out of bounds. In life, you volley negative words with other people to score verbal supremacy in order to consider yourself the victor. However, in reality you both ended in a negative situation compounded with deeper negative energy propelling an unexplained darkness that follows both of you until one forgives the other or a positive dialogue transpires, erasing the darkness.

A positive situation with positive energy being exchanged creates an inner feeling what did I do to deserve this praise. Positive exchanges are more challenging because of the uncomfortable feeling you have because people ridicule you when you earn and receive a compliment or nod for doing something good. How do you feel when you receive compliment? How do you feel when given a positive acknowledgement?

Positive thoughts, ideas and actions create a misunderstanding with people because negativity is in the forefront of daily life today. Did your parents compliment you or did they try to find fault with everything you did? Life is easy – it is mingling with a populace filled with negative attitudes and negative energy creates challenges for you when you attempt to live your dreams and desired life. Positive energy creates a panicky inner feeling inside people with a pessimistic outlook about their life.

How is your negativity a lethal injection of venomous poison in your life? Negativity expounds when your mate, family member, friend, co-worker, etc and you interject negativity into each others paths. When you interject anger, hate, jealousy, fear, harsh disparaging words, actions, attitude and so on amongst you there is a cloud of darkness getting ready to rain upon everybody involved.

Tennis is a game of opponents just like in life. You play your game of life. Tthe only difference is in tennis rules are in a book but the rules in the game of life are unknown and known. The known rules dictate more than the unknown because of our human tutoring that when you can’t read it, somebody didn’t tell or physically touch it can’t be true. However, the unknown is where the dreams manifest for your desired life.

Our ego teaches us habits on how to respond in situations. The ego is habits learned through life experiences and allowing outside sources dictate your life while you neglect listening to your inner voice. Your outside circumstances are extensions of your inner-self and your reflections you are sending forth to your universe.

The ego creates situations for your inner dialogue allowing your ego to be in charge creating situations that you have the outcome and events in your mind before they occur. Therefore, creating the image you desire, for you to feel good and look good while you play them out with whom you had in mind authorizing your ego to think it is the winner intensifying your story and false concepts learned from childhood to present time.

Tennis is a game of contenders and pretenders, just a life is a game of contenders and pretenders. Contenders are easy to pick out by their self-expression and the pretenders are the easier because they are the blamers and complainers. Pretenders use ulterior motives to get what they desire out of life. Prisons are full of people exemplifying this sentence.

Tennis has a net to separate the players with an area they defend. The object is to get the ball to land inside the lines or make the other player hit the ball out of bounds. That is how points are accumulated. Tennis takes internal fortitude and skill to lure your opponent into making a mistake.

Human beings use cultural conditioning, egotistical smugness, and cunning schemes to lure people into their traps to obtain their goals in life. Human beings have a cultural instinct they have to be smarter or more cunning to land their adversaries in their trap for their life gains, which is egotistical human arrogant flaw in our humanity.

People have this cultural belief system built in; punitive arrogance and egotistical self-righteousness say “this world is about me and for me the hell with everything and everybody else as long as I get mine.” These are false thought processes and human behaviors because to increase you life you have to expand your inner self, wisdom, being willing to serve, infinite intelligence, awareness etc.

When two adversaries hurl negative expressions across each other’s bow that doubles the negative darkness in each other’s lives. Because the first negative outburst transgresses to, the second party in the conflict receives the first party’s negative and their own negativity therefore the second party has to hurl back the other party’s negativity adding their own negativity therefore doubling the negative vibrations in each other’s universe.

Negativity is like bad viruses they explode through your life expelling any positive proactive approach to daily life. Egotistical smugness creates impressions that when an outside obstacle presents itself your first response is to attack back instantly rather than allowing the situation to calm down to take a proactive approach to solve situation. All through childhood to present people, think the quicker and more, lethal the response the bolder they look in their own eyes and in other peoples eyes which is a flaw in our human thought processes.

Life executed through egotistical smugness, human pride and cultural mentorship creates a human block between the heart and life. Life in the mind is combative and destructive through having to be right and look good through your eyes, best friend’s eyes and especially in the public eyes. You live your life the through your heart and core values your life will flow in the divine energy of good.

How will thinking positive about other people’s good fortunes and thinking positive thought translate into your life being positive? By generating a philosophy of positive wisdom in all phases of your life, interjecting positive interactions with people create a double positive in your life. First, open your mind to being positive when you ego sets you up for a negative dialogue with some one about some one you know or something that your inner fears will not allow you to step out of your comfort zone and do.

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