Infinite Spirit I give thanks for opening the way for you to live and reside inside your $10,000,000 lifestyle everyday in everyway in the right way in a loving way which is yours by divine right. Your $10,000,000 is instantly deposited in your bank accounts without hesitation under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now.

How is life like a first date? You were more nervous than a long tailed cat in room full of rocking chairs when you either asked somebody or accepted your first date. Asking or accepting the first date you are filled with anticipation just like you are when you set an intention and begin the journey of expansion into your desired life. The 1st date is initiating your opulent essence to somebody just like your intentions unleash opulent essence to the universe to expand you and the universe into its highest paradigms. How do you are a mover and shaker of universal prosperity?

When you began your 1st date you wanted every action and every word to be perfect which created trepidation within about everything you did on that first date. Just like setting your first intention discovering you release a hidden barrier first in your subconscious mind to open a new wisdom move towards your desired life. However you didn’t release anything in physical world you release an imprint in your subconscious mind. How does it feel for you to understand your personal expansion will occur in your subconscious?

Your everyday life is the predicator of your journey because the words and images you encounter are the ingrained blueprints in your subconscious mind and your attitude. The blueprints attitude and personality were attained and embedded from the time you were in the womb to 5 years old are employed in your life experiences till you expand out of those paradigms. This country has never matured beyond 5 years old to 17 years old. This country has challenges communicating ideas because of embedded ideologies and having to be right mindset. How are you 5 years old yet? How do you act 17 years old?

This country is insecure and immature in their abilities to communicate and listen in relationships, daily activities, and in a conversation of ideas. Basically you are five years old till you expand out of your paradigms. The journey of expansion creates confusion because everything you know and do right now is the limiting factors in your journey of expansion. How nervous do you become when you set the intention the confusion begins because you are expanding out of what know now into a crisp parvenu paradigm?

Confusion is crisp parvenu wisdom and stouthearted willingness begging to be utilized in your life authorizing you to unleash your brazen boldness emanating the gunfighter within you. With you visual-eyes-zing your brave self walking the streets of lavish wealth and colossal success shooting down your tin horn challenges in one quick blast of sapient prodigy. How do visual-eyes yourself in the midst of a challenge? How does your hindsight limit the iron-will to blow away your challenges?

Because you understand everything know everything you think you know and everything you have done is the life you are living. Wisdom is like a tomahawk missile it is good for one experience then it becomes and understanding and is outdated for your next expanding experience. New challenge opens out crisp parvenu wisdom. How does your inner landscape quiver with fear and excitement when you are expanding on your life journey?

Challenges people and everything that enter into your life are for your highest expansion. However our humanness societal ingrained drivel and personal ridicule fro within you and from others tell us that are challenges are something we did wrong and we lack the intelligence which a lie the human race has lived since the beginning of time. Challenges enter into your life because you are a brave warrior opening your lore to discover your crisp parvenu wisdom opening out the trails to live and reside inside your desired luxurious lifestyle. How are you a brave warrior?

People say they can eliminate the challenges in their mind which is partially true however you spirit and love in which you live your life don’t alleviate challenges because challenges are in your everyday life for you to experience the thrill of victory in your life expansion. Whatever you feel you overcome in your mind is you agreeing with your shyness. How do you step into shyness when it is time for you to be bold? Everybody has I know I have.

Four questions when to move your life forward at anytime:

  1. How is this situation like the last one?
  2. What is my state of mind (thought processes, attitude, interactions, what was the old imprint that was invoked by the outside world) when this situation occurs? When you first feel a way of responding happening or an old blue print rising when the outer world pushed that hot button in your subconscious that nano-second is when you begin expanding out of that paradigm. Stop what you are doing and begin to tell your subconscious how you desire to move forward thru the situation. You expand when you feel the old response to a situation begin that is when you open out your fortitude and begin the crisp parvenu imprint you desire to live and reside inside. Everything about your life is in your subconscious. The blame shame people events experiences and situations are in you no where else.
  3. How do you look outside of you for the anything that has happened to you?
  4. How will you feel when you expand out of these old paradigms into red-hot paradigms of your desired life? Nobody has done anything to you that you didn’t allow because your hindsight told you and old paradigms in which you lived your life. Everything you think somebody has done to you, you have actually done it to yourself thru your perceptions interpretations what people tell you what inner dialog tells you the imprints in your subconscious mind and inner landscape such as belief’s ideologies viewpoints opinions etc.

Let go of the word change and use the word expand it will allow the trepidation to leave your subconscious mind. You will dream your way to nowhere however you will imagine innovate dream engage and expand your life to everywhere when you understand your daily life is your dream. Like it love it or lump it your daily life is your dream to your subconscious mind. When are you going to quit dreaming and start engaging and expanding into your dream life?

Dreams are the initiator your gunfighter mentality is the engager, your fortitude wisdom charisma are the expanders your brazen boldness is the erupting force in which you take quick decisive action exploding your into lavish nirvana. Where are you inhibiting forces hiding? Everything that is holding you in the same place are hiding in your subconscious. How will it feel to quit looking at what isn’t holding you back and begin to expand into your desired life?

What is my highest learning in this situation?

How do I choose to expand out and beyond this situation?

What is the crisp new paradigm I choose to live and reside inside?

I understand and acknowledge this wisdom for this situation is only for this situation now I am open uncover and discovering red-hot sapience to expand my life into $10,000,000 lifestyle now.

Questions engage your abilities to expand and affirmations are your declaration of your outcomes. People that ridicule others for their challenges never ever create a challenge because they are the circumstance of their and live other peoples challenges they refuse to engage in their expansion and over come their uncertainties. Winners create challenges to live their luxurious nirvana while losers talk about other peoples challenges wish they were somebody else living somebody else’s life and talk about other people’s wealth saying they were lucky. How will you feel being lucky?

Well luck is preparation meeting opportunity however the preparation was in the subconscious mind to bring the parade of events into a state of being. Everything in your life today is as far as you will ever go because they all are there now and everything you desire from this day forward is in the unknown. How do you fear the unknown? How do you fear understanding confusion is your pathways to your paramount outcomes and desired nirvana?

When you set an intention everything to live that desired outcome will be new people, crisp new wisdom, whole new-fangled state of affairs in which you live and reside. Being the tumbleweed and being detached to roots will allow the occurrence to transpire in the right way and in a loving way. The history of life is a fabled story of control pillage plunder and domination in which people draw their wisdom from past experiences just like the expert means past experiences be used for today’s life experiences. How do old paradigms keep the luck from happening in your daily life?

Human beings have an ingrained sense of having to know everything before moving forward. However it isn’t what you know that will move you into your desired life it is your willingness to let go of everything you have always done and the way you move thru your daily experiences. You can’t tell people anything because they have a pride that they know everything which creates mindset of change. How you change how you look at your story the more you become stuck in the same paradigm?

When anger arises it is from ingrained imprints from when you were a baby. When you were in the crib or wanted attention as a baby you throw a hissy fit and people responded and that imprint is utilized today as grown up when your hot buttons are pushed causes you to subconsciously respond the way you did as a baby. Your childhood installed paradigms that getting angry mad throwing a fit will get what you desire. How do you get mad and throw a hissy fit to get your way?

People want to change but lack the desire to expand into a new paradigm. Personal expansion is realizing everybody is your equal and your teacher as you are their teacher. The more you think you know the fear that is embedded in your subconscious mind. Anger is a fear in your abilities to listen and communicate. All forms of negativity are WMD’s Weapons of Mass Delusion that open out your subconscious imprints when something in your physical realm engages your hot buttons. How do you allow the WMD’s of your life create your daily experiences?

Nothing happens in the physical realm your life is lived and experienced in your subconscious mind. The physical realm is images in your subconscious mind with people and the landscape being the images you see. Whatever blame shame bliss etc that you feel is predicated from your imprints in your subconscious mind. Whatever you choose to release expand or create is all in your subconscious mind with your everyday life being the expanding force in which you showcase your unique talents. There are over 6.5 billion people in the world with over 6.5 billion journey’s to be lived and experiences with every journey enhancing the universal omnipotence and your journey. What is your universal omnipotence?

When you engage in other people’s journeys you enhance your journey by encompassing their wisdom as they gain by you encompassing in the wisdom. Thinking you know more you are higher class than somebody else and all the other poppycock society ingrains causes change without any personal expansion. Change is what the weather does. Change is what amateurs do expand is what the sapient sages engage in to expand their sharp-witted ingenuity. What trepidation shows up for you when admit to yourself that everybody is your equal?

Think about this: When you quit breathing and your heart stops beating and you parish just like anybody else so what makes you think you are better or different than anybody else?

Expansion happens when you let go of your egotistical pride. Egotistical pride and thinking you know more than somebody else is you disrespecting your abilities so you cover up by acting all grown up on the outside and scared little baby on the inside. Personal arrogance creates change in your aura disavowing you personal expansion. Change doesn’t mean you have let go and expanded out of your old paradigms it just means you look at your story the a different way but you still have the same thought processes. Expand you are in a crisp new paradigm. How do you use egotistical pride to cover up your lack of internal fortitude?

Expand is experience Xmas phenomenon’s aggrandizing nirvana daily.

Know it all attitude disengages your personal expansion, disallowing your sagacious prowess to expand nullifying your teaching abilities invoking fear in your listening abilities and communicating skills. When you snub somebody because of who you think you are is you actually feeling inadequate on the inside to communicate with that person on their level. How do you feel inadequate in your communication skills?

You watch the egotistical collapse of Wall Street Corporate America and Capitalism because they forgot it takes people to make the world flow not business. Businesses do nothing for a country all a business is a name for income tax purposes and name recognition. Because when talk to a business you still are conversing with people that are employed by a business that was hired by a person. How do you feel customer service in this country is lacking? How do you feel you are lacking in people skills? People will make you wealthy not businesses and not your business.

Businesses don’t hire people unless people are buying their products and that is a fact jack. What is the purpose of companies build production plants when all you need is management according the media and Wall Street? Wall Street has had three learning lessons and ignored all three one in 1987, early 2000’s and 2007-2009. They have ignored three major learning lessons. What is the next lesson for Wall Street?

People create the wealth within a country with businesses being the by-product of wages and entrepreneurial enterprising. People have lost their communicative skills and allow arrogance to be who they are in all facets of their life. People are the creator of the world because business is a by product of people having a desire to purchase their product. How do you feel business runs the world and not people?

Until people, business community, Wall Street, politicians and you start realizing it is people that create your wealth the economy and state of affairs in the world the world will spiral into deeper recession. However it is the people with guts to step up real-eyes it is people that are they wealth creators and engage in their entrepreneurial talents expand their wherewithal erupt into quick proactive action exploding into their desired life will understand this is the greatest economic awakening in the history of the world. When will you engage in their entrepreneurial talents?

Business means Busi-n-ess which is a busy person. The word business doesn’t say anything about wealth and success it says a person that is always busy nothing more. You are just the facilitator of your journey just like a business owner is a facilitator of their products. You just facilitate the events in your life.

How does this affirmation create a new paradigm in your subconscious mind?

I am a facilitator of products people love to buy and send me money everyday in everyway under grace in a perfect way with me depositing lavish sums of money into all my accounts now.

How do you feel being a facilitator of your life and products people love to buy?

I understand the in a perfect way states reaching the pinnacle of loving life in everyway minding my own business heartfelt bliss plush wealth and colossal success to expand into new-fangled paradigms with a warriors heart, strength of a grizzly bear the tenacity of a wolverine the gracefulness of a gazelle running at full speed across the African Plain and the wisdom of a sapient sage.

Anybody can be tough and lead when they have the power however it is people without the power that get people to do what they desire. Gandhi was the last true leader and Martin Luther King got people to listen. It isn’t what you say to somebody it is how well they listen to what you say. A sapient sagacious leader accepts responsibility has people listening to their message and people taking action on their agenda while egotistical dysfunctional leader has people talking negatively about them with no action being taken pointing fingers at others for their problems. It is easy to talk but it takes guts charisma and a willingness to be courageous. It takes courage to lead without any agency behind you and all you have is your sapience, courage, idea and brazen boldness to take action. How are you a sapient sagacious leader?

Think about this politicians go to college for political science however the political science that is being taught is the same philosophies that has been around since the beginning of time. How can the same philosophies create new ideas? The world lives the definition of insanity we teach the same curriculums expecting different results. We live in society’s ingrained philosophies expecting a different society. When are you open and willing to become a sovereign philosopher?

Who is actually living insanity it is all the people of the world we allow the same education system to be the teacher of our politicians, CEO’s media types etc. Including me up until 12 years ago until I began my journey of expansion. How are you living these philosophies thinking you are not but subconsciously they control your life experiences? How are you a follower of other people’s ideas and philosophies?

Three questions:

  1. How do you talk about other peoples challenges ignoring your challenges?
  2. How do you compare your challenges to others so yours seem less stressful to you egotistical mindset?
  3. How do these two questions limit your willingness to unleash your crisp parvenu wisdom to live your desired life?

Three affirmations:

  1. Eye am exuding the iron-will to walk my talk lead by example to live and reside inside my lavish nirvana.
  2. Eye am stoutheartedly taking action expanding my fortitude engaging my crisp new red-hot sapience to experience seventh heaven nirvana in all facets of my life in a perfect way now.
  3. Eye am a facilitator of a product that people love to pay me for in lavish avalanches of affluent abundances everyday in everyway under grace in a perfect way.

This is the first three page of a chapter in a future book.

Rob Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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