A happy joyous luxurious Halloween to all!

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for everybody’s Halloween to be abundant safe fun and joyful in the right way in a loving way which is theirs and mine by divine right. May their abundant joyous safe fun Halloween be instantly released without delay and reach everybody without hesitation under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now!

How is Halloween like life? Halloween photocopies life because human beings were costumes and masks to cover over who they are in their heart spirit body and soul. Halloween originally was spelled Hallowe’en shortened from All Hallows’ Even. On Halloween people wear a mask to disguise who they are to other people, which is no different than the masks the wear everyday to cover up who they don’t want to be or the person they desire to be. How are you covering up the person you desire to be?

People hide their true selves and talents by being somebody they choose not to be just to get along in society. Society embellishes fake phony and people they can control and scandalize brazen bold risk takers until the risk takers attain the pinnacle of success. Hanger-on cling-on’s crawl out of the holes with treat or treat bags wide open looking for a hand out instead of wisdom for a hand up. Then Society embellishes followers then mocks people with moxie ideas and risk takers that are different than them. How do you mock risk takers people because of your fears?

Halloween is a Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced so-wen) marking the end of the sun and growing season and the beginning of the season of darkness and cold. The Celts lived in Great Britain and Northern France. The end of a growing season emulates you attaining your desired results as human beings we forget to have the festival after attaining an outcome. The growing season for you never ends the darkness inside you is crying out for light for you to expand into action to becoming the person you choose. How is your life a festival?

The Samhain Festival would last for three days. Life is to be celebrated not ridiculed because of our human infidelity to engage in our life purpose and passion humans feel life is to flow without learning interruptions which are challenges and that is where all the negativity originates. Because people feel challenges happen to them because they are bad people somebody told them so or did something wrong which is a lie that has been passed down from the beginning of time. You only make mistakes in the eyes of arrogance and fear mongers in the eyes of sages and spirit you are creating your highest outcome. How will engage your prowess to live your purpose and passions?

Challenges happen because mystical phenomenon’s and all real-eyesed sources in the universe understand your abilities and talents putting forth tests in your daily life for you to expand. Challenges are God Mrs. Universe Angels your awareness and desired life showing you love. Because they have a red-hot desire to see you expand your wisdom to have a Halloween overflowing with wealth and success for you to live your Nirvana. Having the same routine mindset doing the same thing everybody else does has you wearing the same mask and costume as everybody else. How will you feel when you take off your mask and costume trust your abilities?

That is where the challenges begin because life is patience teacher an egotistical arrogance ignorance breaker with a never-ending flow of educating circumstances, situations experiences and interaction with people. God Angels Mrs. Universe your desired life and your talents are you cheerleaders that remove your costume and mask presenting your sagacious talents to the citizenry of the universe. How are you a sagacious talented person?

Celebration is what you and I overlook after we begin living and residing desired outcome because we don’t like to look brash in front of others for our accomplishments. That is foolish on your and my part because we all them to ridicule up during the challenges chaos and misinterpreted failures. How do you love celebrating your life?

Then the statement: You were lucky well I choose to be lucky wealthy and successful than being swirled around in mundane stew like a vegetable or a piece of stew meat. I have learned through my journey that my challenges are my friend because they love me or they wouldn’t have entered into my educational expansion path for my highest good and optimum outcomes. How do your challenges love you?

I never fail just create some extraordinary learning lessons. Stubbornness and hardheadedness on the path to wealth and success are to traits that will carry you further than anything. Because you are too stubborn to quit and to hardheaded to ever think you are beat or fail. Lucky is lucid unadulterated clever keenness yelling I am wealthy and success living and residing inside my nirvana. How will you feel yelling “I am wealth and success now”?

Three Questions:

  1. How am I hardheaded and stubborn for my highest good?
  2. How do I feel about being lucky?
  3. How am I unadulterated clever and keen throughout my life?

Three affirmations:

  1. I am keen and clever in all facets of my life manifesting my optimum outcomes now.
  2. I am lucky and I love being lucky in every facet of my life now.
  3. I celebrate life because I an omnipotent winner in my game of life in everyway in a perfect way and in divine order now my highest good now.

Rob Wilson Cowboy Wisdom coaches Social Sovereignty.

This is the first three page of a chapter in a future book.

Rob Wilson and Cowboy Wisdom NLP Coaching

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