I real-eyes you are the leader in your life to enrich my life in a brazen bold way.

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for you opening your eyes to your galvanizing leadership expanding the world with your mahatma sapience, iron-will to succeed to experience your lavish avalanches of affluent abundance in an omnipotent way, in a gratifying way which is yours by divine right. Your adroit leadership resolve is released to the universe instantly expands the heart wisdom in people without delay and you lavish avalanches of affluent abundance reach you without hesitation under grace in a perfect way and in divine order.

How are you your own Benedict Arnold? Benedict Arnold was a General in the Continental Army before becoming a traitor and defecting to the British. Humans are like Benedict Arnold because right when a human is ready to explode into their desired life, they step back into ambiguity. The apprehension about walking in the clover of the unknown and fresh new beginnings overwhelms us, and we step back to the familiar. I am guilty of that in my life. How have you stepped back instead of forward?

Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the Continental Army, but he was a greater traitor to himself. How are you and the people today being a traitor to their desired life and ingenious ideas? How are you and the people of the world now allowing power brokers to be the embezzlers of your imaginings and their dreams? When you allow people to control you because of your fears you are being a traitor to your spiritual boldness and innovative grit to experience lavish wealth. Copious prosperity is enjoyed by those who don’t care what people think or do. You are the only one that can experience your journey to expand your wisdom to enjoy your bountiful nirvana and copious affluence. How do you choose to experience profuse prosperity? How will engaging your spiritual boldness expand your horizons?

Power mongers rely on the fears of people, people who are job scared and internally afraid to experience the richness of life to rat out the people with the iron-will to expand the universe. There will be times you can walk through six foot cement wall and times a feather will knock you over. When you allow a feather to knock you off your Maharishi journey is actually when your vast personal expansion is occurring emancipating your ennobling sagaciousness to experience a fresh affluent lifestyle.

When the empowering expansion occurs it is when it comes from the stomach area upward because your DNA, subconscious, and higher self encompasses every word and every experience you ever encountered. Humans encompass a reticular activation system that activates your responses in your daily life. When you respond to an occurrence in your everyday life the utmost emotional imprint in your subconscious will be the first responder to the event and your reaction to the person or situation. How are you being a traitor to you when you disassociate from your engaging in your entrepreneurial genius?

Your personal expansion and spiritual enrichment occur when you open out to allow the first response to old emotional paradox to pass, and you engage in listening to the strong feeling to unlock new paradigms in your everyday life to enjoy crisp minted outcomes in all facets of your life. Your emotions, thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc… have served a purpose now it is time to allow them to tell you their apprehensive concerns so you can expand your Savant Utopia to enjoy your plush serene abundance everyday in everyway.

Today this world lacks leadership in the political arena, business landscape, Wall Street, and in our personal lives. When you and the populace of the world choose to step forth and engage in your and their inner core leadership audacity this judicious sapience will expand you and them personally and the world in unadulterated prosperity. Because the leader who is required and is to be unleashed to move your life forward is the one you see in the mirror everyday. How will you unleash your core leadership audacity to expand the universe?

Nowadays, everybody is looking for something or somebody to take action to facilitate their life and the world into wealth and success while they sit on the coach watching TV or playing video games wondering how their life circumstances are deteriorating. Today; 98% of people in this world today are suffering from clone-I-tice and let somebody else do it I-tice. How do you suffer from Clone-I-Tice and let somebody else do it I-tice?

Which means when you try to do what other people are doing but entertain undesirable results is because what energizes their wealth and success is specifically for them and not you. That wisdom is their defining purpose. When you imitate and follow you aren’t opening out your inventive ingenuity. You are actually shutting down your utopian resourcefulness. Everything you hear, read and see is a guide to your sapient expansion to unleash your Gandhi-Savant from your heart wisdom to unlock and unleash your unique talents to enrich the people of the world. How does it to be a Gandhi Savant?

Your internal galvanizing genius is brazen hurricane of wisdom spurring people into action to engage their eager keenness to discover and uncover their omnipotent mahatma ingenuity. Instead of being a follower, they now experience their passion by engaging in their everyday life to expand rather hide in the bushes hoping their wealth and success doesn’t find them. Benedict Arnold was a traitor just like you are traitor to you when you choose not to seek out your savant inventiveness prodigies to expand your life and enhance the universe. What are your savant inventiveness prodigies?

The world is experiencing a Benedict Arnold economy at this moment because people are looking for the political leaders, business and Wall Street to be the leaders expand United States and the world out of this recession. Now that is you actual-I-zing your Benedict Arnold within your core because the leaders of the world are in a quagmire. The narrow-minded leaders know they have to be a Benedict Arnold to either the taxpayer or the campaign contributors to their 527’s. Those are the politicians’ non-profit organizations.

Corporate America and Wall Street are humongous campaign contributors but here is the real deal this political game has been going on since the beginning of time. When are you going to quit looking at people who are caught up in the tidal wave of greed, selfishness, life is about business and Wall Street to engage in your innovative genius and lead yourself out of your doldrums into rapturous nirvana?

Right now is the time for the people to utilize their innovative ingenuity and take the power brokers and power mongers out of the equation of our lives by engaging in conversations and listening to others to enhance our lives. You and every person on earth have the inventions, songs, screen plays or entrepreneurial sapient inventiveness that will explode your life and the world into profuse opulence instantly.

The way out of a recession and for the world to experience omnipotent opulence is by you engaging in your heart wisdom and divine leadership brazenness to enrich your life and expand the universe into plush prosperity in a flawless way. You are the gateway that energizes the universe in a better way every day in every way under grace in a perfect way and in divine order now for the utmost good for all.

Waiting for your life to expand through other people’s actions is like swimming shark infested waters in a straight jacket. Waiting for other people to do it is what has gotten this world into the situation we are facing today, which seems like a challenge but is an eye-opening economic expansion that this world has never experienced before. The expansion will occur in people lives who take an inner journey of bold spiritual nirvana by letting go of everything they know, have ever done, and everything we have been taught in by society and the school system. How does everything you know limit your life?

Every human being enters this human experience to embellish the omnipotent opulence within folks to experience their desired heaven on earth. Humans are taught through society, school system, media, etc. to fear bliss and lavish abundance. Because failing your way to success takes patience and people that have challenges on their journey are ridiculed by society, teachers in school, media, etc. Which is dang shame people sitting on the sidelines of life indulge in self stimulation of chicken-shit-poppycock because failure is just a way that didn’t attain your desired outcome but it does showcase your leadership boldness and your innovative significance.

The populace of the world and you are the Maharishi-Savants that encompass the iron-will to fail their way to wealth and success and are the leaders of the entrepreneurial revolution, and spiritual boldness, exploding the world into personal, financial, and emotional luxurious bliss in a perfect way.

Arrogant fearful people feel they lack entrepreneurial courage to succeed are constantly looking for shortcuts and how to finagle money from individuals rather than engage in their personal expansion to enjoy financial bliss. Swindlers are always afraid they will find a better swindler than they are, which creates a frantic fearfulness on the inside of a swindler, they lack energizing ingenuity. They encompass a demising paradox as long as I am doing well the world is doing well. How do you encompass a swindler’s paradox?

Encompassing a swindler’s paradox is a hidden Benedict Arnold within people but, is an innovative jail and a poverty consciousness robber baron of a individuals wealth and success. Economics teaches poverty consciousness rather than wealth and success. Have you heard anything from the leaders, business gurus, Wall Street, and economists other than the same rhetoric that got the world into this economic situation?

Economists are pessimists with a college education that ingrains short sighted visions small thinking, and everything happens on the frontend of business instead of understanding the outcomes are generated through wages, profits and quality of life. When is the last time you heard an economist say “anything except cutback, curb everything, or do something they haven’t read in a book” etc. Well the world has listened to the economists, business, stealth control, Wall Street, and political arena for the eons and look where we are today. We can’t have a conversation of ideas or anything more than we are experiencing and living through right now. How are you a utopian idealist being the patriarch of your life?

Infinite Spirit I give thanks Eye am the brazen bold utopian leader to take pleasure in my journey to enjoy my desired life. I deploy crisp bold action in my everyday life to experience my divine good to live a gratifying life of supplying the universe with sagacious galvanizing ideas enriching people’s resolve to live and reside in profuse prosperity and colossal success.

As I supply people with innovative ingenuity the universe supplies me with lavish avalanches of abundances, which is mine by divine right. My crisp bold actions and innovative prodigies are instantly released to the people in the universe without delay my lavish avalanches of affluent abundances reach me without hesitation under grace in a flawless way and in divine order for the highest good of all now.

Three questions:

  1. How will you feel when you experience rapturous richness of you desired life?
  2. How will you feel when you engage in your core leadership abilities?
  3. How will you feel when you are enjoying living and residing in lavish abundance?

Three affirmations:

  1. Eye am the leader of my life because I understand who I am where I am going in my life.
  2. Infinite Spirit I give thanks Eye am experiencing my sumptuous rapturous cornucopia in the right way in a loving way and in a perfect way.
  3. Eye emancipated my sagacious heart Maharishi to be the bold spiritual Mahatma to expand the universe to its highest good as I live in lavish avalanches of affluent abundances in a omnipotent way.

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