This is a future chapter in a book to be released.

The universe and Eye see you as an entrepreneurial utopian unleashing your innovative genius energizing and expanding the world and you into prospering prominence.

Infinite Spirit I give thanks for the people expressing their Gandhi-Wit to expand the enterprising spirit within people energizing their heart sapience showcasing their gallantry to engage their stalwart inventiveness to celebrate their heaven on earth extravaganza which is theirs by divine right.

By engaging, expanding, expressing and energizing who you are and where you are going your cascading copious abundance is instantly released without delay and reaches you without hesitation in the right way in a loving way under grace in a picture perfect way and in divine order now!!!

How does Nuclear Energy mimic energized personal expansion and spiritual enrichment? Nuclear Fission is splitting the atom while Nuclear Fusion joins the smaller nuclei (plural for Nucleus) expanding into a larger nucleus. Einstein said “a very small amount of matter contains a very large amount of energy.” When Nuclear Fission is down slowly, the energy can be harnessed into electricity. How will you sanction your gutsy zeal to be electricity in action?

How is patience Nuclear Fission? By allowing you to be patient with you unlocks your intrepid willingness and trust in your abilities expands you thru experiences with an idyllic vigor enriching your soulful journey energizing your personal expansion. Energized personal expansion occurs when you fissure ingrained patterns from previous experiences. How are impatient with you because of previous outcomes? How are you unwilling to real-eyes ingrained patterns because of societal and educational ingrained encumbrances?

When an atom is split the Nuclear Fission unleashes a hurricane of energy when fissured. How is your pioneering genius Nuclear Fission? Because when you choose to employ shark-attack action on your innovative idea’s expressing your galvanizing grit-n-get to the universe that erupts you and the world into a snappy sapient copiousness. Because of your gritty wit you choose to unleash your wisdom as thee expanding student of your purposeful journey, energized master of your destiny and expressive teacher of your life experiences. How will you unshackle your pioneering genius?

Nuclear Fusion is entrepreneurial utopians collectively expressing their individual inventiveness engaging the universe in a connection of oneness. Just open your heart, mind, body, soul, DNA and spirit to emotionally feel this expressive experience. 7 billion people inhabit the earth just visual-eyes this. Feel the emotional bliss of 3 billion at one precise moment have an all-powerful unconquerable idea to expand and energize the galvanizing heartiness within people. How would this effusive evolution broaden savant wisdom copious wealth and Nu-Clear Amalgamating the oneness in the universe?

Authorizing all the people and you to eavesdrop on the wisdom of the universe to understand the supreme-wit everybody and you encompasses opens the pathways for the people in the universe to relish rapturous utopia in extraordinary splendid way. When you engage your savant utopian with a galvanizing heartiness opens your life to…???

Scientists have been studying Nuclear Fusion to create electricity but can’t control the reaction in a confined space. How is your core ingenuity Nuclear Fusion when you choose to unleash your heart wisdom. Your spirit sapience is uncontrollable, unstoppable, undefeatable gallantry with an unlimited supply of invincible cleverness to engage expand and energize you daily experiences into your desired life when you choose to let go of thinking you know everything. How is thinking you know everything or anything your greatest limitation? How is the education system the controlling teacher poverty and scarcity?

Letting go of everything you think know immediately expands you emotionally to genuinely feel your expansive Nu-Clear Fusion to engage in your divine journey into your energized personal expansion and spiritual enrichment to express your Vivid Visionary Virtues erupting the universe and you into a wealth of wisdom and cascading copiousness in animated affluent way. How does Nuclear Fusion photocopy your innovative utopian expressing your inventive omnipotence to the world?

Nuclear Fusion can’t be contained in a controlled space just your desires when you invoke your iron-will unshackling your spirited heart prowess unlocking your talisman inventiveness to live your life of Riley energized by your core ingenuity, electrifying talents, adroit get-n-grit and saying the hell with what any body else says or thinks I am expressing who I am the way I Choose in a prominent prosperous way. How do you feel emotionally energized when you say I am living my desired life my way and the hell with what anybody else say’s or thinks?

Eye see I am unleashing my entrepreneurial wit to embellish the world into a snappy prospering paradigm by engaging expanding expressing and eavesdropping on my innovative genius to bask in my bountiful cornucopia now in the right way in a loving way under grace in a perfect way.

Your Nu-Clear Energy personifies your omnipotent omnipotence to boldly engage in your daily experiences with zeal galvanizing your trust in your abilities to express your philosophies. Opening out your vigilant adroitness to listen to other people’s wisdom you encounter to expand your wisdom and energize your focus on your divine destiny with gusto. How does listening energize, expand, and enrich your life experiences?

When verbal-eye-zing engage, energize and expand instead of change, transformation and heal. When you verbalize engage, express, express and energize you release the apprehension within you and open out a snappy parvenu willingness to experience you’re life in an animated energized personal expansion with colossal spiritual enrichment with common sense. How will common sense animate your daily life?

Spiritual enrichment unleashes your philosophical sagaciousness to listen communicate and express your omnipotent wisdom to expand the stamina within people into living inside rapturous nirvana. Your Entrepreneurial Utopian exudes from inside you with a red hot burning desire to be liberated and sovereign in all phases of your life unshackling your trailblazing spirit to soar in the wild blue yonder with the preeminent autonomy thru the patience of Nuclear Fission and enterprising infinity of Nuclear Fusion. How will you employ the patience of Nuclear Fission? How will you energize the enterprising infinity of Nuclear Fusion?

The omnipotence of Expand is extraordinary X-ray perspicaciousness adroitly naturalizing discernment energizing personal expansion unleashing your entrepreneurial utopian. The mediocrity of change is creating havoc authorizing nothingness getting evicted from your game of life.

When people say do it thru love, love is leaving out vivid expansion!! Instead authorize and allow you to verbal-eyes the 7 E’s express engage energize expand enrich enterprise and eavesdrop on the wisdom of the universe.

Three questions:

  1. How do you choose unleash your entrepreneurial utopian?
  2. What is your innovative invention the will energize your wealth and success?
  3. How do you feel subliminally when you say change, transformation, and heal? How do you feel subliminally when you say engage, expand and energize? Which entices you to feel emotionally enlivened? Choose to use those words in your daily life and watch your life become emotionally emancipated in a perfect way!!!

Three affirmations:

  1. Eye see I am unshackling my omnipotent omnipotence to experience my divine inheritance in a prestigious prominent way.
  2. Eye see I am an entrepreneurial utopian energizing my innovative genius to relish lavish avalanches of affluent abundances now the right way in a loving way under grace in an impeccable flawless way.
  3. Eye see I am unleashing my animated common sense to expansively experience every second of my life in rapturous utopia in a relaxing robust way.

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